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Originally Posted by ck_b2001

Look at Jul 05 VB. They did the same thing and made all categories current. I guess they need 3 months to use all numbers. They must have recieved many applications and hence in Oct 05 it severly retrogressed and moved slow from there on. It took almost 2 yrs to come out of that and i guess uscis did not want to make same mistake of retrogretting the dates even further than what it is in Jun 07 and look worse in FY2008. However the are responsible for creating emotional trauma for many of us.

We should expect much better now. since no number will be used in next 3 months and no new backlog will be created, i am pretty sure it will come out "C" or significantly moved forward for many categories around Sep 15.

Hang in there.
that sounds like a positive thing. the only problem with this prediction for India is that approx 200K/yr ppl from India came on H1Bs for many years, and a very small fraction of that equals the quota for India in a given year. Clearly, retorgression will not go away so soon. Fortunately, the H1B quota is back to 65K. But for India, in the near future, the retrogression will be severe. when the VB comes out in Sept, Eb-2 will probably move to March 2005, but Eb-3 will be in 2003. China should be C in all categories in Sept.
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