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Originally Posted by rimzhim
that sounds like a positive thing. the only problem with this prediction for India is that approx 200K/yr ppl from India came on H1Bs for many years, and a very small fraction of that equals the quota for India in a given year. Clearly, retorgression will not go away so soon. Fortunately, the H1B quota is back to 65K. But for India, in the near future, the retrogression will be severe. when the VB comes out in Sept, Eb-2 will probably move to March 2005, but Eb-3 will be in 2003. China should be C in all categories in Sept.
Do u really think the EB-2 india will be around March 2005 when new quota opens? My guess is that it will be around June 2003.
You must remember that until this may it was at January 2003 and it stayed there for almost 8 months. Plus now as BEC working hard many new I-140s with older PD will be in line.

I am in EB2 catagory with PD of September 2004.
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