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  1. Who will qualify for a Canada immigration Visa?
  2. H4 Dependent Minor Work Permit
  3. Hire Professional Business Attorneys from Renowned Law Firm of Kansas City
  4. Can I apply for a PR through marriage if my application was denied once (in first ma)
  5. 11 years gap after I140 was approved, can I retain PD?
  6. Perm filed & approved,if I-140& i-485 filing together using cross chargeability.
  7. Arrested before GC issued, any port of entry issues
  8. Can I move to US with a Pardon and US Entry waiver?
  9. H1B Extension Scenarios
  10. Personal Injury Lawyer
  11. 1099-K affect Green Card (I-485, G-325a)
  12. Perm
  13. travelling to us from India without petition approval
  14. Green Card for my mother and unmarried brother
  15. Green card for Parents
  16. Can i retain my earlier priority date after i140 petition denied?
  17. immigrant visa with sealed foregin record
  18. Work experience with current client while applying for EB2
  19. Citizenship Application question
  20. i140 Approved, USCIS did not update on website
  21. Considering Change of Status from F1 to B2 to Continue Work
  22. Follow to join and retrogression
  23. Follow to join and retrogression
  24. Immigrant visa for parents of sick (US citizen) son
  25. F-1 OPT expiring, I-140 approved. EAD through OPT extension or I-485?
  26. Want to Study and Work in USA
  27. H1B extension without I140
  28. Rehire on EAD question -EB3 to EB2 upgraded & EB3 I140 revoked
  29. GC approved but not in hand while entering country
  30. Tricky question on H-1B extension after Advance Parole entry to USA
  31. Closed Loop Cruise and I-131
  32. H1b and h4 Extension after I-140 approval
  33. H1b Transfer when the current transfer is in progress
  34. Any updates / action items?
  35. Is it a right decision?
  36. Passport issue
  37. H1b Transfer along with Extension on 7th Year with AC21/I-140
  38. Name to be used in I-130 and I-485
  39. Regarding the experience letter for filing i140
  40. Unlawful presence/Out of status - i140 submission
  41. 485 Inventory
  42. I-130 current / I-485 pending based on i-140
  43. Biometrics waived for me?
  44. H-4 Extension with H-1 Extension & H4-EAD
  45. H1B Transfer
  46. 6th year h1b extn
  47. Priority date for 201 A3 INA ADULT CHILD OF USC ??
  48. B2 Visa While waiting for family based(F4) GC
  49. Minimum L2 VISA validity period for entry in to USA to be allowed by the officer at t
  50. Chnage of employer while H1B extension is in progess
  51. AOS pending, EAD/AP Received, new job offer, vacation between jobs
  52. Do you loose PD if I-140 is revoked by employer
  53. Second immigration medical exam.
  54. FB1 vs FB-2B
  55. I 485 applied , Changed job before 180 days
  56. PERM Experience count in part time employment
  57. Marriage GC, In process of Divorce before Conditional GC.
  58. 2 approved I-140's, am I eligible for applying for 485 under new rule?
  59. Non Traffic violation and 485 filing
  60. Past History for TB . How to approach Medical test
  61. Green card for parents
  62. Green Card lottery
  63. Priority Date for Recapture 1140 Petition.
  64. Travel While I539 and I765 is pending
  65. EB3 - converting H1B to L1A - Applying PERM in 7th year
  66. **HELP** on update of I 140 EAD Status - Change of employer
  67. EB3 - Derivative Spouse filing Address
  68. H4 Delays
  69. is my 140 with previous employer still valid if got another 140 from other employer
  70. EB-3 PERM when there is a "Family Relationship" - Question C.9. Form 9089
  71. Return to US - 22 days on I797/I94
  72. PERM Education Requirement
  73. H1B extenstion after I-140 is approved
  74. Change Employer after I140 approval
  75. CR1 Visa Using Assets for Affidavit of Support
  76. Laid off from job with H1B transfer still pending!!
  77. H4 ead
  78. F1 to H4 pending, I485 and AP pending, travel aboard
  79. I 130 Current 485 pending from Employer
  80. USCIS Temporarily Suspends Premium Processing for Extension of Stay H-1B Petitions
  81. N 400 eligiblity and continious residence
  82. Birth certificate related (Parent name mismatches)
  83. 6 months PD current and no update from USCIS
  84. Revoked please help
  85. I485 filing for derivative spouses
  86. Eb2
  87. Expedite H4 visa processing
  88. H4 Visa when H1B is transffered
  89. Whatx next afte PD become current
  90. GC process and layoff
  91. Alien Registration Number Necessary here? (i-130)
  92. Is boy scouts of america qualify for cap exempt H1B
  93. When to switch jobs?
  94. AC21 104(c) Different Employer
  95. I-140 Approved and H1b Transfer
  96. Travel After Change-of-Status Approval with Future Start Date
  97. Chaning address to a different state while I 485 is pending
  98. Waiting on PERM LC approval... got a great job offer from another company. help
  99. Urgent : query related to H1 transfer
  100. Counselor Processing When In India
  101. Transfer to F1 OR wait for H4 EAD rule?
  102. I140 withdrawn/revoked and ending 6-year on H1-B ..options?
  103. Job Change - EBD (I-485 Filed Sept. 2007)
  104. USCIS I-485 status check- now saying Background check pending
  105. Can father collect Indian pension while in US with Greencard?
  106. Applied for AP renewal and need to travel outside of the country
  107. PendingI-485 as derivate applicant, wanting to get married
  108. Unused Immigrant Visa.
  109. I-485 approved - travel before receiving card?
  110. SB1 VISA process
  111. CSPA - got interview date
  112. EB2 category for B.Com with CA degree
  113. filing new I-485 while old I-485 is pending?
  114. Travel while AP is in Process.
  115. OPT STEM Extension
  116. GC processing under EB3 on L1A
  117. Approved I-140 but H-1B expired and no longer in the US
  118. H1b transfer issue
  119. lawyer /experienced person
  120. Eb2
  121. overstayed, marrying a US citizen
  122. side business on EAD
  123. E3 Visa for alien with dual citizenship
  124. H1b Extension post I140 approval
  125. EAD Renewal
  126. Advance Parole related question
  127. Re-Entry permit
  128. Extension on visitor visa
  129. I-864 Affidavit of SupporT
  130. Green Card From the Company which is undergoing Merge
  131. Non-Profit H1B Visa
  132. PD porting with extended H1B after 6 years.
  133. visa renewal confused
  134. Greencard for mother
  135. I140 rfe(eb2)
  136. Diversity Visa Requirements
  137. H1B Extension with Approved Labor in 6th year
  138. RFE on I-765 - Please help!
  139. Question about Visa and marriage
  140. CSPA - Child over 21 Actions
  141. Immigrate to Canada
  142. H4 to H1 change - Confusion
  143. Social Security Card
  144. PD Portability after I-140
  145. Transit Visa for UK
  146. Employer cutting from current salary to make up the rate difference
  147. URGENT -Switch to part time job after I140 approval.
  148. Green card - clarification
  149. Livaos iv fee for neopost ds-1200
  150. Dependent I 485 denied urgent Please
  151. EB2 with father's birthplace domicile
  152. I-130 Humanitarian reinstatement
  153. eb2 grantham university
  154. URGENT HELP PLEASE! Got laid out prior AOS approval!
  155. N-400 Spouse questions
  156. Changing Jobs after receiving Green card
  157. Somewhat complex EB-3 Case
  158. Unlawful presence accrual question
  159. 485 filed should I renew H1 if I don't received EAD on time?
  160. Info Pass Help
  161. Multiple I-130 Petitions - do they interefere each other
  162. L1B VISA Extension
  163. URGET HELP NEEDED: On EAD How to get Non-IT spouse from India?
  164. AC21 letter
  165. non capped to capped h1b visa transfer (with a valid capped petition)
  166. Please Help!! Attorney Suggesting we file another I-130 along with I-485
  167. F1 student waiting for OPT approval - would like to get married to long-term US bf
  168. Do I need to get stamped in India before start to work?
  169. H1 Status
  170. EB with BA from India
  171. Quota exempt for H1B approved
  172. PERM job desc
  173. Next steps after 140 approval(eb3 to eb2 porting)
  174. Switching to AOS when CP interview is already scheduled?
  175. Help needed with Immigrant Visa Application
  176. Rental Income on H1B
  177. cancelled without prejudice?
  178. Can I change employer while PERM is pending and already got 7th year ext?
  179. RFEs after receiving green card
  180. Changeing employer while answering RFE and also filing AC21
  181. Applying for h1b h4 extensions along with ead ap combo card renewals simultaneously
  182. should I refile?
  183. Employment changed Pending I485 180 days - RFE issued
  184. Filing I-140 and I-485 concurrently with EB3-EB2 porting, Labor recently approved.
  185. What are advantages and disadvantages of working on EAD ( without green card) vs cont
  186. RFE for 485 -- AC21
  187. How to apply visa for spouse of EB-2 visa holders?
  188. Divorce after GC approval
  189. Can an H1-B Visa Holder Win and Claim Contest Prize
  190. Is naturalization certfication a must if I already have US Passport?
  191. I-30
  192. Help pls
  193. Eligible for EB2 category?
  194. Eligibility for EB1 based on international manager
  195. H1 extension after 6 years with current employer using future employer i140
  196. EAD card lost in mail
  197. H1B and AVR
  198. EAD/AP card has been approved but not received
  199. Family based immigration
  200. AC21 question: joining employer after 1 year of EAD receipt
  201. Am I eligible for AC21/H-1B transfer
  202. Need help-complicated-I140 approved w PD current-laid off!
  203. Laid Off while on EAD
  204. Advice Needed
  205. Naturalization
  206. Advice please - Immigration reform - physician GC
  207. GC approved for Primary. pending for dependent
  208. Transfer EB3 Greencard while on L-1
  209. I-130
  210. Refiling previously withdrawn I-824
  211. K-1 visa
  212. Can I use the EAD while 485 is accepted by mistake.
  213. Working from home: Any problems with Green Card
  214. Baroda in Passport and Vadodara in Birth Certificate
  215. I paid for GC Processing and the employer revoked my I 140
  216. Change job in middle of EB3 to EB2 porting
  217. Fear and loathing in ...POLITICO!!
  218. H1 to H4 and Back to H1 - Important and Urgent, Please Reply
  219. Do I have to join my sponsor?
  220. Current company acquired by another.. GC process help!
  221. Expences for Green Card
  222. GC filing.
  223. Married with Pending Asylum Case
  224. Eb3 to Eb2 -> Labor in process, resigned from job, can I transfer my approved PERM?
  225. Criminal record on Immigrating to usa
  226. Travel to India While L1B to H1 is in process
  227. Applied DV 2014 lottery while in US on H visa. Now out of US on vacation.
  228. Changing employer after I-140 approved
  229. How much money that my parents can bring to the us?
  230. SWISS Airport Transit VISA on AOS
  231. Can work from India with the approved I140?
  232. My oldest son filed an I-130
  233. Spouse eligibility to work using H1B but entered as parolee
  234. Travelling on old h1b
  235. I-140 issues and priority date
  236. Denied I-130
  237. I am a developer and has EAD. Can I work after hours as a sales clerk
  238. new born outside us of lawful permanent resident
  239. Urgent .... please help...Intend to revoke H1 which is already expired.
  240. I-485 Denied/ motion to reopen denied. Please Help!
  241. I-485 Denied/ motion to reopen denied. Please Help!
  242. Question about I-485
  243. International travel with EB2-I PD Sept 14, 2004
  244. H1B status, applying for green card - travel
  245. Demand data out
  246. EAD/AP - Country of Birth Unknown
  247. PERM without previous employer experience letter
  248. Effect of filing Married Filing Separately tax return on AOS based off marriage
  249. Add dependent/spouse 485 before primary 485 is approved
  250. F1 OPT to H4 without payslips