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  1. Converting from B1 to H1
  2. Options after H1B 6th year
  3. Green card application for part time H1B.
  4. RFE question H1B - needed to reply soon
  5. STEM OPT - eVerify Concern - PLEASE HELP!!
  6. Urgent L1 to H1
  7. What happens if PERM is denied during 7th year H1B?
  8. H-1B 6 years maxed out!
  9. H1 b to F-1 visa
  10. Confused! Status between expired H1B and new H1B effective date (traveled on AP)
  11. H1B marrried to American citizen
  12. Retrogression in H1B?
  13. Reg. change of status to F1. Please reply
  14. H1 Transfer Denied - MTR Unlikely
  15. Jul 07 filer - Returning on AP or H1B visa?
  16. Exempt & Non Exempt
  17. H1B Denial - what are options
  18. attorney please help
  19. Buying / selling real estate property while on H1B. Is it possible and safe?
  20. H1B RFE submission after RFE given date
  21. H1B RFE could not be filed in time frame
  22. confused with AP expiration date
  23. H4 to H1 stamping in Canada?
  24. 6th Year H1B Renewal with I-140 Approval
  25. Travel to India when H1-b Transfer is Pending ?
  26. Get this - USCIS issuing RFEs asking for CLIENT's Tax info!!!
  27. H1 Transfer Denial -- Urgent
  28. When can I apply for new H1?
  29. H1B Denial but got project!! - please help
  30. DOB on I-94
  31. L1 to H1B - COS Question
  32. traveling on OPT b/w F1 to H1
  33. Waiting for passport/Visa from US Embassy-Delhi
  34. L1 visa denied - appelation
  35. H1B renewal.
  36. L1-h1
  37. H4-EAD and now H1
  38. Already on H1B Visa, Restamping and old visa
  39. H1B stamping on duplicate passport (advise please!)
  40. Green Card Status
  41. L1A expired but Petition extended
  42. Can I-134 for already approved visitor Visa be revoked?
  43. Transfer H1B to F2 visa and then back to H1B
  44. I-94 Question: Passport Expiring
  45. 1 Year EAD not 2 Year?
  46. H1 to F1
  47. Getting Married While Waiting For Green Card
  48. On H4, MS w/o F1
  49. In-laws visiting US
  50. I485 - RFE on Previous Company Employment Duration
  51. Abandoned F1 reinstatement. Effect on future visa application.
  52. Misprint on visitor Visa Stamping
  53. Parents visiting Canada and US
  54. Parents visiting Canada and US
  55. h1b receipt notice
  56. Employer in MI,LCA submitted and Working in PA - Statetax Clarification
  57. Implications on H-1 status during forced shutdown
  58. Visitor Visa Travelling to Canada
  59. question to attorney
  60. h1b issue-consultant
  61. I 94 - RUmor
  62. Question to Attorney on H1 Denial and implications on 485
  63. L1B Extension Denied-Appeal process.
  64. H1B to F1 Transfer No Pay Stubs
  65. Visitor visa extension denied
  66. L-1B to H-1B Change of Status approved
  67. H1B transfer back to Old Employer
  68. OPT question
  69. H1b to H4
  70. H1b extension...please comment.
  71. OPT 90 Days Almost Finished Still Unemployed
  72. New F1 Visa with prior I-140
  73. H1-B stamping
  74. H-4 - Using old stamping
  75. H1B to F1 Visa
  76. Regarding H1B visa stamp
  77. Complaining to DOL for pending wages from outside the country
  78. H1 to H-4 to H-1
  79. travel on approved H-1B transfer (I-797) and a valid H-1B visa stamp
  80. H4 Visa Question in relation I-485 pending.
  81. Whats the latest on the H1b cap?
  82. someone please answer my questions
  83. Parent's visitor visa rejected twice
  84. Working from india on H1b
  85. Father visiting and lost passport
  86. H1 to H4!!!
  87. help on H1B visa transfer issue
  88. h1 transfer after 6 years
  89. H1B transfer issue
  90. H1B RFE's for 2010
  91. Urgent:contract dispute- please help
  92. H1 b extention and Transfer
  93. Can somebody please answer my question?
  94. H1B Extension Denied.
  95. H1 & H4 stamping - India Travel
  96. H1-B holder as a contractor to a TARP-Bank
  97. O-1 visa
  98. H1b Transfer. Please Help!
  99. From H1-B to E Visa to Green Card
  100. I129 (H1 Transfer) denied
  101. F-1 status terminated coz H1-B approval --Urgent help needed
  102. H1 to H4 to H1 Visa complications
  103. E-3 Visa And Green Card
  104. J-1 AOS some concerns
  105. Travel Restrictions While Applying for an EAD
  106. Entering US after applying for H1 renewal from canada
  107. H4-F1 Change of Status Question
  108. Does Company Request EAD?
  109. I-131 Denial Notice Sent? i-485 approved
  110. H1B - F1, no pay stubs
  111. From L1A to L2
  112. H4 Expired - Requested to help urgent
  113. H1B - COS H4 applied - H1B again
  114. Gap in employment - waiting for license
  115. H1 Transfer with I-140 approved
  116. I-94 expire prior to I-797 expire for my wife H4
  117. H1B Extension - RFE Requested, I - 94 Expired, 240 days ends on May 15, 2009
  118. In 6th Year H1B, Need to Travel to India
  119. H1 B Approved but travelled in L1
  120. 7 Months overstay and new employment
  121. H1B to Greencard Process...
  122. URGENT HELP REQUIRED: H1B Extension Denied - Is MTR / Appeal an Option?
  123. URGENT HELP REQUIRED: H1B Extension Denied - Is MTR / Appeal an Option?
  124. H4 - H1 Change of Status
  125. H1B start own business while working...H4 too?
  126. H4 Visa Re Entry Stamping
  127. Problem with H1 Employer
  128. H1b transfers
  129. H1 may get cancelled soon , have EAD, what are the options for H4 spouse
  130. H1 Extension TARP Employer
  131. Hi visa aproved. can I still have L1/B1 visa without affecting the H1 Visa?
  132. On OPT and my F1 Visa is expired
  133. H1 for consultant working for equity?
  134. Please help for RFE for specialty occupation (documentation)
  135. multiple h1 transfers
  136. Hawaii Cruise
  137. parents visitor visa with H1B extension receipt?
  138. 2 fulltime jobs on 2 different H1
  139. L1-B petition denial and appeal process
  140. H1b Transfer | Premium Vs Normal ?
  141. Update on number of H1 B Applications
  142. POE issues for H1B holders?
  143. Vistor stamping at UAE, is it good idea?
  144. Visitor's Visa rejected..Options?
  145. H1 - H4 Confusion. Please please please reply back.
  146. Working Part time on EAD & moving back to H1B with same employer
  147. Question related to H1b transfer
  148. Wants to Report to DOL, What is needed
  149. The demise of H1B
  150. Question reg. H1b extension - please reply
  151. Question regarding I-134 for visitor visa while working on EAD (AOS)
  152. H1B 7th year extension related Question.
  153. Regarding H4 Visa Re stamping
  154. H1 Stamping Experience in Hyderabad
  155. h1 to f1
  156. Open MTR and H1B transfer
  157. H1B transfer to F1
  158. Question related to H1b status
  159. Extension for Parents Visa
  160. H1 B visa renewal -- Urgent pls
  161. Help filing I-539 for H1 to H4
  162. H1 to H4 Change of status
  163. EAD to H1B
  164. Changin F-1 to B-1
  165. H1 B Extension Filing
  166. when is it too late to apply for green card?
  167. Is there any POE issue for a H1 B Employee returning after Vacation from India to US
  168. Urgent:h1 visa holder leaving country without informing employer!
  169. H1-B Extension Urgency
  170. H4 - H1 Change of Status
  171. H1-B Help Needed
  172. Applying for new H1B while on AOS
  173. Occupational code for Healthinformatics
  174. H1 B extension question
  175. Transfer of H1b (which is extended based on approved 140)
  176. H1B extension Denial & Applied for MTR
  177. H1-B to F1
  178. Premium Processing or not
  179. H1B - help needed ASAP
  180. I need your advice.
  181. Employer not able to start my GC process because of layoffs
  182. Laid off and on H1B - what to do?
  183. H1b after one year stay abroad
  184. Is It possible to stay in L1 after H1 is approved
  185. 7th year H1 extension based on Approved PERM possible?
  186. H1-B: Who are the Nonprofit Organizatoin?
  187. Getting F1 after abandoning I-485
  188. Fresh H1B transfer RFE
  189. H1B extension while prev stamping revoked and H4 filing
  190. Successful H1B extension from consulting company
  191. H1b extension client contract
  192. H1B extension issue
  193. Visa Centers Waiting Times
  194. USCIS mailroom loses application!! Now what!?!
  195. New H1B Filling - After Denial - I-129 form question
  196. Expired H1B Transfer
  197. H1-b transfer/extention
  198. OPT validity question
  199. H1B Extension after 3 years
  200. EB2 filing - Does OPT experience count
  201. H1B harrsement by Employer
  202. EAD - Job Profile
  203. Layoff-H1b-F2 & back later or gamble with grace period ? F2-H1 time
  204. Visa Issue
  205. Lost I20
  206. O1 visa holder married to a G4 visa holder
  207. Can an approved H1B be transferred before it kicks in?
  208. Help Needed
  209. L2 (with EAD) Status after L1 leaves the country
  210. H1 transfer question
  211. Multiple H1B, Being Laid off by Current Employer
  212. Finance job ?
  213. Can L1B be converted to H1B
  214. Commercial Vs Residential Lease for L1-A Rewnewal! Stupid not to know?
  215. H1B Qualification
  216. L2 Name Confusiom
  217. H1B renewal Vancouver Stamping
  218. I-94 expiring before H-1B validity due to passport expiry
  219. Out of Status issue
  220. Want to check eligibility for applying in H1-B this year
  221. working in carribean
  222. Lay off in H1B Transfer
  223. H1 renewal/GC Issues-Available options
  224. L1 to H1 Transfer
  225. I-94 Expired while H-1 is valid
  226. What are possible options to save GC processing in my situation?
  227. H1 Extension MTR denied - please advise
  228. Is H1 Transfer Possible Without Visa Stamped ever
  229. L1 B Extension (I-129) RFE recieved
  230. Can I continue to work while Appeal/MTR is pending (I-94 till 11/09/2009):
  231. I am in OPT and waiting for 2010 H-1b. Are there GAP?
  232. H1B Transfer Denial and Options
  233. Visa question for pursuing an MBA after a masters degree
  234. H4 Extension and H1 same time?
  235. Anybody working in the IT Dept at UC Berkeley or Harvard?
  236. Conversion from H1 to H4
  237. Urgent help needed
  238. Need info in renewal of expired H1B
  239. Regular H1B to non-profit H1
  240. H1-B Extension When PERM is on HOLD
  241. Cpmpenent Immigration Lawyer in NJ
  242. H1B TO H4 - Valid H4 Visa Stamping.
  243. H1-H4 India
  244. H1B to H4 Lawyer charging too much
  245. H1 stamping at Canada
  246. laid off !!
  247. H1-H4-H1 Urgent! Please help
  248. Urgent help required!!!!please help me!!!!!cos h4-h1.
  249. H1B Unstamped, No Job! Please help.
  250. H1 L1 Confusion.