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  1. H1 - Cap Exempt Consultant
  2. TN visa questions
  3. H1B denied, baby born in US
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  10. Need Help.
  11. Work on H4 visa with Indian employer.
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  13. OPT validity without a job
  14. H1B extension after expiration
  15. H1B Transfer time these days?
  16. Successful Stamping at DELHI
  17. F1 VISA Extension
  18. Issues with going back to previous employeer
  19. H1-B transfer while wife's COS is pending
  20. with AC21 Can I change Job from Programmer to Project Manager?
  21. H1B extension-RFE Help Needed
  22. Unemployment wage report***Urgent***
  23. H1 Extension: TARP Company
  24. Non TARP company, H1B expiring in june
  25. H1B termination & switching to EAD
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  27. Regarding H1b transfer to older company
  28. H-1B stamping
  29. Petition papers lost and Visa about to expire
  30. About: OPT Pending Case, Clarify Doubt about H1
  31. Visa for physiotherapist to work in USA?
  32. H1b-h4-h1b
  33. H4 - Travel Question
  34. 485 Pending-> travelling on AP-> now GC got approved-> Q's on when to return, AP/GC?
  35. H1 Visa Stamp...pls help
  36. Re: OPT extension and H1
  37. Second H1 Extension Denied -- Urgent Response Please
  38. H1B extension filing
  39. Post OPT.. urgent help!
  40. F1 to H1 - Legal Question
  41. OPT , H1B jumping, Very Urgent
  42. need to knw bout h-1 job
  43. What is an amended Notice.
  44. Entered into US using AP and now H1-B visa got approved
  45. Typo in my country of citizenship in I-539. Help..
  46. Urgent: Change of Maiden Name to Married Name!!
  47. GC need to bring spouse in USA Non Immi.
  48. Passport renewed and how it impact the H1B stamping. URGENT.
  49. Urgent - H1B to H4 & H4 back to H1B
  50. Question about H4 visa
  51. Lost my Job before my H1B Starts, was on OPT when I lost my job
  52. H1B extension based on 6 years on visa.
  53. Is it considered as a gap?
  54. Expired stamping. Is stamping at Mexico good option than in India?
  55. Advise for h1b filing. masters or regular
  56. Change from H1 to H4
  57. 221(g) for H1B in Mumbai
  58. Reentering US on J-1 visa
  59. J1 waiver query
  60. H1B Extension denied in error and laid off
  61. Be careful when you go to Matamoros for visa stamping
  62. My Delhi Consulate H1B Stamping Experience
  63. H1B Visa extension and USCIS reply. URGENT!!!
  64. Can I file H1B extension/transfer through multiple employers??
  65. Error on my I-94 attached with I-797 notice for F1
  66. H1B Transfer with Receipt Only .. Can I go to India and Come back
  67. H1-B transfer related query. Please help
  68. H1B transfer when
  69. Future visit on B2 after applying for H1 and not selected in lottery
  70. H1B Layoff Qualify for Unemplyment Benefits?
  71. URGENT: H1B to F2 to H1B doubts
  72. Please help anybody...
  73. F1 Status Issue: I-20 expired
  74. Help!! for change of status H1 to F1 (i-539)
  75. Need to apply for B1 but already having valid H1
  76. H1 extension without a lawyer. Please advice/ help