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  1. H1 Amendment - can it be filed in 1-2 weeks of moving to new work location
  2. H1 Transfer -Employer did not file for H4
  3. H1b-b2-h1b
  4. How to apply for a multiple entry Tourist Visa to the UK?
  5. Extension of I-94 on Medical grounds.
  6. parent visitor visa us
  7. H1B and F1 visa together
  8. EB2 category requirements
  9. New H1B visa after I94 extension approval...
  10. H1 Transfer Beyond 7 year plus
  11. H1b pending with 221g
  12. H1B visa stamping decision pending; Applying for New L2 visa
  13. Duplicate I-485 reciept notice
  14. EAD Status..
  15. Employer not providing I-129 with I-797
  16. H4 question/info about start date
  17. Mistake on I-94 at POE - ways to correct?
  18. On H1B and taking a cruise to Alaska...do I need any special visa?
  19. tution fee in H4 status
  20. H1B transfer
  21. DS160 form for H4 Visa
  22. H1 B transfer and RFE on client letter
  23. unintentional unauthorized employment while on H1B, I485 pending
  24. Change Job?, h1b 6th year, PERM just started!
  25. H1B Profit to Non-Profit
  26. Can I travel out of US and come back while my H1B transfer is pending
  27. Job Change in 7th year of H1-B
  28. F1->H1 transfer issue
  29. Need Help/Info about what to do
  30. H4 to F1 change of status denied.
  31. Applying GC on OPT Extension
  32. H1 approved, currently on opt. Can I travel to India ??
  33. Labor on audit, 7th year on H1, EB2 going to be current
  34. GC processing by new company post job loss during 3 year extension -aftr 6yrs of H1B
  35. Cos to h4 for derivative while aos pending for primary
  36. Applying for H4 while H1 is being processed
  37. H4 to Tourist B2 visa
  38. How to get paystubs and I797 from employer
  39. H1B stamping(new) with I797C (courtesy copy only)
  40. L1 to H1 Stamping
  41. H1B regular processing time frame
  42. EAD for L2
  43. Overstayed J-1. Can I apply for a B-1 visa or an EB-5?
  44. M1 misdemeanor or M3 misdemeanor
  45. I-94 Validity
  46. How does H1B work for my employer?
  47. COS - H4 Approved with current date
  48. I-94 validity while re-entering US
  49. Lost I-94
  50. Travel to Mexico while H1B application pending
  51. Consular H1 Transfer
  52. H1B extension in 6th year, changing companies
  53. H1 Transfer Questions
  54. Non Compete Questions
  55. H1 to H4 transfer
  56. EB2 PD in Jan 2012 Will it be current if HR3012 passes
  57. Apply I485 on own I 140 approved
  58. Can I leave country after filing 485?
  59. 10 days Unpaid Leave on H1b. does it affect h1 transfer
  60. H4 Visa question
  61. H1 Transfer, Stamping & joining previous empolyer questions
  62. I-485 pending, EAD/AP approved and using, Wife on F1, can we change her status to H4
  63. URGENT!! Current company filed H1B but if change company then will i have opt status
  64. Obtaining H1B Visa seal in China
  65. Switching Jobs - Can I get visa stamp with Old I-797
  66. H1 B Amendment for I 94
  67. POE with old H1B employer.
  68. AR11 for the first time
  69. License in NJ
  70. Travelling to US on H4 while H1 is in process
  71. H4 Stamping in Hyderabad, India
  72. H1-Transfer after I140
  73. H1B question
  74. Second Masters on same valid F1 Visa?
  75. H4 to F1 stamping issues, with full assistantship
  76. H1 B for NON IT
  77. Is client letter mandatory for H1B stamping?
  78. Question Regd H4/H1B for my Wife
  79. Need help!!! Mumbai visa interview
  80. H1b - ead
  81. In AOS, new H1B possible?
  82. Valid EAD but on H4
  83. Re-entering US w/ passport expiring in six months
  84. Company was bought by another company - GC process again?
  85. H4 to H1 - I129 approved but COS denied
  86. My housemate convicted a felony. Will everyone in the same address be related?
  87. Transit via Amman (Jordan) Urgent help needed
  88. TRansit through Dubai
  89. Applying for I-485 and I-765, but missing I-797 NOA2
  90. No given name in I797 approval
  91. RFE on employer employee relationship
  92. urgent help on h4/h1
  93. H1B Stamping
  94. Transit through Frankfurt
  95. H1B Audited at Client's Place
  96. Regarding status as my last working day is friday in old company.
  97. USCIS Client visit
  98. current H1B processing time?
  99. Transit through London without Visa
  100. Travel when H1B extension is in Process
  101. Status of my daughter after changing my wife H4 to F1
  102. 221g Green slip issued at Chennai consulate
  103. I94 not available for H4 extension
  104. H4 to F1
  105. RFE on emploeyr employee relation, need your views, pls help
  106. Urgent...Received Date on H1 extension Receipt
  107. US visitor visa please help
  108. Does H1B renew require crime background check
  109. nonimmigrant visa
  110. Apply for visa in canada or mexico?
  111. Previous H4 COS denied - 485 applied before denial notice
  112. F1 student, GC spouse, applying for OPT
  113. Does it require new LCA and H1 amendment
  114. H1 7yr ext RFE-EmployeeEmployer relationship(visa expired,contract is going to end)
  115. H1B Extension RFE
  116. L1 extension
  117. Can I apply for B2 while my i-360 application is pending?
  118. H1B Stamping before it expires
  119. H1 extension given more than 6 years - No GC process started
  120. I94 expiry in H1/H4 and wife due for delivery
  121. H1B Transfer when 6 Month left
  122. New H-1B stamping but old H-1B stamp
  123. H1 Stamping
  124. H1B back to F1-Pay stub stops exactly one day before H1b activation.Am I H1b or F1?
  125. H1B Stamping and Passport renewed in Washington DC
  126. Family Visitor Visa got rejected
  127. Need advice on situation (H1B)
  128. H1B stamping delayed due to additional processing
  129. applying H4 from another country
  130. H1B extention after I-140 approval
  131. L1 to H1 Trasnfer
  132. H1B transfer and stamping - Help
  133. DHS Visit at Client Place
  134. LCA: Increase in Min wage
  135. tuition waiver / scholarship on part time study while on H1B
  136. can H1b stamping and new LCA done parallely???
  137. Can I travel while AP is still pending?
  138. H4 to F1
  139. L-1B Petition Copy
  140. "A Number" in I-129 Form
  141. H1b->h4->h1b ?
  142. Urgent !!! Please advise on my options . Staying beyond 6 yrs.
  143. F1 visa stamping in Canada
  144. Primary entering on AP, Spouse uses valid H4 stamp?
  145. H1B Extension Visa stamping question
  146. J-1 (Medical Residency)
  147. Re-affirmed petiton plz need ur help what will be Next step ???
  148. RFE on LCA for H1B extension
  149. TN visa extension
  150. H1b laid off, how much time to find a new job.
  151. Urgent: H1 Expiring & New LCA not yet approved
  152. HIB Visa Stamp and Last Entry
  153. Restriction on Visitor visa to US
  154. L2 to H1
  155. need help in EAD-Given name and surname interchanged in visa
  156. L1-B to H1-B and possible transfer
  157. Urgent: New H1B by new employer while L1B/I-94 is expired and L1B extn in progress
  158. L1 to H1 CoS (Urgent )
  159. I140
  160. H1b visa Renewal
  161. German Visa in New York
  162. Regarding AR-11
  163. H4 Approval Notice
  164. Part time H1b and conversion to full time due to medical reasons
  165. H4 stamping question
  166. Visitor visa extn beyond 6 mths, urgent pls
  167. Urgent Help pls: Extend Visitor Visa beyond 6 months
  168. F1-valid, I-20 Expired. Leave country while on OPT?
  169. H1 stamping in Singapore (not home country) during a business trip
  170. B1/B2 renewal denied, old B1/B2 valid?
  171. L2 or F1 for spouse?
  172. H1 to F1 Change of Status
  173. H1B Bridge Issue - Out of Status
  174. Director of company in india and working on H1B over here in US
  175. F-1 visa for Minor Children
  176. Pwd
  177. Unstamped H1b Transfer While On L1
  178. H1b transfer in 7th year based on I-140 from past employer
  179. 3904A Notice of intent to revoke
  180. H1-B amendment and extention
  181. Travel while H1 extension is still pending
  182. H1B Extension and Change in Job Description without my Knowledge
  183. Visa change Urgent
  184. Change Profession-Banking to IT-Can I retain Priority Date??
  185. Going back to prev employer - Question reg. I 140
  186. H1B transfer
  187. O1 Visa for actors...help!
  188. H1B Approved - Need to Withdraw the application and go for OPT extension
  189. H1 Transfer after 8 yrs (with approved I140)
  190. H1 Transfer
  191. Premium Processing Fees
  192. H1B renewal approved but consular processing requested USCIS error
  193. Getting an Employment authorization document
  194. H1B stamping
  195. multiple LCA work locations for new H1B visa
  196. Need an Immigration Attorney!
  197. H1B and H4 Stamping after H1 transfer and expiration
  198. Is there a chance to get F-1 in Ukraine for me?
  199. H4 - Visa denied under 221g
  200. H1B 221 G visa refused, family in US
  201. Collection Agency and tourist visa: what can happen to me?
  202. H1 was approved but return to Home country now would like to apply for visitor visa
  203. Overtime for H1B?
  204. F2 Visa and tax.. PLEASE HELPPP!
  205. H1 Transfer Dates & Status
  206. L1A - Help required to in GC file information
  207. RFE requesting Form 5471 for L1A application
  208. valid h1b till jun 2012 but new i797 issued MEANWHILE OUT OF USA TRAVEL
  209. H4 transfer to F1
  210. H1B Non Profit questions
  211. H1B Transfer W/O I-94..USCIS Review
  212. Can i apply L-1B extention while H-1B processing
  213. Is this admin fix ?
  214. Visa transfer to a new company while another transfer is in progress
  215. H4B Visa without valid visa stamp on H1 Holder passport
  216. H4 to F1 URGENT help
  217. Tourist visa for my parents if my Dad has a cancer
  218. Class C misdemeanor for Shoplifting and H1-B visa stamping
  219. Urgent: Can I start working for with New employer with H1B Transfer pending?
  220. Traveling to Arizona do I need Passport
  221. effect of approved I 140 (got it on H4) on the acquisition of J1 or H1?
  222. I-797B and name change
  223. Travel to India on OPT (passport lost)
  224. Will I require Consular Processing?
  225. COS from H1b TO B2
  226. Question on COS to H4 for wife
  227. Travel after COS from H1b to J
  228. Question About renewing Visa in Tijuana
  229. H1-B Extension after 6 years with 5 months recapture time
  230. L1-B visa expiring soon, I-94 valid
  231. Confusion regarding change of employer
  232. How long to stay with the current employer after getting GC
  233. E-2 visa when denied B1/B2 visa
  234. Can apply for H4 multiple times??
  235. Help: H1b being paid less than Prevailing wage
  236. Urgent - H1 Filed but need to retain L2 EAD
  237. Any link between I-94 and USA payroll?
  238. I-140 being revoked from previous employer
  239. I290B Approved, but I129 Denied
  240. H1B to L1 transfer
  241. L1B to H1B stamping Urgent!!!!!!
  242. H1b transfer
  243. travel plans while H1-B expiring
  244. Employer asking to pay H1B fees
  245. Request for Information on H-1B extension
  246. F1 visa - OPT - I20? what status
  247. H1B1 Processing time
  248. GC Country Quota/chargeability
  249. Confusion regarding I-9 form
  250. H1 7th year ext- to mr aggarwal and seniors