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  1. Working on CPT - Paid 1099-Misc
  2. H1B question -- REALLY URGENT! please advice..
  3. H1B not yet used, expiring in Sep'11, can I travel to US?
  4. Does F1 student stipend and taxes in India..
  5. Actual Salary Higher than Prevailing Wage
  6. Two I-94s (Latest expired)
  7. Got VISA but petition return to USCIS for review
  8. URGENT: H1B expiring in 2 days.. LCA pending.. please help!
  9. H1 transfer concern - got laid off but H1 active
  10. H1B stamping - different client letter
  11. I-94 issue when traveled with new H1 petition
  12. B2 to Work Visa
  13. changing F1(OPT) visa to J2 visa
  14. Has anyone filled DS 160 recently - Question missing
  15. 221(g) denial, can i go on H4?
  16. Travel on AP
  17. Petty theft pending case under B2 visa
  18. 221-g and has anyone got the Visa Stammped???
  19. I-129 Question
  20. H4 approved with future validity date, H1 expires this month, please help..
  21. H4 to H1 transfer with pending I-140 Application
  22. Have valid OPT but F1 Visa expires. Is status legal??
  23. Regarding $ 1500 ACWIA fee
  24. EB1 Date Recommendation Letters
  25. Application
  26. Getting started to work on H1B
  27. Regarding H1B extension post I140 in 6th Year
  28. Employer suing for breach of contract
  29. Are H1 visa holders within last 6 years not subject to H1 quota?
  30. H4 to F1 COS after I140
  31. Urgent H1 B Visa denied!
  32. H4 visa
  33. Applying For Marriage based Green Card (Some questions)
  34. H1-B transfer
  35. Student from Tri-valley University
  36. H1 Extn beyond 6 yr
  37. H1B Employer not paying salary for what he committed.
  38. H1 B application dilemma
  39. H1b transfer /H1b Extension - Which is VALID?
  40. H1B layoff. Labor + I140 approved - Pls. help
  41. New H1B after maxed-out
  42. H-1B employment Termination
  43. H1B to H4 to H1B approved but 221G Yellow while stamping
  44. Visiting India On OPT
  45. Job Lay off as RFE could not be responded
  46. H-1B Salary Increase
  47. H4 to F1 COS
  48. Can my H1B be transferred - please reply ASAP
  49. H1B - Laid off, and Out of Status
  50. From EAD to H1B (urgent)!
  51. refugee travel document traveling without a passport
  52. Physical I-797
  53. need info - F1 Visa
  54. Immigration to USA - German Citizen - Indian Origin.
  55. Question on H1 Extension (approved) with different effective date
  56. Advice on student visa vs. fiance visa
  57. Visa Stamping in Mexico where initial H1 ext application denied
  58. Busniess on H1B--urgent!!
  59. L2 visa - Employment Details - Urgent
  60. Important - Labor denied after being in audit
  61. Wipro illegally withholding payment
  62. please help
  63. Am I eligible for H1B
  64. Starting a new job while being on vacation with old employer.
  65. Attorney urgent request for H1B Visa
  66. I need your suggestion
  67. Laidoff
  68. Visa for parents got denied
  69. H1 B extension after Max out
  70. H1B transfer from India
  71. I-94 question
  72. H1-B Renewal - RFE (Complicated Need a Help)
  73. Urgent help needed! Lost I-94 --- Valid H1B - safe to travel to India?
  74. Not able to check my H1b case status online
  75. Stamping info Needed!! Please Help
  76. urgent h1b lca question
  77. Advance document submission for H1 stamping
  78. H1 Visa
  79. H4-h1-h4-h1
  80. Laid off while H1B extension pending
  81. H1b Out Of Status
  82. H1B transfer questions
  83. What is my status ? H1B or Parolee ?
  84. H4 to F1 Stamping needed if Visa not expired
  85. Brand New H1B visa - Can it be transferred to another company?
  86. EAD Issue
  87. H1B Company Debarred Pls Help
  88. H1B extension after approved I 140 but revoked as of now
  89. Lost 221(G)
  90. help me please - really tough situation
  91. H4 221(g)
  92. H1 Transfer and Got RFE based on W2
  93. H1-B: Getting Fired While Overseas
  94. H1B got approved, but want to come back on valid F1 visa
  95. H1B visa stamping pending under 221g, can I travel back on AP?
  96. I140 Approved. Visa Stamping for different employer in 7th year
  97. dream act for f1 students
  98. H1b visa stamping with 7 year extension
  99. when to get h1b stamped
  100. H-1B expiring and visiting India
  101. L1 a visa
  102. can AP and H1B be used together?
  103. how to get marriage certificate?
  104. can establish home business on OPT?
  105. H1 extension denial after previous H1 expired, can I use EAD
  106. H1b Visa stamping expired/ new passport
  107. AP and H1-B
  108. Child US Citizen
  109. L1-B Petition
  110. H1B petition withdrawal issue (complicated position)
  111. travel to india before filing 485 and h4stamping
  112. Parents visa ( B2 ) rejected
  113. H1B Transfer
  114. Graduating, OPT applied, travel to India
  115. H1 B Visa Denied because I am from Mechanical Engg
  116. H1 Extension
  117. First extension for 3 more years H1-B process (Urgent)
  118. H4 to H1 denied - What is my status? Did I lose my H4 status?
  119. hib visa asked by the employer to go to the Philippines
  120. Wrong name written on I-94
  121. H1b extension after 6 years pending decision, new employer interested
  122. J1 scholar to j1 student or F1?
  123. Urgent - Original I-797 (I-140) needed for h1b stamping?
  124. H1b extension/transfer issue---very tricky position
  125. Is this true?
  126. papers for my spouse
  127. L2->h1
  128. H1B EOS - Any approval with June Received Date?
  129. Early H1B Extension and stamping
  130. H1 renewal and travel
  131. How long to process non-immigrant B visa ?
  132. H1b transfer / H1b extension / which is valid?
  133. RFE for original certificates
  134. Continue to be on EAD or go for H1B stamping?
  135. Interview Dates not available at chennai US cosulate
  136. F1 student visa, caught shoplifting
  137. L1 to H1
  138. Help needed..!! Can i work while the amendment of H4 to H1 is still in process?
  139. Can I apply for I485 through new employer?
  140. Advance parole approved, document not yet received
  141. Travelling on Advance Parole(Please help)
  142. EB2 or EB3
  143. Urgent help laid off
  144. H1B Transfer, start date issue on approval
  145. Change of Status Application based on Approved L1A
  146. Applying H1B on my own
  147. Multiple H1 Transfer
  148. Section 221 (g) for H1 stamping in 7th year
  149. Urgent help needed Pls
  150. Valid H14 Visa Travelling Info
  151. Urgent: Post I-140 approval H1-B extension query
  152. H1B - Work location change
  153. H1B - working from outside USA
  154. Contract With Desi Consultant
  155. H1B - I140 - Job Change question
  156. GC Filing with Bachelors degree
  157. Complicated L1 extension issue
  158. H1B Extension Question
  159. H1B Denied, EAD Expired, a new petition with nunc pro tunc?
  160. L1B to H4 Conversion - Status Question
  161. Good Lawyer contact
  162. H1-B Extension/EAD and related status
  163. Visitor Visa Sponsor Question
  164. How long i can stay in India with valid H1? Will i face any issue in POE?
  165. Ds160 -h4 stamping for working spouse
  166. H1 Transfer question
  167. H1-B time claim back
  168. change of job description in LCA
  169. Applying for new H1b while the older is in transfer
  170. H1-B extension advice needed
  171. H1B-extension to new employer after expired
  172. Employer-Employee @Consulate
  173. H1b Transfer pending decision India travel
  174. B1/B2 visa and I-130
  175. Laid off, H1B transfer problem, Please Reply!!
  176. H1B extension with new employer
  177. Travelling to Canada
  178. Emergency Visa Date
  179. H1-B RFE: Client Letter
  180. Passport Validity requirements with Advance Parole
  181. DS-160 Primary Occupation and H4
  182. Starting DATE of my JOB and H1B visa interview Date.
  183. help needed
  184. Help needed on H4 TO H1B Change of Status
  185. Is it legal to Withhold Timesheets until I get my backwages..
  186. When is the determined PERM Prevailing Wage compared with the actual salary
  187. Can we apply for Canadian Visa
  188. Fee Paid.Unable to schedule an appointment
  189. B1 Visitor Visa issue rather question
  190. Visiting Canada - Status changed from H4 to H1B in meantime
  191. Attorney, seniors please reply-h1 to h4 ques
  192. L1 visa to H1B and other options
  193. F1-h1-f1-h1
  194. Driving in SC state with Indian IDL
  195. POST OPT and grace period ..PLZ help!!
  196. breaking the line of contrat
  197. L1 to H1..want to continue on L1
  198. Does applying for H-4 abondon oneself from pending I-485 MTR?
  199. H1B premium processing
  200. Can one travel to US under H4 visa when H1 extension processing is happening
  201. Eb3 (140 aprroved) - can I apply in Eb2 with 4.9 yrs of exp until previous employer
  202. Is it okay to have US L1B visa with AU Migrant Visa
  203. issue
  204. PA drivers license issue-please reply
  205. 1099 on H1
  206. what is my prevailing wage as a h1b visa holder?
  207. L2 ead
  208. H1B transfer
  209. F-1 denied even after USCIS approval
  210. lost i-94 form
  211. A basic question about LCA process through ICERT
  212. When can i start with new employer
  213. F1 Student Visa renewal with felony charge
  214. L1A to H1B and then to green card processing
  215. H1b Extension + Transfer Denied - Sep 2010
  216. Travel Abroad while applied for H4 to F1
  217. H1B Petition denied...NEED HELP!!!!!!
  218. h1b to F2 help!
  219. H1B approval without I94
  220. Strange Situation - need Help . I-94 and Passport Stolen
  221. How many days prior should I seek an appointment at the US Mumbai Consulate?
  222. Please advive ... H1 got 221g . Can I shift back on L2
  223. H1B cancelled at consulate
  224. Name mistyped on I-129, so reflecting wrong name on I-797: What I need to do now?
  225. H1-B extension status check
  226. Eb3 to Eb2 Conversion possible ?
  227. EB-1 I-140 denied
  228. H1B amendment or new LCA - change of client
  229. H1B Transfer while the Extension is under Initial Review
  230. Is this legal or what?
  231. need urgent help
  232. Pardon
  233. status of US born baby mother
  234. seniors, attorney please reply
  235. 221 (g) and administrative processing in Kathmandu
  236. Starting a partnership business on H1b
  237. Family based GC while on H1-B
  238. Visa to reenter US (pending 1-485)
  239. Vendor not releasing payments
  240. Driver's Licence ext when H1 case is pending (Present H1 expired)
  241. EB2 requirements
  242. J2 to J1... Can I work on campus?
  243. Going for a short trip - forgot to return I-94
  244. Flight training & J-1 status
  245. Application for H1 and Green Card
  246. H1B on verge of expiration - what about household goods, etc?
  247. H1B stamping in Vancouver, 221(g) Additional Processing
  248. H1 extension petition withdrawn after the H1 transfer to other employer
  249. H-2b question
  250. Apply L1 & H1 at the same time