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  1. LCA processing time through iCert
  2. Processing times
  3. H4 to F1 from US or From India
  4. H1B transfer
  5. H1B Change of location question-attorney please reply
  6. H4 to F1 Visa at Consulate or change of status
  7. advice required on sponsoring for B2 visa
  8. Urgent Help - I94 and H1B expiring in May-2010.
  9. 7th year H1 extension with pending AAO
  10. PIO Vs OCI
  11. H1b Transfer & Perm application together?
  12. Need help (Urgent) - H1B Denial and Options
  13. What are the rules on h1b transfer?
  14. Extension for parents B-2 Visa: Mother didn't get I-94
  15. H1B transfer and subsequent renewal question
  16. I-140 Filing and Family in India
  17. papers for in laws
  18. is it possible to bypass h1b?is
  19. Arizona's new 'papers, please' law may hurt H-1B workers
  20. Traveling to Canada on a valid H1B (nearing expiration)
  21. L1-H1 conversion process
  22. h1b refused under 221g...what are other options i have please suggest
  23. H1B stamped in 2009 and new petition applied in 2010
  24. H1B Salary Issues
  25. F1 transfer gap
  26. immigration inspector
  27. Case status changed but asking for RFE for my son?
  28. H1 B revoke by U.S embassy
  29. Immigration Status
  30. H4 Extension and Travel query
  31. POE with Old Employer Visa and New Employer I797
  32. lost/misplaced i-94
  33. H1B and AP status
  34. H1 Transfer after 5 years, with approved I140
  35. filing in which category?
  36. internship on h4
  37. schedule A
  38. Reporter looking for H-4 holders in NYC
  39. I140 - Employer or Employee property??
  40. Question on I-94.. Please help
  41. H1b Visa transfer and international travel.
  42. Lost document of granted extension of stay
  43. please help - H1B visa transfer difficulties
  44. Iceland Volcano - Travel; Status Impact
  45. H1 Stamping in Canada
  46. Change Of Employer Address
  47. Conversion of H4 to L1 Visa
  48. will H1 be given to her
  49. EAD validity in Primary is Laid off
  50. Chances of H1B extension at VSC under PP
  51. visitor visa for spouse's aunt
  52. Company not willing to file GC
  53. H4 visa to J1 visa
  54. financial statement of employer
  55. L1b stamping while H1B withdrawal in process for pending h1b application…
  56. URGENT!! H-4 MINOR travelling
  57. H1B premium process transfer issue,previous employer canceled H1B & notified USCIS
  58. H1B Question-attorney please reply
  59. New H-1 not used; reverted back to F-1; need H-1 now
  60. Outside U.S -- H1B expired -- L.C approved -- return to US on B1/B2 -- Impact on GC
  61. Outside U.S -- H1B expired -- L.C approved -- return to US on B1/B2 -- Impact on GC
  62. I-20 Acceptance and impact on transfer
  63. H4 to working visa
  64. H1B Stamping-Less than 6 month I797 Validity
  65. question on labor filing
  66. Can 2 H1 B Extensions be filed at the same time by 2 compnies?
  67. 6th year on H1B
  68. H4 to H1 coversion
  69. H4 Extension
  70. H1B extension with date issues
  71. chances of approval H4-F1
  72. H1B and filed for greencard
  73. USCIS: Practical Immigration Consequences for Foreign Workers in a Slowing Economy
  74. new H1 filing after quiting company on L1
  75. Sign-on bonus on H-1B- and 1099-misc
  76. H1B-H4-H1b : urgent guidance.
  77. I-94 Expired
  78. H-4 to H-1B -- Please Help
  79. Delay in PIMS verification - What can we do?
  80. H1B not Started Buy Lost Job
  81. H1B transfer Guidlines
  82. H1 B Visa and job transfer
  83. CPT on F-1 Visa
  84. Extension of visitor visa
  85. F1 visa - name change - Indian Passport
  86. Travelling to India with old H1b approved visa
  87. Ainp category closed
  88. H1-L2-H1, Will H1 Clock Reset?
  89. 7th year H1b extension
  90. Urgent - Forgot to apply H4 Extension, I-94 expired
  91. H-1B Transfer (low current pay stubs)
  92. H1-H4 -H1 Suggestions
  93. H1b Transfer Pending
  94. L1 Greencard Processing Time
  95. TARP Paidoff - Transfer of H1b
  96. change of address - please help
  97. L1 Visa about to expire
  98. AC-21 Present Employer and Future
  99. Green Card for Future Employment
  100. OPT STEM extension, I-9 Receipt Rule --- Urgent, Please help!!
  101. Is it possible to Port Priority Date, After Joining New employer?
  102. PIMS verification for H1b Visa
  103. Oueries on J2
  104. spouse visa in Canada?
  105. felony charge effect renew visa and reentry in US?
  106. Can I re-enter US with only a month left on my L-1B visa?
  107. 7th year extension with PERM Labor approved but no I-140
  108. Urgent please respond: F1-H1B, quitting PhD
  109. Can I re-renter US with only a month left on my L-1B visa?
  110. change of visa
  111. H-1 to H-4 and back to H-1
  112. H1 Stamping Stuck @ Mexico *** Urgent ***
  113. H1B 7th year Extn: Using pending PERM with job experience mismatch from old company
  114. H-1B extension and visa stamp
  115. H1b Visa Rules
  116. Full Reviews: All Popular iPod Tools Review and Download
  117. H1-B Visa, Advanced Processing delays Under Section 221(g)
  118. Approved I-140 and J1 for spouse
  119. H1B filing fee reimburse?
  120. why they hold my passport in US?
  121. Visa Waiver Program to F-1 Visa?
  122. H1B Status Question
  123. H1B Extension wihout CLIENT LETTER
  124. Need some advice
  125. H1b extension
  126. 7th year H1 extension with pending AAO
  127. I-140 Transfer - is it possible?
  128. H1b Transfer while in India
  129. UK Visitor Visa - Clarification Needed
  130. H1B Status Question
  131. Entering US on a B2 10 days before it Expires
  132. Change of Lawyer when filing I-485
  133. H1B transfer in 8th year without EAD issued?
  134. Need procedure for activating H1B California
  135. Approved 140 and only 1 yr extension after transfer , What are the options now?
  136. H-1B for 11 months a year (for three years)?
  137. H1B LCA Timing question
  138. Can i move jobs before my I-140 is approved but after the 180 day rule.
  139. Can i file for aos for divorced parents living with me?
  140. 9th year, h1b transfer and extension
  141. H4 Extension-Photograph upload??
  142. Very Urgent-Any Lawyer/Attorney please help as soon as possible
  143. suggestion on changing a job...
  144. Urgent: Need help on H1 Visa Transfer
  145. I-140 approved/I-485 to apply
  146. LCA location not updated
  147. H1- H4 - H1B Change of Status
  148. salary issue - is it going to be a problem?
  149. Need help and guidance please
  150. H4 to H1 Conversion and 6 yrs time frame
  151. 221g at Ottawa Canda - Can we use I-192 to re enter USA
  152. OPT issue, work outside US (Haiti)
  153. h1b problem
  154. Urgent J1 expired soon, H1B pending...
  155. Using EAD to go fulltime for MBA program
  156. How to obtain GC Job description
  157. Urgent help needed with L1 to H1 Transfer
  158. B1 -> H1 Amenement for Approved Petition
  159. F1 - H1 3rd Chance
  160. Can i apply GC in EB1 with Doctoral Degree Certificate
  161. Expired H4 - AOS- back to H4 effect to GC
  162. Traveling on Expired visa H1B United Airline Frankfrut
  163. H4 - H1 COS, Can I start working immediately? - Very Urgent
  164. Filing Taxes - Foreign Accounts
  165. 180 days bar? / filed new I-129 after expiration.
  166. L2 Stamping/COS H1B to L2
  167. H1B Visa with 6 months validity
  168. Options for spouse on H-4, when primary uses EAD for employment
  169. prevailing wage turn arround time
  170. change employment after approval of i140
  171. Lost I-797
  172. 6 months left for H1B-I797 to expire!Stamping?
  173. Wrong Birth Date on My son's L2 VISA
  174. Typical H1B to L2 Query--Urgent
  175. Any lawers or well known people please reply
  176. [URGENT] Extension of Visitor visa (filed I -539 form Online)
  177. Availing unused H1-B petition ?
  178. US Tourist Visa (B2) for Nephew/Niece
  179. URGENT-Is it legally allowed to enter US with H1B visa stamp of 'CLOSED' company?
  180. Mar 21 Immigration rally in Washington - anybody aware?
  181. OPT start date - Please help
  182. Meeting LCA wage
  183. Lost EAD while traveling outside the country? Can enter on AP without EAD?
  184. Visitor Visa to unused H1-B visa
  185. Process of H4->H1 COS - Urgent
  186. H1B extension less than 6 years with approved PERM
  187. What happens if H1 is rejected- OPT status
  188. B1/B2 visitor visa reapply for my wife
  189. Canadian Immigration Attorneys
  190. H-1B Prevailing Wage Determination
  191. Dependent age for children
  192. Extension of H1b 7th year
  193. Re-entry after 5 year ban
  194. H4 to F1 Visa
  195. H1 would take too long - Alternative?
  196. F1 expires March 25, waiting for law school acceptances, should I reenter as tourist?
  197. drivers license issue
  198. I-94 question
  199. H1B employer not paid full wages
  200. H4 related query
  201. H1B Stamping and POE
  202. Unique Situation with AP/ H4
  203. Regarding H1B visa
  204. Using EAd and i-140 revoke
  205. H4 Visa Clarifications
  206. H1/H4 stamping question
  207. Financial Funds/F1 Renewal
  208. Can I get H4 visa -Shoplifting
  209. USC filed I-130 for brother (in Pakistan) who has been granted a visit visa
  210. H4 Denied - I94 Expired -Out of status -Pls Help
  211. Help
  212. H4 to H1 conversion
  213. Mumbai Consulate Yellow form
  214. Can ITIN be used for background check/fingerprint
  215. f1 visa holder - defer admission
  216. gap between re-entry to the US
  217. Marriage visa
  218. I 140 and EAD
  219. EB3 to EB2
  220. Earliest H1B Filing before 6 year Expiry!!
  221. Impact of 1099 MISC (while on F1) on Green Card Processing in future
  222. Can we apply for EAD from outside USA?
  223. Rules surrounding H-1B transfer
  224. attorney please reply
  225. Upgrading from EB3 -> EB2
  226. H1B situation after USCIS inquiry
  227. Teleconferece on new H-1B employer-employee memo tomorrow
  228. B1 / B2 visa required documents
  229. H1B stamping in Canada
  230. H1B denied
  231. I-485 Processing After Divorce
  232. L1 to H1B
  233. L1 Eligibility & B1 stay in US..Pls help
  234. [I-765] Unusual Case Status: Documents Mailed to the Applicant
  235. H1 B visa
  236. H1B Extension
  237. Urgent Help Needed Lost Approval of Extended stay (I797A)
  238. Urgent question for Attorney - Lay off on H1B
  239. F-1 OPT Card lost in mail & I-9 "receipt rule".
  240. H1B extension upon reentering with Advance parole with out H1B being stamped
  241. H1 extention - Kindly help
  242. Company name change..impact on AP/H4?
  243. How long before the H1B visa start date can we enter the US?
  244. H1-B Visa transfer
  245. Job change on H1 when already in 7th year, I-140 approved
  246. Issue with Passport
  247. Multiple valid H1B Petitions
  248. LCA Primary location for H1b Working from Home
  249. h1 transfer question and recommendations
  250. F1 stamping after switching from H4 to F1