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  1. urgent-attorney please reply
  2. H1 to F1: Gap between F1 approval and start of sememster
  3. URGENT: F1 to H4
  4. Advance Parole for the 2nd time
  5. time for H1 extn after LCA approval
  6. H1B Transfer in 6th Year while PERM Pending
  7. H1 from outside USA
  8. New H1B after 6 years or more
  10. Labor Status check
  11. Strange Situation, Help Needed
  12. H1B Extension, I94 Expired, H1B Denied, H1B transfer before H1B extension
  13. H-1B with a non-profit organization
  14. F1 for dependant.. spouse I140 already approved
  15. Why Is H-1B A Dirty Word?
  16. USCIS MEMO and H1 Transfer
  17. H1B---B1---H1B Transfer
  18. H1B stamping while having an AP(from I-485)
  19. Thread: Pre-Completion OPT (F1) rules violated! What next? Please help!
  20. Returning on H-1B again
  21. H1B Stamped in Jan-2008, approved in 2007, Not yet travelled to USA
  22. COS B1 to H1B - Can she start working immediately?
  23. I-94 Validity !!!
  24. H1 to H4 Status Change
  25. J1 overstay...urgent please!
  26. H1B-H4-F-1, effect on Green card
  27. J1- status, Visa status, Waiver process after reisignation
  28. PWD for H1B renewal on approved I-140
  29. Attorney,can u pls advice on this
  30. please i need urgent advice.please please..
  31. Job Change in 5th Year of H1
  32. Loans after H1b Denial / Revocations
  33. h1b 6yr term
  34. A Letter on a letter head from US Personnel dept at the job site stating that there
  35. Out of Status question - L1A -> H1B denied, L1A extension pending
  36. Travel to India with this new Memo
  37. In 6th year of H1B , I140 appoved, need employer change and H1B extention
  38. H1B approved on L2 EAD - entered back on L2
  39. Ead status question
  40. H1 to H4 Question
  41. Two H1B applied. Any affect?
  42. Port of Entry problems during India Visit for existing H1B's
  43. L1 to H1 transfer process
  44. URGENT: Out of Status Question
  45. H1B extension denial
  46. Re-entry on B1/B2 visa
  47. L1 to H1 Visa
  48. H1B Extended beyond 6 years
  49. Can Employer-Employee (H1B memo) be applicable to EAD renewal?
  50. Please help H1b Visa extension and impact due to new memorandum
  51. Visa Screen Expires
  52. New EB2 GC Process impact on H1B renewal
  53. H1b extension based on Green Card filing with another employer
  54. H1 Ext applied in Jan2010???
  55. Complain to DOL...Need suggestion...urgent
  56. Travelling outside of US while H1B and H4 transfer is in process
  57. H1B Extension taking too long.
  58. Need suggestion
  59. H1B LCA Wage rate
  60. H1B Denial and Apply Next cycle
  61. Urgent - Lost employment while in 6th year H1
  62. H-1Bs Encountering Problems at Airports
  63. H1-B Renewal - Employee-Employer relationship
  64. Travelling to USA for 1st time with 6 monhts validity
  65. Should I send in my 221g paperwork for visa
  66. Can we file H1B with new employer with approved 140 when previous H1B expired
  67. New LCA or H1-B Amendment (Urgent)
  68. Query on H1B extension
  69. University Professor Jobs in/near Bay Area
  70. SSN Status
  71. Delay in H1B extension
  72. New CIS memo on what is "employer-employee" relationship
  73. H1B visa approved in 2007, can I stamp in 2010 ?
  74. attorney please reply
  75. H1 Stamping documents and Experience in New Delhi
  76. H-1B with non-profit
  77. Urgent! I-94 issue, help needed.
  78. VERY URGENT- H4 Query
  79. H1 laidoff - spot check - COS F2 - future H1 transfer
  80. L2 to H1B confusion
  81. Use H1 transfer or EAD and do we need to apply AC21?
  82. H1B stamping after company got Acquired
  83. Chinese passport - Student into H1B, how can travel outside US?
  84. H1B to L2 back to H1B >> Can I start working after getting receipt number?
  85. Unpaid Internship while on H4 VIsa
  86. H1B Question on Investments and trading.
  87. EAD expires next week.. can we do e-file?
  88. shorter I94 issue
  89. Please help - H1-B approved, no pay stubs, need to go for H4 stamping
  90. Unlawful presence after H1 extension denial
  91. Re-Entry in the USA after an extended stay
  92. Attorneys and Gurus plz put some light on this
  93. Need help in filling DS156 and DS157
  94. H1B Expiry and Start date confusion
  95. automatic revalidation with expired white card, valid i797
  96. Where to book an appointment for visa stamping in Canada and Mexico- Share Experience
  97. Validity of I-140 from previous employer - post acquisition
  98. Fingertipis burned..it's impact on Travel and GC
  99. Re-entry to US
  100. From OPT to H1B - CAP GAP
  101. H1B Transfer Timeframe
  102. H1B Transfer time
  103. Visitor Visa for my Father - windowed and Retired
  104. H1B - First Time - Port of Entry - JFK - Precautions Preparations Tips Advic
  105. F-! Student Getting Married
  106. H4 about to expire
  107. On H1, labor filed - plan to study full time
  108. F1 student - pregnant
  109. H1B dilemma
  110. H1b Transfer
  111. H4 Visa and H4 --> H1B Transfer
  112. 6+ Year H1b status after AOS denial
  113. Effect of CIR 2009 on current H1B
  114. F1 -> H1 - Travel Out of Country
  115. H4 to h1 conversion
  116. SSN rejected due to incorrect status in USCIS database
  117. H-1B lottery
  118. H1B with 36K - Attorney please reply
  119. H-1B cap reached for FY 2010
  120. H1b status question.
  121. RFE on H1B
  122. h1-h4 COS please help
  123. attorney please reply
  124. Filing H1b
  125. L1 to H1
  126. H1-B Extension with Short Term Valid Passport
  127. Finished MS and Owning a Company on OPT.
  128. Can L1B visa worker work on different project for different client
  129. Help! H-1B approval with I-797B, concurrent change of status denied
  130. h1 amendment + lca + h1 transfer
  131. Divorce in USA
  132. HELP PLEASE.... H1B approved with I797B
  133. Is my perm valid if I am out the US without H1 B status?
  134. H1B Visa Extension
  135. Visitor Visa for Turkey for Indian National
  136. H1B Denied- Plz help with suggestions (Urgent)
  137. Urgent help for my legal status
  138. H1B 6th Year Extn visa hyderabad blue form with PIMS checked in
  139. Need help in making decision on stay - Little priority
  140. H1b Transfered and delay in joining.
  141. H1 Visa questions...help!
  142. H4 to H1B Change of status Issue...
  143. H4 to H1 - Can I start working? please help me
  144. Query related to Paywages
  145. July’07 filer - H1-B renewal after filing I-485 (12th Year)
  146. L1 to H1 Status
  147. Determination of Unlawful Presence
  148. Extend Tourist/Visitor Visa
  149. Applying H1 B through direct employer
  150. 221g yellow form at hyderabad counsulate
  151. Can I file a new H1B while extension is in process
  152. Employ America Act
  153. H-1B Visa Stamping
  154. H1-F1...Where to GO?
  155. B2 Tourist Visa application with cautions/convictions
  156. Student Sponsorship Letter
  157. Can my Wife travel to US on Visit visa if I'm on F1 status?
  158. j1 subject to 2 years home country
  159. H1b transfer to Mississippi and confused about filing location
  160. H1b Case status confusion?-Pls advise
  161. I-94 query
  162. gap between H1 employment
  163. Missing middle name on marriage certificate
  164. I94 expires on Nov 28th, Questions about transfer now?
  165. H1B After Six Years
  166. h1b stamping at tijuana mexico - 30th november
  167. H1 b ext noid
  168. Business on H1 status
  169. H1B or EAD - Please Help
  170. Studying (MBA) in H4 visa Vs F1 visa
  171. Wrong Degree in H1B Petition - Going for stamping
  172. Lost I-94, need to apply for OPT
  173. H1B RFE for non-consultant
  174. EB1 category for filing Green Card for H1B visa
  175. Violating the non compete agreement
  176. Question on my status during H4 to H1 conversion
  177. To fit responsibilities for H1B
  178. Accounting Assistant and H1B
  179. H-1B transfer and cancellation timeline issue! Help!!!
  180. Vistor Visa Sponsor Change?
  181. H4 stamping for Canadian Citizen at Border
  182. F1, H1 Situation
  183. H1B to F1
  184. H1 Stamping question (Urgent!)
  185. H1B prevailing wage
  186. H1B transfer: travel - Timing
  187. Question regarding i-94 extension
  188. LCA transfer from CA to GA
  189. L1A extension when GC 140+485 concurrently filed
  190. H1b renwal and Candian Green Card
  191. H1b rejected
  192. Visa Stamping in India
  193. 221 (g) Pink form
  194. Waiver Visa change
  195. Travelling with old company H-1B Visa
  196. H-1B and L1-A
  197. H1B Extension RFE - Delayed response
  198. H1 extension - To Come back
  199. H1 to H4 Change of Status
  200. H4 to H1B transfer
  201. H1B transfer to old employer
  202. Can I maintain H1 status without actual Visa stamp while re-entering US?
  203. Employer kept me in dark about RFE!!! No time to respond now.
  204. H1B extension denied
  205. Doute during visa slot booking
  206. Few Queries in H-1B Application - Need Help
  207. L1B to H1B Same company
  208. H4 to F1 conversion
  209. H1B Extension RFE pending, Applying H4
  210. H1b stamping - Consulate change
  211. L1A to H1B after 7 years - I140 approved
  212. Birth certificate translation error
  213. Wife's H4- Name error
  214. Consular to COS (H4 to H1)
  215. sevis and f1
  216. How many days does it take for H1B Extn in Premium Processing
  217. Wife's H4 to H1 to H4
  218. H4 Stamping with H1 not stamped but has approval notice
  219. H1B transfer denial
  220. I filed on time but still waiting for the USCIS to make decision after my I 94 expire
  221. Ottawa Stamping for H-1 Expierence and Information
  222. ex-employer & back pay
  223. H1B Transfer in 6th year
  224. Minimum number of days to wait before changing the status from B1 visa to H1B
  225. H1 to H4 and H1
  226. Dependent's I-94 over stay by 8 months
  227. Renew H1b
  228. H1 to L2 change of status -Urgent
  229. Visiting India while H1B extension is pending
  230. h1-b transfer, very urgent
  231. H4 to H1
  232. H4 -> l1
  233. Visa stamping at Mumbai - H1B/H4
  234. H1B and H4 extensions filing separately
  235. PERM status
  236. H4 -H1B COS after H1B Approved
  237. How to Correct Family Name in I-94 ?
  238. COS: H1B to F1
  239. Please help me regarding I-94 doubt
  240. H1B Visa - 221-g Additional Administrative Processing Case
  241. Urgent : L1 to H1
  242. H4 to H1B
  243. L1 to L2 or H1 without leaving
  244. vistor visa sponspring for uncle
  245. LCA got denied and H1B EXPIRED
  246. Can i apply for an f1 visa wile i'm appling for the green card lottery
  247. H1 Extension urgent Please help me
  248. H1B Expiring soon and no approved LCA
  249. H1-B transfer while HI-B extension pending
  250. LCA for people who work from home