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  1. H4 visa denied due to fraud or misrepresentation (it affected husband H1 visa too)
  2. URGENT---Out of Status on F2 ?
  3. COS from F2 to F1 ( Received RFE)
  4. CAP-GAP extension issue
  5. B2 extention expired
  6. Information needed
  7. Converting child to F1, while I am on L1b
  8. While working on EAD , simultaneously whether I140 could be processed
  9. Issues in STEM Extension. Please help!
  10. EAD Renewal - Company name changed
  11. Employment Contract
  12. COS H1 to H4 while H1 transfer is in progress
  13. H1 visa to be stamped or not?
  14. F2 to F1 visa status
  15. What will happen to my TPS status if I485 (family based) get denied?
  16. L2 visa holder requirement to work
  17. H4 EAD transfer with H1B trasnsfer
  18. Can i re-enter us on existing l1b if extension is denied
  19. H1b expired_company benefits
  20. Travel during change of status
  21. H1 change of status from Consulate notify.
  22. Any issues travelling to USA on Advacne Parole
  23. H4 ead
  24. Do I need to re-enter US to work on approved H1-B transfer?
  25. H-1B Amendment before stamping
  26. non compete agreement - and joining end client
  27. Worked for 4 days during two CPTs gap. Unauthorized Work. How to solve ?
  28. RFE in H1B amendment and applying H1B extension after i140
  29. Under the current rumors surrounding the H4-EAD being revoked by Trump.....
  30. I am going for H1B Stamping, and there is a question have you ever been refused a vis
  31. H1B Transfer with passport validity less than 2 month
  32. Passport Expiring in 2 months and so is I-94, but H1B VIsa is valid
  33. I20 Expired
  34. Visa Stamping - Bahamas or Canada or Mexico?
  35. What Visa type for "For-Profit US Government Agency" Job
  36. Substitute labor issue with priority date
  37. H4 EAD Approval Notice vs EAD card
  38. H1B Extension Denied I94/Visa valid till Sep 21 2016, please help
  39. Visa extension and future renewal for widow mother
  40. OPT for PhD drop outs
  41. Can I continue working with lost OPT EAD Card with my previous employer?
  42. Lost opt ead card and passport in India
  43. New H1b or H1B extension for Internal Job Transfer
  44. H1b Extension(9th year) approved with less than 3years validity
  45. H1B/B2 wedding in USA and B2 to H4 conversion
  46. H1b Visa extension - required documents from client
  47. H4 EAD and related documents
  48. Overlapping period in employment for GC process
  49. H1B Last Name Correction after Stamping
  50. H4 extension denied - Need URGENT guidance
  51. H1B Amendment Petition Denied. What are the options?
  52. Step-mother sponsored visa/ father Green card
  53. F1 visa sponsor while on OPT EAD
  54. Filing H4 EAD while Spouse’s H1B amendment is in progress
  55. A confused Mind - Is it possible to keep your job in India and have a H1 Visa
  56. Urgent -- Full Time Employee laid off in non IT field
  57. L2 visa for step child
  58. Working from home on TN
  59. URGENT - H4 Visa Start Date / Out of Status
  60. H-1B Validity Date Extension Issue
  61. Where to file H4 EAD based on Receipt #?
  62. H-4 to F-1 in middle of semester
  63. H1 to H4EAD
  64. F1 to H4 visa conversion - Family Emergency -Urgent help needed!
  65. Convert to H1b from H4 EAD
  66. H1B LCA - Minimum prevailing wage yearly revision
  67. H-1B terminated - how to find out status?
  68. Bringing a maid to USA for vacation
  69. H1B to H4 to H1B
  70. H4 to F1 COS rejected at stamping in India
  71. Gap between EADs - Is it ok to use PTO?
  72. Travel within US when H1 extension is pending
  73. H-1B Extension after H1 x-fer and previous I 140 revoked
  74. f1 student visa
  75. Impact of wrong SSN in H1B petition
  76. Simultaneously filing: H1B Amendment and GC Processing
  77. Approved 1-140 in EB2 (4 years), Lay Off now
  78. H4 - I94 expired & New F1 COS approved with gap
  79. Arrived on H4 visa, got F1-OPT approved, can I get H4 stamping without any F1 questio
  80. H1 B selected in lottery but Petition is returned
  81. Need advice - H1B visa extension - Delays at Vermont service center
  82. Information regarding name change in visa
  83. Visitor Visa for my graduation Rejected for my widow Mother
  84. Can H1B holder's parents ever qualify for H4?
  85. Are Parents eligible for family green card
  86. I-130 family petition with H1B
  87. I-130 family petition with H1B
  88. Returning to US on new H1B extension before the effective date of the same
  89. H4 to H1 to H4
  90. H1B revoked
  91. How does an H1B transfer affect H4 EAD
  92. H4 change of status denied by USCIS
  93. ++++HELP Required++++ Applying EAD on approved H-4, using I-824 receipt
  94. H1 Extension Denied. List of documents to file for H4
  95. H1B job change impact to Green Card and H4 EAD
  96. H1B revoked by employer, visa not stamped
  97. H1B Employer Breach of Contract related Information required.
  98. What is the future of HR 213?
  99. RFE is no cleared in H1B transfer. Is my H1B still valid?
  100. H1B RFE for education evaluation with letter from Dean or Provost
  101. **HELP** Company A to Company B new H1 petition transfer
  102. quiting study, change from f1 to h1b
  103. L1B extension based on I-140 with Admin fixes
  104. H1B unused, CAP exempt and period of stay
  105. H4 to F1 Visa
  106. 2 H1B with 2 Emp and 2 jobs
  107. H1 Visa Utilization...
  108. Part-time H1B, Material Change in Employment
  109. Can an F-1 visa holder form/own a business in CA?
  110. Tourist visa
  111. H1B Expired. Change of status approved for a future date
  112. Out of Status f1, got married but broke up but still completed degree.
  113. got 'Notice of unpaid I-901 SEVIS fee'
  114. Filling taxes and F1 Visa
  115. H1B extension pending since 1 year
  116. Current H1 to H4 COS processing time for CSC
  117. Need help: COS from F1 to H4+EAD while h1 extension of spouse peding with USCIS
  118. Programmer/Analyst Vs Technical Analyst. Is it same in EB3 category?
  119. urgent consult concerning a visit to the usa
  120. applying for H4 with approval notice and then travel
  121. H4 extension date incorrect on approval notice
  122. H1b Expired in 2001, Cap Exemption
  123. Need Recommendations for Student Visa/H1B-F1 change of status
  124. URGENT: H1B Expired, forgot to renew H1B and out of status
  125. Nurse on H4 Visa
  126. Can i transfer my H1B to another employer?
  127. Automatic revalidation after several visa status change, please help!!
  128. Transiltion to H4-EAD while on H1B
  129. Applying for L1B and H1 in parallel
  130. Regarding H1B and joining date
  131. H4 EAD while transfer of H1B
  132. Currently H1 can my spouse convert to H4 and get EAD
  133. My spouse converted from H4 to H1 status in last October -2014. Her old H4 visa stamp
  134. H1B New - Not Subjected to Cap
  135. URGENT: Laid off on H1B ... Seeking advice on options (h1-b2-h1)
  136. H1b transfer in 6th year with validity as 7 years
  137. Am I Eligible for EB2?
  138. new H1B application with one H1B transfer in progress(urgent)
  139. I-765 OPT STEM extension rejected based on Program name
  140. need help getting a 214b denial reversed
  141. DS-160 question
  142. Change of Status form F1 to H4
  143. New H-1B, Cap Exempt
  144. Doing H1 to H4 and will need back to H1
  145. Plz help: H1 transfer while RFE
  146. Change of Status from B1
  147. H1B Petition conversion out of United States
  148. F1 Visa ForRetired Defece Personnel
  149. Does my wife have a valid H4 status now?
  150. H4 to F1 COS and visa stamping
  151. Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa
  152. H1 in company A is in RFE. Is it possible to do H1 Transfer to Company B?
  153. Open a company (IT Firm) on H1B Visa
  154. Visitor visa for sister
  155. L to H conversion on I 797 B
  156. Using EAD card while spouse is not added to I-485
  157. L1 visa under AP
  158. H1B petition and status validity question after approved I-140
  159. L1 vs H1 precedence question
  160. FOIA for approved H1B petition
  161. H1B from 2 different employers-Both picked in lottery-Whats next?
  162. Gap between H4 expiry and F1 Start date
  163. h4 to f1 COS and travel to India
  164. h4 to f1 COS and travel to India
  165. 7 days overstay after i94 expiration
  166. L1B to H1B using COS
  167. H1B 240 day rule
  168. Divorce in USA
  169. H4 to H1 Visa
  170. EAD query
  171. Apply for F-1 while H-4 is under process
  172. H1B Amendment
  173. Stratford H1B Issue
  174. H1 transfer and passport renewal
  175. H1B visa validity
  176. Visiting 2 times with Visitor visa
  177. Visa Stamping Question
  178. On H4 visa Volunteering,Can I take County Service Award in $?
  179. On visitor visa is it 180 days or 6 months
  180. On visitor visa what should be gap between two trips
  181. Response to RFE sent to wrong center
  182. Waiting for H1B Appeal Decision vs. Filing new H1B petition
  183. Visa stamping in India
  184. 2000 approved H1B usage.
  185. B2 to F1 change of status
  186. Travel to India on H1B
  187. H4 visa when H1 petition is applied
  188. Applying new H1B after 6 years
  189. Notice of Intent to Revoke Approved H1b Petition
  190. Gap in I-94 validity dates on H1 approval notice
  191. Can I travel & re-enter the US with H-1B approval notice but L-1B visa expired in pas
  192. H1-B stay expiring, LC filed
  193. H1b to H1b - how much delayed start after approval
  194. L1A to B2 Visa while in US
  195. Changing jobs after 6yrs H1b
  196. how to change from L2 to F1 without L1 documents
  197. H4 Change of status Denied (abandonment) Help!!
  198. H1 expired and extention in RFE - running out of options
  199. h1b stamping in canada
  200. H1B Extension Denied, Have valid I94 and Visa and Approved petition diff employer
  201. H1B - I129 Approved for only one year. How about Visa?
  202. Prevailing Wage determination
  203. Withdrawing H1B processing
  204. B2 Visa holder passport got damaged.
  205. H1B Extension denied, H1 transfer approved for consular processing
  206. A big mess: L1, H1 and Passport are involved
  207. H1B Transfer to 3rd Employer while 2nd one is in RFE state
  208. L1-H1 Clock Reset
  209. Consulting for last employer (H1B), when working full-time for current employer (H1B)
  210. H1B Transfer from India
  211. H1B After Layoff
  212. H1B extension, H1B transfer, H4 visa application and need to travel to India at same
  213. Valid H1B: Cannot Issue ssn, DHS is unable to verify immigration document
  214. H1 Application status cannot be found
  215. H1b laid off and l2 visa
  216. H4 to F1 Cos pending and applying for interships
  217. H1 to H4
  218. My parents arent going
  219. H1b Revoked, Opt ended
  220. I-9 verification for a new but small emlpoyer
  221. Employer not paying money for H1b back
  222. H4 to H1b Transfer
  223. MY baby girl is US Citizen and she has genatic disorder and that can be treated in US
  224. L1 to H1B - COS get abandoned because of my Japan visiting while COS was pending
  225. Extending H4 after 2 years lapse
  226. L1B Change of Location
  227. L1B Visa Expired, Passport and i94 Expiring Next year..
  228. H1b Transfered How to get old dues from employer
  229. Approved H1b status has gone back to Acceptance state
  230. H1B fresh petition
  231. Will I receive AOS through my spouse's application if I am out of status?
  232. H1B Transfer and Pay Stubs
  233. H1b Stamping with expiring passport
  234. h1b contract break
  235. L1 B Extesion when role is changed
  236. I94 form uncollected, extension approval
  237. H-1B visa interview in Mumbai
  238. H4 to H1B transfer - I 94 extension issue
  239. Critical : H-1B transfer after 6 yrs - how to know approval expiry date early ?
  240. 1099 Income from another company than the one who is sponsoring H1
  241. Client Changes while h1b processing, and USCIS issues RFE on petition
  242. H1B transfer in process and previous employer calling back to India
  243. When can you start working with RFE on H1B
  244. Regarding F1(OPT) to GC
  245. Do I need to go for stamping, for my new Passport ?
  246. Do I need to get stamped in India before start to work?
  247. I-140 approved after 6 years of stay in USA and new H1B visa
  248. State specific benefits for H1holders
  249. Need suggestion on whether I should withdraw H1b application
  250. Selling a website on h1b?