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  1. protest in Atlanta
  2. Media drive for the flower campaign
  3. Media awareness on RIGHT issues
  4. Protest in Chicago?
  5. Procedure codes for insurance reimbursement
  6. Interview Transcript: Condoleezza Rice
  7. Chicago Tribune: Lawyers say suits are likely over visas
  8. New Campaign : Seek Information
  9. Change Job?
  10. Filing AP
  11. Pre approved labors available
  12. Couple of mins discussion by a Journalist on Fox News - "The Journal Edition Report"
  13. Protest in DC?
  14. AILF Will Include Those Who Did Not File EB-485
  15. What is the use of law suit?
  16. Anyone with LUDs between 7/3/07 and 7/6/07
  17. Poll to findout the filers on 30th june or 1st or 2nd july??
  18. Murthy fees + File/No File?
  19. How will october bulletin look like for EB-3?
  20. More press: Feds play games with immigrants
  21. CNN-YouTube Democratic debate competition
  22. Pls advise:lawyer asking for 4k to file I485 for rejection
  23. Poll to find how many have filed I-485 in July 2007
  24. Update from Murthy on the litigation
  25. Campaign : Seek Information
  26. New York Times Editorial - 07/07/2007 - Immigration Malpractice
  27. Use LinkedIn to bring awareness
  28. Indian Consulate
  29. July 7, 2007 NYT Editorial - Immigration Malpractice
  30. CIS Did 8 Months of Work in One
  31. An Imp question for IV CORE Team (regarding pending Bills in Congress)
  32. Did anybody send I485 papers after 4th July?
  33. US immigration laws prompt Microsoft to set up shop in Canada
  34. July filers
  35. First incident of 485 package refusal
  36. The first law suit challenging the July bulletin gets filed today....
  37. Lawsuit filed in Illinois
  38. Interesting lawsuit against USCIS and its outcome.
  39. Got response from Congressman's office
  40. U.S. Visa Posts Will Continue to Issue Immigrant Visas in July for July Interviews
  41. Immigration Voice/Gandhigiri in Times of India
  42. Matthew Oh - "Give emotional support to USCIS"
  43. U-turn from Oh
  44. We are just pawns in the game
  45. My Lawyer Says File 485 And Get Rejected
  46. Lofgren is not a Senator, she is a Representative
  47. Looks like a duck ......
  48. change USCIS change receipt date?
  49. Best way to do a change of address with uscis for pending applications ?
  50. DOS closing the loopholes Re: the July's revised bulletin
  51. Green Cards Issue without FBI security clearance.
  52. Recapturing unused visa numbers - Is it possible with class action lawsuit
  53. Microsoft targets Canada to bypass US immigration
  54. What's the deal with the lawsuit ???
  55. Digg this or bury yourself
  56. Any I-485 approvals after July 3rd?
  57. NYT: Excellent coverage
  58. trying to find where EB2-India might land
  59. You tube and July Visa bulletin Fiasco
  60. If there is no rejection of July I-485 packages...and
  61. Effect of strict immigration rules
  62. Any Idea-OH law firm's Messages
  63. quick help needed - thanks
  64. labour approval validity period
  65. Concurrent Filing I140LC sub/I485 on June30th, Accept I-140 if seperate check
  66. WSJ: Longer Article Appears Online
  67. Wrong POE
  68. Nothing's going to happen..sigh!
  69. Could this be an issue forr 485???
  70. No Work Day July 13th
  71. All File I-485
  72. Question regarding Porting I-140 to another company
  73. Ny Times artcle on USCIS
  74. Any one got receipt notice of I-485, filed in Jun 2007
  75. Reasons for USCIS overzealousness?
  76. Lemonade From Lemons
  77. "Keeping them Honest" - Where the h--- is CNN and ABC on this I485 fiasco.
  78. Poll: Flowers V2
  79. L1 to H1(change of status) + G-325A
  80. H1 extension after Labor Approval
  81. What the cut off dates will be in Oct
  82. Any one who filed on or before Spt30th, 2005 got approval?
  83. Calling for IV members in NOVA/DC/MD area for Fund raising and awareness
  84. ROW - EB Backlog Chances
  85. What is going in the blackbox (USCIS)?
  86. Status and Issues Involving July 2007 485 Fiasco
  87. All July 3rd and later
  88. Is I-140 Premium Processing Back Again??
  89. Dual Citizen
  90. Ombudsman 06/2007: severe consequences from rapid fluctuations in priority dates
  91. Story covered by WSJ
  92. Black July 4th
  93. Rally to local USCIS offices on July10th.
  94. How about having Rally on specific date?
  95. Those who were current in June but filed July 2nd
  96. Recommended template and messaging
  97. What do I do now?
  98. Retro-guess-on: 140s are from Mars and 485s from Venus
  99. [B]Everyone go to Digg[/B]
  100. Contribution for Lawsuit
  101. question about filing 485 with another company
  102. Message from IV Core Team over Recent Visa Bulletin Developments
  103. Let us carry a cross like Jesus did
  104. We Got Political Attention!!!!!
  105. After July 2nd Bulletin .....
  106. How many sent the flowers..
  107. Returned I-1485 Applications?
  108. Rumor - Immigration bill comming back?
  109. Poll: Flowers
  110. June Applications
  111. Post June 30th Approvals?
  112. Anybody received their Fedex back from USCIS
  113. PLEASE READ: Class-action lawsuit a bad idea
  114. What does USCIS Customer Service know/ or what can they tell you?
  115. Called USCIS regarding the fate of already submitted application
  116. Consular Processing Interview in JULY
  117. Yahoo covers our plight.
  118. trust?
  119. Gandhigiri to DOS
  120. What is going to happen -> I-485 is delivered today before 10:00 AM?
  121. Do you plan to file for I485?
  122. what about the fees after the retrogression?
  123. Media Coverage
  124. Send a flower a day campaign
  125. All employers will be partying tonight.
  126. AILA Doc for concurrent filing.
  127. Are you ready to file Lawsuit
  128. Look at Jul 2005 VB
  129. USCIS must retun applications...
  130. Anyone going thru Consular Processing?
  131. GC approval on or after July 2nd
  132. Why is the Non-availability of EB Visas not covered in any NEWS
  133. BIG JOKE on us by USCIS. Story of the Century.
  134. Move on to Positive Side after this visa bulletin fiasco
  135. Get The Media Into This.
  136. Hey, Look at Silverlining
  137. [B]Can we not fax the USCIS and DOS describing our last 2 week experince?[/B]
  138. Do not waste time and energy …Do something constructive .. Request for IV core
  139. Is it still possible to file and get an EAD?
  140. USCIS Announcement regarding Revised Visa Bulletin
  141. July Visa Bulletin Update - This is bad
  142. All EB Number Unavailable Until New FY 2008
  143. Update DOS visa bulletin for July2007
  144. July Supplemental Bulletin
  145. Update from DOS - July Bulletin
  146. July VB Rumour /Confusion Updates from member's attorney
  147. Approval Tracking for Greencard/485 approvals
  148. Is this site and forum a Pro or an anti immgration.
  149. Reciept Date
  150. Retrogress to UNAVAILABLE
  151. new day new thread - updates on 485 as of july 2 8 am
  152. Very Impt Fedex
  153. Post Currrent Visa Dates
  154. Texas - 485 Hand Delevery Experince
  155. Go to BED everyone
  156. Immigration office mail receive hours???
  157. Regarding July Visa Bulletin. Just a thought.
  158. Plz help fedex problem
  159. Poll: Already filed AOS on June 29th, 30th. Filing on July 2nd, 3rd.
  160. Why is the rush to get applications in by July2nd?
  161. Documents needed to file for EAD
  162. Fedex same day delivery
  163. Retrogression effective July 2 only possible if ..
  164. where to send the 485 ,Texas or Nebraska
  165. Poll: Class Action Law Suit
  166. Deadline Extension??
  167. 485 Filing - Rajiv Khanna's view
  168. Let's not speculate! Let's prepare for the worst and MOVE ON!
  169. File 485 without Approved 140?
  170. pics?
  171. Green Card issued even when PD is not current..
  172. I-485 will be filed on...
  173. Tirupati - Crowds on January First
  174. Do not start new threads on controvertial issue
  175. I-131 or I-864
  176. Thread for quantifying impacts as related to speculative revised July bulletin
  177. A Billion Dollar Scam - July Visa Bulletin Flip-Flop was for someone's benefit ?
  178. Revised July Bulletin related rumor from my lawyer
  179. What happens to new visa# from Oct 2008
  180. Follow-up to Update on July Visa Availability
  181. Conspirancy theory of July 07 VB
  182. What was DOS/USCIS thinking?
  183. Labor Substitution problem - please help!!!
  184. Scenario for EB3 India
  185. If Retrogession does happen on Monday scenerio for EB2 India
  186. Work for a Skill bill or file 485 without Visa number availability
  187. Am I stuck with my current lawyer??
  188. Background Check - Advice please
  189. I485 filings for nothing on Jun 29th?
  190. Predict Next Retrogression for EB3 Skilled Worker
  191. Does RFE mean that the name check is cleared?
  192. Fee Payment for I485 + I765 + I131
  193. RFE for MMR vaccination in case of pregnant/nursing women ????
  194. Tendulkar
  195. Email from senator's office
  196. Please have no more than 2 babys.
  197. immigration-law retracts the advisory about USCIS stopping mid-July applications
  198. H1 Visa Cancellation
  199. I-693 expiry date
  200. GC Lawyers
  201. Metapoll: which polls have you taken
  202. EAD and Indenpendent Consulting
  203. As of Jun/29/2007: When do you think you will be able to file?
  204. Port of Entry clarification
  205. Last Minute 485/765/131/G325A double checking !
  206. I-94 at port of entry
  207. Salary on the Employment letter and Labour Cert
  208. CIR is dead now , wait for another 2 years
  209. A# and F1 OPT question. Please help
  210. NAC from Trivandrum, Help please
  211. What will happen on July 2 or July 3
  212. Filing vs Delivery Date Clarification
  213. 2 Questions!! pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  214. Anything more I need to add....
  215. 485 filing office location
  216. 30 day Time period for 485 and 140 to consider concurrent
  217. ?EB3 for this quarter for India is exhausted??
  218. What's Rajiv's\Murthy's take on Mid-month retrogression
  219. What is going to be Job Title in Employment letter
  220. do i need to wait for 140 receipt(filed in pp) to file 485?
  221. Filing 485 without offer letter
  222. FedEx/UPS/DHL address
  223. Does SKIL BIIL have a chance now?
  224. General LC ads
  225. Poll : July I485 Petioners
  226. Can i join H1B employer as long as USCIS has received my case? Plz help
  227. Good Luck!
  228. Recapture PD after 485 ?
  229. birth certificate??? Please help.....
  230. Affidavits from Vijayawada -- I got them
  231. Recent Change in Job Title
  232. Blue Latinos
  233. How many days to get I-140 receipt notice?
  234. USCIS Correct Address
  235. To which service center do I send 485?
  236. Special Alert from AILA about July 2007 485 filing.
  237. GC Journey ended...got approved...I am here for almost 12 years..
  238. Filing 485 for spouse?
  239. EAD/AP filing Fees
  240. Mailing 485
  241. Latest goof up by USCIS - TX - (I-140) Were you affected?
  242. How long it will be safe to file 485 in the month of July!
  243. Need to know how to make/get Marriage Affidavit
  244. My lawyer didn't give me I-485 form.
  245. Employement Letter Format - Employer asking :eek:
  246. Priority Date Current - Background check Still open
  247. Using derivative EAD for AC21
  248. Alien Registration Number (A#) in 485 forms
  249. Mergers
  250. For pending 140 , which Option to check in 485 Form