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  1. Leaving U.S as soon as you file for I-485?
  2. Using EAD invalidates H4 visa, if I-485 is denied? Is it true?
  3. I 765 /EAD Form Question
  4. Please Please Need Suggestion
  5. There is a logic and method to this madness
  6. Majority Leader Reid Close to Reviving Senate Immigration Bill
  8. Wife travelling in 2 days and I need to file I485
  9. Marriage and I-485
  10. Anyone in Cleveland AKRON area to suggest a Lawyer
  11. should I withdraw pending 485?
  12. I-485 and pending H1B application
  13. Email from Attorney on Filing 485
  14. Priority dates becoming current - Just an EYEWASH!!!
  15. CIR probably coming back? Does someone still care
  16. Implications of all EB categories turning Current
  17. Lottery to approve cases in I485 stage
  18. What happens after the I-485?
  19. i485 transfer Vermont to Texas
  20. Fingers crossed
  21. Can I file 485 with previous I-140 ?? (July Bulletin)
  22. substitute labour without leaving current employer
  23. Experience with this law firm
  24. In this Situation.. Is AOS better or CP better
  25. File 485 even if 140 is pending
  26. Dr Mohammed Choudhry, NJ
  27. All Current - Life Set! - July Bulletin
  28. Birth Certificate
  29. 485 Filed and wifes date is current as well
  30. No more country limit's?
  31. Two concurrent I-485 applications
  32. Can I file 485 on my own?
  33. Which 140 to use
  34. H1B Extension or EAD
  35. Filing 485- Seperated from Wife
  36. Want to apply 485 with Fiance
  37. Is it possible to change pending EB1 I-140 to approved EB2 I-140 on a pending I-485?
  38. employer using his address while filing AP/EAD documents..
  39. Injustice to backlogged applicants
  40. PD current now - but new job offer!
  41. Can I file I485 for a future job
  42. Tracking of 485 Approvals
  43. Please advice. I have ONE day to decide
  44. 485 Check List
  45. Spouse on Vacation & 485 Application
  46. I140 approved, spouse on F1. Next steps?
  47. Ead
  48. Please advice what to do
  49. 485 application for working couple
  50. Congratulations!!!!
  51. The other side of 485
  52. difference fill on my own or as a dependent
  53. July VB is out , "ALL COUNTRIES CURRENT"
  54. File with EB3 or EB2
  55. 485 issues; TB Skin Test
  56. When to expect EAD /AP
  57. Did Lou Dobbs finally understand our problems?
  58. All GC Approval Tracking Due to PD Movement Here
  59. I-94 problem for I-485.
  60. Need Info about change of empl(I-140 apprl) when 1yr left to complete six yrs on H1 b
  61. Here is our Real issue and not CIR
  62. the approximate waiting time for Japanese??
  63. Are there any ACTION ITEMS?
  64. I-140 RFE - Need help Urgently : Tax Transcripts/Acct Statements.
  65. Is there anything(legally) I can do ....
  66. Immigration Forum in WI- I need help from IV Core
  67. Employer not ready to file I485
  68. I-140 with an A number
  69. Bush's Arm-twisting on Immigration
  71. Asked Core Iv A Question And They Deleted The Thread
  72. Question, Please help!
  73. How USCIS decides on our applications
  74. All of my case status LUD since 2004 got updated today ?
  75. Problamatic employer
  76. EB2 - Inida - Priority Date - After Oct 2003
  77. July Visa Bulletin
  78. Great news Immigration Reform Bill Stalls
  79. Concerns on Documentation for I-485 & EAD
  80. I140 in premium now - waste of money?
  81. NO Dead line for EB GC filing until the bill become Act.
  82. Yipeee!
  83. In this country..No one gives it to you. You have to take it
  84. What is the May 15, 2005 cut off date for ?
  85. Eb3 Oct 2003 or EB2 Dec 2004
  86. Company Change
  87. For the millionth time, S 1348 on Thomas is old bill
  88. The problem in the product "H1B"
  89. CIR Debate in senate
  90. I-94 card DOB format issue
  91. Total EB1, EB2, EB3 visas for India per year
  92. eb3 substitute labor
  93. Request to IV: Please Start webfax compain to support the Amendment S.1249
  94. Shusterman's Bill Evaluation
  95. White House press release
  96. Sticky situation - please advice
  97. Priority Date - Which one to is Valid?
  98. EB-1 multinational manager
  99. Tracking for EB3 APPLICATIONS - Based on recent priority date changes
  100. Company Location Change
  101. The Senate Immigration Reform Bill: Key Issues
  102. All memebers - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE
  103. Please help
  104. Response from my House Representative..
  105. Social security benefits for returning Indians
  106. An article on WSJ regd the new Immi Bill
  107. EB GC cutoff date: May 15, 2007; NOT May 21 2007.
  108. Attorney's opinion
  109. WEB Fax Not Working
  110. Where is the county Cap in this bill?
  111. Cancel GC applications filed after May 1, 2005????
  112. Name check status in local INS
  113. US High Tech Industry(ITAA) Against CIR Bill - Can IV work with ITAA
  114. Backstabbing politics
  115. Unknown CIR Mess and job change now??
  116. Analysis of Visa prediction if Bill passes in senate in current form
  117. Which will eliminate backlogs?
  118. Rumors - CIR in House on June 4th???
  119. Inter-filing while going back - how to do?
  120. Merit Based Immigration -- Good or BAD for us
  121. Any skilled bloggers?
  122. Why all the negativity? CIR will be great for us!
  123. Impact of the new law
  124. Recurring payment of $50 per month
  125. Times of India Article
  126. Washington Rally signup
  127. I-485 Premium Processing 20K USD per family!
  128. ALL recent I140 approval here..
  129. IV should name to "Legal IV"
  130. For all Green Card aspirants of 2006/2007
  131. How to handle tension
  132. This bill is really BAD..read on
  133. Are you seeing this trend?
  134. hello CANADA
  135. Consulting or Non Consulting
  136. Gathering in DC on Jun 5??
  137. family based green card
  138. Screwed or Not Screwed
  139. to all those lucky ones filing EAD in june
  140. Lets all H1/F1/L1s leave this country!..
  141. Lost Receipt Notice for I-140
  142. how many months for EB3 will move in july 2007 visa bulletin?
  143. Lets involve Indian government!
  144. Latest from the Senate Debate
  145. Point based system - calculation
  146. IV Traffic Rank
  147. I-140 Texas Service Center
  148. Y1 Visa - Lets make USA as Dubai
  149. Satyagraha...anyone?
  150. How to get Z visa - Please post details here
  151. The Show !!
  152. CONTRIBUTIONS important more than EVER
  153. PMP Certification
  154. Poll: 485 filed Vs 485 ready to file
  155. Odd situation
  156. EB2 - General Poll
  157. Documents Rqd for 485
  158. EB3 - General Poll
  159. All Consular processing questions and discussions here
  160. Divide and Rule
  161. Division about to be spun out! Help!!!
  162. Visa Number is out now!!!!
  163. New Poll for Eb3 India. Who will be eligible to file?
  164. 60,000 IT professionals in US return home
  165. Looking for a good lawyer in Rockville,MD
  166. Poll Question of the day on a Houston Radio Station's website
  167. All questions and discussions here
  168. EB3 -- India, PD -- 11/09/2001
  169. Need Some Help on I-485 Question
  170. Help need to contact Sanator on my pending case
  171. China(Homeland) Calling back..
  172. restraining order from joining the new company
  173. How much time it will take to clear all the backlog GC cases IF the CIR bill passes
  174. Original labor lost, with copy file I-140 ??
  175. If CIR passes this year (IF) ...
  176. Congressman Radanovich's reply to my letter asking him to support STRIVE
  177. Senator Carl Levin's Reply to my letter
  178. I140+3yr extension=anyone changed jobs?
  179. Do I stand a chance?
  180. Retrogression and promotion
  181. Advetisement to be run - can someone guide?
  182. Are FP Notices being sent after lapsing of earlier ones?
  183. LC Substitution Regulation
  184. I-485 question
  185. Move Job before/after completing 6 years
  186. Nice Article
  187. Rule 14
  188. 8 more years even with CIR & SKIL?
  189. New Hagel Bill- A new one to deal with Illegal Immigration
  190. Start date with new employer
  191. $15 from Paypal
  192. Unique situation for PD Recapture
  193. Company acquisition/mergers and impact on greencard: all questions and discussions
  194. Disability and Immigration
  195. Nebraska Processing Dates Updated
  196. All Visa Bulletin Predictions and discussions here
  197. how soon will NSC act on my I-140 RFE response
  198. I-140 Receipt (Acknowledgement) letter?
  199. Legal immigration reform remains a hostage to the illegal immigration reform
  200. Rename immigrationvoice.org website - will it help gain more publicity?
  201. Creating A Group........
  202. Senate & House Voting Schedule
  203. sub LC PD transfer to new employer
  204. H1b 3 yr extension question?
  205. what went wrong with SKIL Bill last year?
  206. Letter from US Chamber of Commerce to Congress
  207. Tenn. Senate Passes Immigration Bill
  208. How long it will take?
  209. Skil Act Of 2007
  210. Help: Switching jobs ...
  211. What's going on? Any updates?
  212. Transfer of h1 after I-140 Approval
  213. If 45 day rule for labor- what happens in this case?
  214. Youtube video
  215. College admission / Internship query - on H4
  216. anti group compaign guys wake up(Help yourself)
  217. Bullet points of the new bills from FDBL
  218. Registered Nurse
  219. PD Puzzle?
  220. Mr.Oh's take on recently introduced Immigration Bills
  221. LABOR and I-140 approved, Want to change job location due to Internal Transfer
  222. House Bill- Not STRIVE
  223. Any news about timeline?
  224. Job offer - 1.8 yrs left on h1b - My options??
  225. BEC Update as of March
  226. Internal Transfer after I-140
  227. High-Tech Worker Relief Act of 2007
  228. Cross Chargability Rules
  229. Urge Your Senators to Move Forward with CIR!
  230. Rupee's continuous rise over USD
  231. Skill Bill has been introduced to Senate!!!
  232. New Business based on your pain ?
  233. Indian-American Organizations we can contact for support
  234. May visa bulletin
  235. US chamber of commerce letter to congress
  236. Youtube video .Pro Immigration by American
  237. green card numbers for 2004/2005/2006
  238. Pay $10K to -$20K per family. Get GC
  239. Question on PD and EAD.
  240. application for GC
  241. rate split ratio
  242. good consulting companies in VA
  243. Customs violations and GC
  244. Job market declining
  245. Bush talk abut CIR but talk of legal..
  246. Telecast in desi channels like gemini,zee tv ,use popular media like tv,internet.
  247. Effects ...
  248. Let's all leave USA & go back home..what say??
  249. Maybe sanjaya can help us
  250. Green Card and election year