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  1. How consulting companies have exploited the H1B system
  2. You Tube & Retro Victims
  3. Can I retain PD if I-140 is revoked?
  4. Good Immigartion Attorney in New York State
  5. Movie idea
  6. Job change in the 7th year
  7. Baseball, technology and immigrants (Fortune article)
  8. Can we ( EB -GC people) benefit from H1-B current demand.
  9. Visa Bulletin Site Down?
  10. A new bill in senate to reform H1B
  11. STRIVE Act, SKIL Bill, or CIR
  12. how can I keep my earlier PD?
  13. Visa expiration, Advance Parole, & Wife Empl. Authorization
  14. TV/NewsPaper Ad Campaign for STRIVE ACT 2007
  15. H1-B traveling Canada
  16. Interesting study about legal immigration
  17. Desi company refuses to give experience letters
  18. Mercury News Article
  19. Why do we need lawyers for the immigration process
  20. EB-3 retrogression for ROW
  21. Lack of rights of H1-B workers
  22. Number of application in GC backlog ???
  23. Current Status: Document OTHER THAN CARD manufactured and mailed
  24. Can another person who substituted my labor make me loose my PD?
  25. I-140/485 Response Time?
  26. Working unpaid while on H4?
  27. Kudos for the webmaster
  28. Salary Survey
  29. Are ppl still getting Fingerprinting requests?
  30. Canadian Job Market
  31. Poll: How much money will you take with you?
  32. Dept. of State web site down
  33. Greencard RETROGRESSION and lobbying
  34. Is something really going on in the background?
  35. IEEE's position on EB and H1B visa programs
  36. European Union planning for Blue Card for skilled immigrants
  37. Time to go back or wait little more
  38. April Visa bulletin out!!
  39. Nothing is going to happen.... sigh!
  40. I called Sen. Ted Kennedy's office
  41. H1B transfer - nearing end of 6th year
  42. When will the CIR get introduced ?
  43. Approved I-140 PD transfers please post your experience
  44. Need help on educational evaluation of my degrees
  45. Can we claim as deduction the GC expenses
  46. Can I Remain In the US
  47. What are the numbers?
  48. I-140 application dilemma; thinking of R2I as well
  49. Chanukya Plan
  50. Latest Retro Prediction
  51. used visa numbers
  52. I am a common man
  53. Life on H1B (a program)
  54. I-140 cleared & changing jobs
  55. April Visa Bulletin Out. No Change in dates.
  56. I140 and changing jobs
  57. Introduction of bill doesnt mean anything.
  58. I-140 Texas service center
  59. Inquiry on NVC and priority date
  60. Schedule A got an Amendment, why not us
  61. Priority Date Portability
  62. Two I-140s
  63. Why is EB2 date stuck?
  64. No change in visa dates
  65. India visa stats numbers for FY2006
  66. Can i-140 be filed in March 2007 via premium service
  67. Immigration Voice in Business Week magazine
  68. ImmigrationVisaStatistics
  69. I-140 filed, RTI and Business Visa from India
  70. Employment-Based Visa Numbers Used in 2006
  71. EB3 to EB2 during i140 filing
  72. Current Labor certification PD
  73. Does Iraq Accountability Act push the CIR timeline?
  74. Irresponsible Employers
  75. I485 APPLICATION Transferred to a different service center
  76. IV Memebers from NC
  77. Question about H1 stamping
  78. I-140 Case update problem
  79. Bill Gates in DC, to testify on US Competitiveness & H1B increase
  80. I-140 Approved. End of 5th Year of H1
  81. I 140 Premium - are there any risks?
  82. I-140 Questions with PD transfers
  83. "H4 time does not count in H1" rule
  84. Watch the immigration debate..
  85. EAD for Spouse after I-140 Approval
  86. Nothing for Skilled? From Reeves assoc...
  87. April '07 Visa Bulletin Predictions
  88. How much have you paid to Lawyer for GC?
  89. Question regarding H1B stamping
  90. Lawmaker Feedbacks
  91. R2I and kids education
  92. Filing under EB2 before completing Masters
  93. UK TV Visa scamsTrevor McDonald program coming to Florida
  94. Eb3->Eb2: not a typical question :)
  95. Immigration Reform
  96. An urgent question on H1B
  97. Unity among immigrants ...
  98. Skil Bill on CNBC
  99. EB Category determination
  100. Senate Judiciary Commitee Hearing on CIR scheduled
  101. What IV REALLY needs?
  102. Europe to Copy USA Green Card
  103. PD transfer within same category
  104. 1 page flyers
  105. Link to send a message to your senators
  106. Service Center Processing
  107. Numbers USA video on google
  108. Mail from congressman Pete Stark's office
  109. Navigating Immigration Passage
  110. Story of CIR or SKIL bill
  111. How to find old LC details
  112. CIR - huh?
  113. Get dumped in (easy to get) EB3 or to take the scrutiny of EB2 ?
  114. Canada Immigration - as GC is taking for ever
  115. What are the annual numbers for EB2 andf EB3
  116. Job change after I-140? - Opinions pl.
  117. EB3 .. now does it really matter?
  118. Meeting minutes from the call on 02/16/2007
  119. Article on Ripon Society Forum
  120. Job zone V. Master+0 vs Master+1??
  121. Returning home from Seattle
  122. References for a Lawyer
  123. I-140 Premium
  124. USCIS Fee increase - Voice your opposition
  125. Labor Approved but Original LC LOST..!
  126. VISA BULLETIN FOR MARCH 2007 has come
  127. Is this the end of the road for us?
  128. Unused Visa Numbers?
  129. March 2007 VB out
  130. EB Visa Bulletin March '07. No Movement. No surprises.
  131. Why has EB3 - World stopped moving??
  132. Chances of increasing H1 quota by Feb 15th?
  133. are we there yet "Feb 15"
  134. Message for all the lazy people just like me
  135. I-140 processing times NON Premium
  136. Calling members from all states to join Conference call on 02/16/07- Please RSVP
  137. How Risky is Labor Substitution? Interesting One.
  138. I-485 vs. consular processing
  139. Meeting with the law makers - NJ State Chapter
  140. I-140 - Sucessful H1 3yrs ext from new employer
  141. what is the core group targeting?
  142. an excerpt on schedule A relief
  143. Immigration report cards of Congressmen and background activity !
  144. Unused visa numbers going to schedule A again? means we will lose one hope
  145. Foreign legion in vanguard of Silicon Valley innovation: study
  146. Why cant we take our frustrations to the streets?
  147. Write to White house
  148. EB2 or EB3 ?
  149. Unethical Immigration Attorney
  150. Indian doctors in UK get mixed outcome from Immig Lawsuit
  151. interesting article
  152. Lawsuit
  153. H1B Extension beyond 6 years
  154. Immigration-Related Attachments in Appropriation Legislation
  155. Visa Bulletin
  156. I-140 Issue- Can lawyers refuse to provide a copy?
  157. Same issues with High Skilled Immigration Program in UK
  158. Travelling thru Europe on H1: Transit visas
  159. H1B extn fees
  160. EB2 India - Please take this poll(login required)
  161. DOL restrictions on minimum requirements for EB2
  162. PD movement prediction
  163. GC process through 2 companies
  164. Immigration Legal Fees - Are they Tax deductible?
  165. A possible new workaround to mitigate retrogression
  166. Approved Labors and 45 day validity period
  167. Track your IV contributions!
  168. Old EB3 PD - Filing I-140
  169. EB3 who can help?
  170. Contribution to IV !
  171. March 07 visa bulletin
  172. good interview for name check delays
  173. Unused Visas
  174. The Myth : H1-B program displacing American workers
  175. Are we responsible for the current GC mess?????
  176. Big increases in US immigration fees planned
  177. EB3 / EB2 Question
  178. One other undiscussed(?) benefit of stopping LC substitution
  179. Prevailing Wage
  180. Labor Cert Question ?
  181. H1 Transfer
  182. Should I premium process my 1-140?
  183. Need clarification Please
  184. Can I legally work in Canada and keep H1
  185. Industrial Eng. and EB2. Please help
  186. Contributions
  187. USCIS online case status- I am locked out
  188. HIB visas doubled passed??
  189. Please advice
  190. Taxes
  191. Get help from Govt.
  192. US News
  193. Track Donation by Member
  194. Porting PD from old employer EB2 to new employer EB3
  195. Need Help " My lawyer's not allow me to File I-140 due my H1B status!!! Help please
  196. Email senators, AILA link inside
  197. Letter from Senator Patty Murray(D) WA
  198. Harvard Study on Immigrant Technologists
  199. Changing Job during H1B extension
  200. Ag Jobs bill
  201. We are so so so screwed
  202. Any update on our efforts to allow 485 filing
  203. Green Card Procedure - Explanation needed
  204. what is Priority Date?
  205. I140 Filed while in F1 status
  206. Why should I care about IV?
  207. USCIS Premium Processing Toll free number
  208. Can Relative/Cousin sponsor employment based GC
  209. clarification on switching to diff employer for EB2
  210. From non profit to non profit
  211. March'07 VB
  212. EB1-OR - Any approvals?
  213. Porting spouse's PD
  214. This is cause for concern
  215. Rational Discussion: Going back to one's home country
  216. Any news at all about the immigration bills
  217. Multiple H1 transfers after I140 approval?
  218. Need Urgent Help in resolving situation!!!
  219. Is EAD still Valid??????
  220. USCIS introduces option to change address online
  221. Feb 07 Visa Bulletin out....
  222. I have a dream.
  223. 'We are a threat, whether we are doctors or cab drivers, lefty radio hosts or right..
  224. Feb VB out. No movement in any EB category.
  225. Could this set a precedent ?
  226. I-140 approved, what more RFE can anyone get?
  227. File for Labor or I-140 ??
  228. Imp Suggestion
  229. Competitor has updated their site with S9 bill
  230. Feb'07 Bulletin
  231. Can anyone guess if the EB3- India PD will move to July2 Sorry State- End of the line
  232. Fax Pelosi and Hoyer
  233. Birth and Marriage Certificate
  234. Calling All Massachusetts and New England Members
  235. Reached 6-yr Limit on H1-B and GC at I-140 Stage
  236. Dereliction of Duty
  237. I-485 pending and jobless.. how long?
  238. Skilled worker shortage hurts U.S
  239. Adjustment of Status from B1/B2 to H1
  240. Schedule A Advice...
  241. CIR drama- rerun
  242. Retaining priority date
  243. BusinessWeek article on immigrant engineers and entrepreneurs
  244. Will this article make any difference ?
  245. Eb3 Or Eb2
  246. I-485 to F1
  247. Advanced Parole & EAD after 485 is filed
  248. Major Chinese Media World Journal Report Immigration Bill will Pass soon
  249. Supplemental resolution bill goals
  250. 2007 Market Analysis: Employers Fight to Fill High-Impact Positions