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  1. Post I-140 job change IMPORTANT DISCUSSION
  2. positives of immigration :-)
  3. Persons who left US due to GC Retro
  4. Back to School- I-485 Pending
  5. EB2 India - Feb 23 2003. Is it possible this year??
  6. Wish you all Happy X-Mas & holidays
  7. Question about I-140 RFE
  8. What happens if H-4 has to work?
  9. How many days it takes for USCIS to make a decision for I-140
  10. Ac21- I485 and Job change grace period
  11. Can we keep PD after I-140 Approval
  12. Labor Certication : Please help
  13. Not For Profit
  14. Benefits of EAD
  15. benefit of filing 485
  16. Wish List to Santa
  17. New USCIS Guideline for Time Spent on H 4 Not counted towards H1
  18. EB3 & EB2 concurrent Applications ?
  19. Can Spouse on H-4 do some work where pay she get from India
  20. Questions about labor substitution
  21. Restrictionists' Phone Lobbying
  22. How to predict EB3 Movement if no reforms
  23. Time to get GC
  24. Indo US Nuclear deal - OR NOT
  25. video,check this out
  26. Company building border fence fined $5M for hiring illegals
  27. Statement of Senator Salzar
  28. Approved job list for labor approval !
  29. Letter from Senator Saxby Chambliss of GA
  30. Sen. John Cornyn contact details
  31. Suggesstions - EB2 to EB3
  32. Latest Illegals Bust by ICE
  33. Febuary Number predictions...
  34. More Information on EB 2 Visa Retrogression.
  35. January Visa Bulletin
  36. Find exact PD
  37. EB3 - PD 2002, with a biz. opportunity.
  38. Jan 07 Visa bulletin is out
  39. Where is Jan Visa bulletin?
  40. Please advise!
  41. Urgent Help!!!
  42. Idea to increase IV publicity
  43. Question for admin/moderator about our efforts
  44. USCIS New RULE Option
  45. Help for AP filing
  46. More BAD News AHEAD..
  47. Any body working for Compuware Corp.?
  48. When do we meet the new senators/congressmen?
  49. Action in January 07
  50. What are my options? Please help
  51. When You Call Lawmakers
  52. Civil Nulcear Bill logjam with Cornyn's Bill
  53. From non-profit to for-profit
  54. Suggestion - Team [IV, Compete America, AILA & Others]
  55. Can we sue discriminating employer
  56. AILA Takes Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the Air Waves
  57. IS EB3 Going to be unavialable soon
  58. File Taxes on April 16 not April 15
  59. I-140 Non-priority cases
  60. To MBA or not?
  61. Some Good News on our Social Security Money
  62. Lame-duck session likely to punt to next Congress
  63. Prominent immigrants in America
  64. What to do now after losing my job
  65. Reyes to head House Intelligence Commitee
  66. Help with 140 RFE - please!
  67. If you were a betting man/woman
  68. News from Shusterman!
  69. Gandhigiri Approach to Retrogression
  70. LC , GC and location change in same state for same employer
  71. January 2007 Visa Bulletin Predictions
  72. retrogression and outsourcing
  73. Capture the priority dates of Old Labor I-140
  74. Bifurcation of Immigration Bill
  75. Changing from Eb3 to Eb2
  76. Company change after I140 approval
  77. Employer change - keeping priority date
  78. Immigration legislation is likely to remain a back-burner ?
  79. EAD Renewel - Apply 6 months before??
  80. Labor and Location Change
  81. Premium processing for I-485 ??
  82. Change of Employer - Risks
  83. When this retrogression will be over
  84. Send Email to CBS 60 minutes
  85. Northern California conference call tonight
  86. EB2 to EB1 category
  87. IV members in NY please read
  88. Happy Thanksgiving
  89. I 140: Premium or Regular?
  90. Company moving
  91. Center for Immigration Studies
  92. Social security benefits
  93. No social security tax for temporary workers from India soon
  94. what is our strength now?
  95. Enough is enough
  96. If EB Reform happens it will happen in 2007
  97. Nuclear Deal passes senate....No ones talking abt it
  98. H1-B visa and approved LC status after company merger
  99. Priority date - What happens when uscis does not agree with you
  100. Whats "Lame Duck"
  101. old EB3 labor previous Co. Approved
  102. EAD/AP- Need help from Experienced folks
  103. December Bulletin out
  104. 200 US companies urged Congress to REFORM BROKEN EB/H1B VISA SYSTEM
  105. EB3 India PD.
  106. New EB Category in Dec Visa Bulletin
  107. Lame duck session details
  108. Drivers License for H1B holders in WA state
  109. Can anyone Please Advise
  110. Mel Martinez to lead RNC
  111. Tech Friendly Capitol Hill
  112. Is the lame duck session going to be covered on CSPAN?
  113. CIR- Might be passed in Lame Duck
  114. birth certificate requirement
  115. Our Very Own Randall Emery
  116. Some People Never Learn
  117. Dems and President alligning on Immigration
  118. Pay $$ to get GC - Premium Processing of I-485....
  119. Immigration Restrictionist's Now Use Scare Tactics
  120. Pay $$ to get GC - Premium Processing of I-485....
  121. dont forget Dec 2005
  122. Why can't we be all hopeful about the next congress ?
  123. Dems are winning? Is it good for us?
  124. Bring RETROGRESSION into FOCUS - AMAW (A Message A Week)
  125. Question regarding a very old PD
  126. Retrogression and investing in IRA
  127. Green Card thru investment (EB5)
  128. 140/485 Required Documents
  129. Draft of letters from the employers to law makers
  130. Sep '02/EB2 PD: What to expect
  131. Lameduck Congress Session Beginning 11/13/2006 and EB Bills Chances
  132. Labour approved, I-140 yet to be filed
  133. "Google Bomb" topic selection
  134. Post your situation on USA today online
  135. LUD Changed
  136. Election Predicitions - IV Strategy
  137. Drivers license renewal and EAD status
  138. Filing I-140
  139. change emplyr after 485 pending
  140. Hope this is not us ....
  141. After GC- international dispatch
  142. border fence bill
  143. EB2 qualifications
  144. Ireland considering immigration deal with U.S
  145. I-140 Approved, H1 extended 3yrs after 6 years - can i change job?
  146. Indian community burgeoning in America
  147. Employer not disclosing RFE contents.
  148. NY Times Story on Immigration
  149. Sponsors For IV!!!!
  150. Immigrants in the World Series
  151. I-140 portability
  152. Can I have two perms from the same company?
  153. Question about changing jobs with in the company
  154. Question about Labor Cert
  155. What happens if one loses job, without getting GC, in the extended HIB visa period?
  156. Please send letter for EB improvement - AILA
  157. Moving Canada after I-140 approval and complete GC process through Consular Porcess
  158. Letter to BUSH!!
  159. U.S. Immigration Reform Likely In 2007 ?
  160. Urgent Action ...
  161. GC Immigration status - Book Publish
  162. How long to GC after priority date becomes current
  163. Dilemma about the conversion
  164. FOIA - filing form G-639
  165. Effect of 300 Million-Population Level on Immigration reforms
  166. more conservative/right leaning USCIS?
  167. USCIS to start deportation proceedings on denied applications??? !!!
  168. Transfer EB3 to EB2
  169. How many of the EB folks are really in need of GREEN CARDS......
  170. GC premium processing -- slowly but surely
  171. Canada attracting educated and highly skilled immigrants
  172. US Loosing Competitiveness? NOT REALLY.
  173. As long as Core IV can guarantee us a success with SKILL BILL before end of year
  174. AILA Liaison/DOS Meeting
  175. Completed MS recently - change to EB2 possible?
  176. Youtube Co-Founder a Skilled Immigrant
  177. Humor - Green card and immigration
  178. When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill
  179. Cruise and GC
  180. Post-election scenario analysis
  181. EB2 and exp. in the same company
  182. What we can do after seeing this Bulletin ?
  183. Sign of things to come?
  184. Visa Bulletin For November Is Out!!!
  185. Attn: Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals
  186. Skill Bill & Pascrell's H.R. 4378 Bill
  187. Green Card Crisis Harms U.S. Competitiveness: 2006
  188. Is November bulletin out?
  189. Another * with a Green Card Scheme
  190. urgent help on traveling to India
  191. Fate of I-485 if EB2 I-140 approved as EB3
  192. WSJ Opinion Journal Story
  193. Latest USCIS Statistics
  194. why are you with your employer yet?
  195. H1B Visa when employed by firm outside US
  196. Visa bulletin for November 2006
  197. 1-140 approval and 3 year extension
  198. Membership mobilization
  199. Australian companies: Skilled migrants to be fast tracked
  200. Question abt I-94s
  201. Document needed from the current employer to retain the PDs
  202. An article from Information Week
  203. Retrogression Expected to Get Worse Before It Gets Better
  204. Congress Passes Border Fence Bill
  205. Change company after I-140 approved
  206. 140 approved, company being acquired by a larger firm
  207. US Immigration-a foregone conclusion
  208. US universities losing international students, looking for more
  209. How do i know, if i am a member?
  210. Any Interfiling experiences
  211. Shortage of Qualified Professionals.
  212. Urgent, please help H1 Extension problem
  213. H R 2092 - Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2005
  214. EB3 to EB2 - Notice of Intent to Deny!
  215. Porting PD Imp Approach & Question
  216. EB-1. EB-2, EB-3 Premium processing link
  217. H time extension beyond 6 years
  218. Newsflash: DOL adjucates LCs
  219. What is the contribution from Indian Govt?
  220. Approx. time for GC
  221. House passes voter ID bill
  222. The irony of immigration
  223. Democrats may try to attach CIR to Fence bill in senate
  224. SKIL Bill & Senate
  225. Fence bill in Senate .. Now What?
  226. new york times: the other immigrants - story on high skilled
  227. CIS Ombudsman & Recommendations
  228. List of Possible bill supporters
  229. EB3 - row what is priority date and changing jobs
  230. A Response from Texas senator.
  231. Return ticket from employer
  232. important
  233. Questions for Priority Date/Current I-485 fillings...
  234. Discuss plans forEB2/3 applicants with Priority Dates after 2004 (especially Indians)
  235. Poll : Immigration Reform in US Congress
  236. Good things done by Immigrants to America
  237. numbers in EB-2 India
  238. Cross Chargeability
  239. Will Senate take on Secure Fence Act?
  240. Why not 3rd stage premium processing?
  241. eb-2
  242. NSC 140 processing related.....
  243. Why do We Want -GC...just a thought..
  244. USCIS being insensitive towards our situation
  245. Suggestion to IV
  246. SKIL BILL /Secure Fence Act - what are we doing?
  247. getting GC is the only thing?
  248. When is the next lawyers call ?
  249. Social Security Taxes paid by immigrants and the future
  250. Canadian economic growth to be best in G7 in 2007: IMF