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  1. send a message to Obama
  2. Fiscal Year Ends when?
  3. Date of First Entry on H1B as PD?
  4. W2 less than prevailing wage
  5. Work on H1-B if I-485 gets rejected
  6. EB3 Discrimination.. no more to be tolerated
  7. Just a Thought
  8. USCIS Processing Time Information - POSTED
  9. Ron Gotcher's newsletter : very informatiove esp for AC21 and EAD Vs H1B
  10. To all those who post junk on IV
  11. Lets write to Ms. Zoe Lofgren.. etc..
  12. Jump-start U.S. growth through immigration
  13. Indian student
  14. Priority dates options
  15. Nice Legal Immigration Article - Washington post
  16. May 2009 Visa Bulletin Predictions
  17. EB India: Pending applications 125923
  18. Life Comes At You Fast Awareness Campaign
  19. Recapturing unused visa numbers
  20. filing for 485 when date is not current
  21. Starting limited liability business while on H1B
  22. April 2009 bulletin is OUT
  23. AOS decision timeline after successful EB2->EB1 upgrade...
  24. Help on Complaint against former employer
  25. Rumor of EB-3 One Year Retrogression for ROW Category in Apr 09 Visa bulletin
  26. Can we use this same format to Appeal for our concerns
  27. Country Cap Issue : Called Up My Senator
  28. Country Cap Issue : Called up my senator's office
  29. IV action item: fax FOIA letters from USCIS
  30. Action Item: Funding Drive for FOIA $10,000
  31. USCIS sent me a response on our FOIA
  32. Tighter U.S. Oversight Comes to H-1B Visa Program
  33. How to Fix Online Case Status System of Texas
  34. Conrad 30 program extension
  35. what does standard processing in USCIS local office mean
  36. Housing stimulation - not for with ITINs
  37. Does Tamils Deserve GC?
  38. Country Cap Issue : Send out this letter to the Lawmakers
  39. What else we have to see: All tamils , all kannadas, all delhites, all north indians
  40. Please help !!! Urgent
  41. Country Cap Issue : Send out this letter to the Lawmakers
  42. H1b
  43. Priority Date with the current economy
  44. Telugu flooding the cause of visa retrogession for EB-I
  45. EB3-India PD 2004 Club Join here for sharing issues
  46. Is there any solution going to come to help
  47. Change we can see? - Just wanted to share...
  48. Is IV discussing EB/Housing crisis issues with lawmakers
  49. Can we order them 1000 pizzas
  50. Can I change my PD after apllying for I-485?
  51. Is being born in China and India a sin.
  52. gurus, need info about staying beyond 6th year
  53. Can I proactively request 2nd fingerprinting ?
  54. USCIS Processing Time
  55. House deal gone soar
  56. Lawyer for Cross Chargeability
  57. Company AUDIT and effect on my 485 process ?
  58. Radical Idea to End Retrogression
  59. PERM (LABOR) DATA Analysis
  60. EB3-I, PD Oct 2003, Got my GC today
  61. Accelerated citizenship
  62. Congress man touring cities to document Urgency for Immi reform
  63. EB3 ROW predictions
  64. Country Cap issue : 2nd Conference Call
  65. Employer wants to cancel my wife's H1-B
  66. Current PERM Caseload and Processing Times : SAD news for those who filed after june
  67. US Congress has time for all this
  68. march 09 bullettin - not much progress
  69. EB2/EB3 slow forward movement ahead in 2009
  70. please someone answer me
  71. 21,000 probable visa numbers for EB2 India and China
  72. Rollover Visa Numbers from EB4 and EB5
  73. March Bulletin Observation
  74. April 2009 Visa bulletin predictions(28 more days)
  75. March Bulletin is out
  76. Time to worry ?? Assinged to IO more than 2 months ago.
  77. Any J1 Physicians out here.....
  78. Time to campaign again
  79. February I-485 Approvals, EB2-India
  80. IT Layoff Tracker
  81. IV tracker: getting started
  82. South Korea EB2 usage - what are we doing
  83. please update your profiles
  84. Suggestion
  85. Recession impact on 485 and approved labor?
  86. New processing tiems are out!!
  87. Jan.2009 Processing Times Posted
  88. EB3 ROW Priority Date forecast
  89. People marched for Immigration reform in San Jose yesterday (Jan 21)
  90. Now that Obama is president
  91. Any thoughts on EB3 India progress
  92. Retrogression may lift
  93. Cross chargeability
  94. EB2 China will be current soon
  95. Some AWESOME changes on the IV website
  96. email from CRIS - "Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident
  97. How to create a new thread on IV?
  98. March Visa bulletin predictions
  99. Peace of Mind - Do you have?
  100. 700 Billion Bailout - On a lighter note
  101. Californians & Texans Can Help
  102. Help Collecting H1/L1 Statistics
  103. FEB.2009 VB is Out
  104. Officiall VB February out !!!
  105. What if no one files for CP, will they make it current ??
  106. You're fired, next week
  107. PERM approval statistics (3 years)
  108. Campaign idea for 2009
  109. Talk to your local govt. official about delay in USCIS processing time updates
  110. W2, Pay Stubs, Address Histories - USCIS verifying commecial databases
  111. Pd 12/08/2004, Eb3 Row Approved Today (5)!
  112. Feb 2009 Bulletin Predictions
  113. No EB2 for Software/IT people?
  114. Question on AP Validity
  115. Using AP first time
  116. Year 2009 Resolution
  117. EB3 INDIA with PD before October 2001. Gather here
  118. filing service requests
  119. new LUD on everything
  120. EAD/H1 Job Change(140 Revocation)
  121. January 2009 Bulletin (EB2 advanced by one month)
  122. EB3-I at 2001, Yr 2009 on horizon
  123. Are they really following Visa Bulletin Dates?
  124. Visa Dates EB3 ROW November 2006 - April 2007 - No Movement At All!!!
  125. 2008 visa usage (prelimanary)
  126. Jan 2009 VB out for real
  127. January 2009 Visa Bulletin out!!
  128. December Visa Bulletin is out!!
  129. WAC I-485 cases : we need to act now
  130. I-485 RFE - is USCIS processing 2005 apps now?
  131. Processing timeframe
  132. Our salary is really high? AC21 requires similar salary?
  133. CIR In Spring
  134. It's Unfair for EB2 using all the extra quota
  135. What are the required Renewal Fee and Docs For AP
  136. Retrogression and EAD (I-765)
  137. Predictions for Jan 2009 Bulletin
  138. Anyone know the link for this new scary MEMO ??
  139. Will you get GC before Oct 2009
  140. Lame Duck Sessionn it will be he
  141. If 485 denied, can we use approved 140 under AC21
  142. March on Washington - January 21st
  143. L1 + H1 B duration Question
  144. Priority Date Current: Curse or Boon ?
  145. what is the plan now?
  146. Dec Bulletin Out!
  147. Write to Obama, party.. Link
  148. 485 - 4 month processing time
  149. Jim Cramer likes the idea - US Housing Crisis and Employment based Green Card issues
  150. Regarding My L1 to H1
  151. Let's push to revive the STRIVE Act
  152. Changing from EB3 to EB2 - company willing to do so
  153. EB3 current
  154. Action Item: Against EB3 to EB2 porting
  155. EAD without finger prints even though finger print notice came
  156. Dec 2008 visa bulletin predictions
  157. Please congratulate the president and also request relief
  158. USCIS Computer System
  159. FP validity
  160. Biometric for EAD Renewal at Alexandria, VA Center
  161. Can I apply AP for Wife Only
  162. Business Loans
  163. Rupee crossed 50 mark against dollar
  164. USCIS Processing Time Information
  165. Bailout plan for EB2/EB3 applicants
  166. Processing Time Updated
  167. L1 A/B---Exploitation
  168. Please write to media about backlog issues..
  169. Feds find high level of fraud in H-1B petitions
  170. Gandhigiri Part 2 - Another Flower Campaign
  171. Need Bail Out In Legal Immigration
  172. Menu changed
  173. November Visa Bulletin Is Out Folks!!!
  174. Where are the EB-3 approvals?
  175. FY 2007 India GC Stats
  176. (Half a) pleasant surprise!
  177. When will Nov Bullet come n strike us?
  178. H1 stamping at Mexico
  179. Immigrants help the economy
  180. Invoking AC21 for a small company. any effect on GC approval?
  181. Porting the Priority Date (PD)
  182. Does it make sense to buy a property in India
  183. Reg H1-B Extension & validity on 7th year-please HELP
  184. Massive Recession and survival
  185. LUD - Past Employer
  186. Future EB2/EB3 VB Date Movements
  187. EB2 I/C retrogression
  188. Interim EAD Procedure - Please help
  189. Future of aspiring EB immigrants in GC queue
  190. Any one got approved today (09/30/08)
  191. Is this info about CIS/DHS database correct?
  192. Processing dates pages updated on USCIS site
  193. Bailout plan rejected
  194. news (9/27/2008) from immigration-law.com - Need more explaination
  195. Nov 2008 visa bulletin
  196. Reduction in Cases with Pending Security Checks
  197. What part of legal immigration don't you understand?
  198. United States: Why Not Use Immigration To Ease The Financial Crisis-Good Article
  199. Senator Menendez Introduces the Reuniting Families Act (S. 3514)
  200. TSC not accepting valid I-485 application
  201. EB3 ROW Prediction
  202. USCIS Ombudsman Assistance Available for EAD Delay Cases
  203. economic bail out and EB reform
  204. Security Check -- response from SR
  205. What is GC?
  206. No Guareenty For Immigrants too..
  207. Potential Lawsuits against USCIS
  208. How about we call to end 'Country Quota'
  209. no fun!
  210. October Visa Bulletin
  212. EAD expiring soon and waiting for new EAD....Help
  213. Sept 08: processing dates are now updated on CIS website
  214. Join chat on Wed for USCIS action plan
  215. Sep.15 Processing Dates Out
  216. Red Or Green & Request to Admin!
  217. Freedom of Information Act - ????
  218. Action against Eb3 -> Eb2 PD porting
  219. EB2 - India pending I-485 poll by year
  220. what is the meaning of file is in Work flow
  221. Reasons why Americans should support and Congress should pass HR 5882
  222. Eb3 to Eb2 Portability Success?
  223. Historic VB analysis
  224. Approximatly how many Labor are filed for EB3 India per day ?
  225. USCIS Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  226. No action on the recapture bill today / postponed to later date
  227. Should we be starting this new campaign
  228. Oct.2008 Official Bulletin is out
  229. Mumbai Consulate October visa cutoff dates - are they true?
  230. The F Cube campaign
  231. OCT Visa bulletin - False hope ?
  232. Time is hard but keep up the spirit
  233. Oct Vb Out!!!
  234. Oct Visa Bulletin Dates
  235. Just talking to me - When I am going to get my GC
  236. May be Good news for EB3 India
  237. Time for another flower campaign
  238. Someone has posted this, but not sure how much is true about what IO said...
  239. H1b Transfer premium processing
  240. 1-minute film I made is in Toronto film festival!
  241. Who is waiting the longest?
  242. Good News for old PD's
  243. being born in India is a Bad Karma or what?
  244. Change in last updated date, what does this mean?
  245. How many 485 files will be there before Aug 2006
  246. I have to post this..
  247. My theory regarding new published dates:
  248. August Processing Dates Out
  249. AC21 please help
  250. 485 Party Over, what next??