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  1. A question to our senior members BharatPremi and Willwin.
  2. Help on Filing 485
  3. Nothing is going to happen until after elections
  4. JUNE VB is out!!
  5. Nsc Io
  6. Injustice for EB3-India
  7. Do we need to apply EAD and AP together?
  8. Official JUne VB out
  9. Official June Visa bulletin...
  10. Conversion from EB3 to EB2
  11. Attn folks with later priority dates!
  12. Winning DV Lottery while EB I-485 is pending?
  13. EB-3 India - What should we do ?
  14. June VB is out !!!!!!!!
  15. Economic Stimulus : Associated Press reporter wants to speak with you.
  16. EB3 Gone?????
  17. IO saying you are EB3 not EB2
  18. renew EAD before changing job?
  19. EB1C - manager or executive
  20. Retrogressed EB`s any chance this year
  21. Current : EB3 India
  22. Expedite: Class Action Settlement Green Card Application Backlogs
  23. ITIN Holders: Apply for a Social Security Number without a work visa
  24. Received Stimulus package
  25. House Considers Green Card Recapture Bill
  26. Just fed up...PD 2005...EB3 India
  27. What is your Priority Date EB2
  28. Abstract of USCIS and DOS testimony on 4/30/08...very interesting facts
  29. 485-All clear and In-Line to be assigned to an IO
  30. Let us teach USCIS how to estimate cutoff dates
  31. Top Uscis And Dos Officials To Testify In House Hearing On Wasted Visa Numbers
  32. What do processing dates mean?
  33. Jobs & referral Portal Idea
  34. Called up TSC
  35. Funding Drive?
  36. Spoke to TSC just now
  37. Finally!!!! Long wait for GC is Over!!!
  38. What is after respond to REF??
  39. God Bless You!! Got my GC
  40. EB-2 India -- Post April 2008 Approvals
  41. EAD issues ???
  42. Ron Gotcher also supports letters campaign
  43. How can NSC be at July 11 2007 processing date???
  44. EB2 India - Summary
  45. Got soft LUD today. Does it mean anything ?
  46. May 2008 Visa Bulletin - Analysis
  47. Lets do something about the I140 dates moving BACK!!!
  48. April Processing Dates
  49. USCIS April Processing Dates released
  50. H4 to H1 to EAD
  51. EAD used for a year, can one reapply for H1
  52. threats from employer
  53. Changes in Processing Times NSC
  54. what happens if 485 gets denied
  55. Can I apply for second 3 yr H-1B extn based on approved I-140, while AOS is pending
  56. Cross Chargeability - Need help
  57. stimulus package - FAQ
  58. How many more months to wait for interview when your PD is processed?
  59. Help with explaining my status
  60. Retrogression: Employers' stranglehold?
  61. 6th year H1B Advice needed regd Job change
  62. Official DOS May 2008 Visa bulletin is out
  63. Any Schedule A approvals for July i-140 filers?
  64. Broken tape...annoying TSC system
  65. May visa bulletin is out !!!!
  66. Soft LUD on my I140 - Today
  67. Does anyone has insight into what's going on at Texas Service Center?
  68. EAD filing rule
  69. Can I apply for I 485, with I 140 pending under EB1
  70. what is cross changeability?
  71. Home buying Tips here
  72. 17,795 EB-3's and 6,203 EB-2's Issued for INDIA under Numerical Year 2007
  73. Report Criminal Violations by USCIS Employees
  74. EAD in Limbo - Question ??
  75. EB Visas FY 2007 Latest Statistics
  76. Yes Cross Chargeability Does Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. How to find more info on occupation code as 030.142-014
  78. Rumor-EB Immigrant Visa Number Substantial Progress
  79. How many EB3 PD Before 31st DEC 03 waiting
  80. good attorney in san diego
  81. Please advice
  82. Nothing after april 3rd 4.30pm card production order email
  83. USCIS Immigration Case Status Google Gadget
  84. Intellectual Property, the Immigration Backlog, and a Reverse Brain-Drain
  85. Legal Immigration Drops
  86. Good information - Newsletter from Imminfo.com
  87. Need Information on my Indian Passport renewal
  88. Confused: Please Help
  89. You all will get GC, no matter what
  90. Another Approval
  91. PD has to be current all along while 485 is being processed?
  92. Change to LUD date
  93. May 2008 Visa Bulletin
  94. My employer is shifting office location
  95. No LUD's since Aug 18/19
  96. What is your Receipt Date for I-485 ROW EB3 only??
  97. EB2 - India Approvals - April
  98. Good news for old stuck cases bad news for later filed
  99. EB3 -India Predicted Visa Bulletin movement
  100. Expected Processing Time for EB2
  101. How Does the PD works after filing 485
  102. company attorney said about july 07 filer
  103. Good News and My personal appeal to all.
  104. Our attorney, Susan Henner on TV
  105. USCIS keeps crying-as if they didn't know what's coming
  106. RFE experiences for EB2 and EB3 to EB2
  107. May Visabulletin predictions
  108. DOS Insights and Predictions on Visa Numbers
  109. March processing dates :)
  110. Cross Chargeability - How long does it take for approval?
  111. NYT article
  112. What's going on with USCIS' processing times update for March?
  113. Chances of EB2 India Becoming unavailable in May 2008
  114. EB3 india predictions!
  115. H1B Stamping in Vancouver
  116. No more LC substitution, No more delays in 140. What a relief
  117. What does the dots in my profile mean?
  118. If I have a GC and I ...
  119. is it true that...
  120. Age Out PD Retention problem. Need help !
  121. EB3 to EB2 conversion question..
  122. buying house when I485 is pending
  123. what would you do if you get GC tomorrow?
  124. EB3 to EB2
  125. Tips to get your GC in a YEAR
  126. NY article on Green Card for Sex
  127. To All Newbies who are just starting out your career
  128. July 2007 - I-140/I-485 filer - Help!!!
  129. I got an RFE
  130. Controversy over calculation of "fall across" visa numbers
  131. Peop whose date are current and are stuck in back log for more then 6 months
  132. H1 Stamping in Montreal, Canada, Any Advise
  133. Help! I485 denied...
  134. changing job on ead?
  135. LUD change - AR11 or something else?
  136. EB2 India move up & EB3 ROW current in July ?
  137. how to find my priority date
  138. No Stimulus Package to H1's and GC Aspirants - Again We Loose 1200$
  139. Can we expedite I-140 and I-485 based on a pending job offer?
  140. Apr 08 VB
  141. Where is the thread for EB2 Poll?
  142. EB3 to EB2
  143. EB2-INDIA-2004 Analysis
  144. Switching from EB3 to EB2 category
  145. Just entered US using AP - not working for GC sponsored employer.
  146. Likelihood: EB2/EB3 India will be Current during any single month over next 4 years?
  147. Seriously, HOW MANY ALLPICANTS FROM 2004-2005 EB2 India still waiting?
  148. Find out! When will you be current?
  149. Charts: Priority Date Movements FY 2005 - Present
  150. Priority Date Movements FY 2005 - Present
  151. Ron Gotcher's Prediction for May 2008
  152. Current EB2 dates till Dec 2003
  153. y is the family based vb jumping by 1 month each time only?
  154. Expectation from Fee Increases .....
  155. EB-2 India Priority Date in 2006
  156. What is your PD for EB3 ROW only???
  157. service requests taking up to 60 days now and processing times 60 days behind
  158. Using AC21 - impact on PD is current.
  159. Campaign to send letters to USCIS on irregularity in Adjudication of EAD/AP's
  160. April Visa bulletin is again online
  161. Duration of AP/EAD under new Fee system
  162. What is the Future of EB3 (India)
  163. It's official now...April Visa Bulletin!
  164. process 485 only when PD/RD current?
  165. All technical terms on Immigration(from Action Items for Everyone board)
  166. Priority date Oct 2005 and changing jobs using AC21
  167. april vb out
  168. april VB out...india EB2..dec 2003
  169. comment on my plan
  170. IMPORTANT: Bay Area Residents
  171. Birth Certficate with I-485
  172. EAD/Advance Parole - Self Renewal
  173. April Visa Bulletin Prediction and discussion
  174. Individuals with priority date 01 Jan 2005 or Nov/Dec 2006
  175. Eb-3 India movement in April VB and beyond
  176. Ead On H1 Off
  177. Which priority date/category is picked in case of two 140s
  178. EB3-India --- April VB
  179. Leaving US after EAD
  180. Compete America Press Release 02/27/2008
  181. Rcvd Green Card and waiting for spouse I485 approval
  182. Using AP to enter US, joining a new job using AC21 after entering US.
  183. Anyone with/pursuing Masters in Health Care Administration in the US on this forum
  184. Cross Chargaebility - Pls help
  185. H1 to L1 Urgent..plz help
  186. Interesting stats....
  187. No 485 Receipt Notice (past 180 days)
  188. Processing Dates
  189. Taking Infopass appointment to know about interfile status
  190. EB-1 ROW under-subscribed
  191. More Details on EB-2 India and the April VB
  192. How is State Dept calculating cutoff dates?
  193. interfiling
  194. Biometric Issue: EAD renewal denied
  195. Visa Bulletin Forward Progress
  196. Further movement in PD in April VB for Ind/Chi?
  197. USCIS Ombudsman Recommendations Chart
  198. Go Obama!
  199. Unemployment Claim in EAD
  200. I-94 date for AP travelers - What after expiry?
  201. Divide & Rule by the U.S. government
  202. How to correct the Surname on the I-485?
  203. Class Action Lawsuit against USCIS
  204. March 2008 VB Published
  205. IV Admin Fix- Link with this move?
  206. what is the meaning of 'retrogression'?
  207. I 140 approved, but H1 denied
  208. EAD vs h1b --- urgent !
  209. Predictions on March 2008 Visa bulletin
  210. As of Dec, there are still more than 800,000 pending i-485 applications!
  211. Need Help to write Ombudsman
  212. News Story - Citizenship on hold for many immigrants
  213. Question regarding H4 to H1 visa conversion
  214. BACKLOG Victims - LIST
  215. EB2 India PD 2004 - Still getting approvals !!!
  216. Life After New Namecheck Process: Preadjudication of Retrogressed Cases??
  217. Should USCIS send notice of intent to continue processing of I485?
  218. Anyone? Why do APs take longer than EAD?
  219. I don't want us to fail this effort.
  220. Used AP, not working for sponsoring employer only POST HERE..
  221. Retrogression and Aging-out
  222. Denial/Rejection of EAD renewals filed early
  223. EAD renewal to be 120 days before expiry not 180 days .....
  224. Useful Link for uscis internal memos
  225. Eb1
  226. Nebraska Service Centre Processing time screw up
  227. EAD for Spouse
  228. Jan. 15 Processing Dates - already published!
  229. another chance for us
  230. When to file h1b extension for 8th year extension
  231. I-140 revoked after 180 days..used AC21..don't worry!
  232. Ombudsman Report
  233. 3 Year EAD Update- USCIS and Money issue
  234. USCIS Not Pre-adjudicating Retrogressed Applications
  235. recession = 485 denial?
  236. USCIS Testiomony
  237. Change it title from X Manager to X Specialist
  238. EB2 & EB3 India no of applicants
  239. EB2 & EB3 India, no of applications
  240. VOTE please EB-2 India only(Very Imp) to get some idea
  241. I-140 approval status
  242. AILA/ DOS on EB-2 India Retrogression in 2008
  243. USCIS Processing times
  244. can it be repeated for current FY?
  245. How safe is it to depend on AC21 - Can this be revoked or tightened
  246. Feb Bulletin
  247. Porting Priority date
  248. Anyone Tired?
  249. 61000 Recaptured visas this quarter?
  250. NSC-CSC-NSC July transfer case issue!