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  1. Giuliani says illegal immigration NOT a crime!!!
  2. employer blackmailing-Need Advice
  3. USCIS Application and Receipting Update
  4. $200,000 to create a new engineer
  5. Learn the American way of life.
  6. Someone must be getting GC approved?
  7. Also Britain seeks benefit from US REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN
  8. URGENT: Company name, location and job title to be changed after acquisition
  9. US Open or DC Rally
  10. I-485 for an Egyptian with a priority date of 02 /2006
  11. India is already planning to profit from the REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN!!!
  12. Importing Poverty - Washington Post
  13. How is this caption
  14. We've Already Waited Long Enough!!!!
  16. You! Yes, You! Change Your Mind And Attend the Rally!
  17. Already 100,000 highly skilled Chinese and Indian immigrants have returned home
  18. "Silicon Valley Mad As Hell"
  19. Has anyone done interfiling (relinking)
  20. To succeed we need 10,000+ at the rally
  21. Where is the Philippino Community???
  22. EB visa applicant numbers from Oh Law
  23. 765 Rejected for Incorrect filing fee but got Receipt notice for AP
  24. We Need At Least 10,000 At The Rally
  25. 1 million high-skilled workers stuck in "immigration limbo"
  26. What happens to Priority Date after filling I-485?
  27. Harvard's Reverse Brain Drain Study
  28. Sep Visa Bulletin - Revised??
  29. EAD/AP filing after filing 485
  30. I-140 Notice Returned - Effect on 485 App
  31. file 2nd I-140
  32. Job Classifiacation in labor certification
  33. Lockbox Receipting Update
  34. Replacing I-140 with pending I-485
  35. I-485, no receipt, travel
  36. Fingerprint fee rejected and notice mailed; case in suspense
  37. EAD for H4 - Can she work
  38. International Travel after 485 Filing
  39. call from USCIS
  40. Does everyone get fingerprinting notice?
  41. Height of torture... Assigned to a dead box.
  42. July 2 Filer - Change Job
  43. CNN YOUTUBE DEBATE - Sept 17th
  44. New study Report
  45. AILA's published credible Oct 2007 EB cut-of dates
  46. What's Next After 485 Receipt?
  47. FBI Namecheck Bottleneck - A suggested solution
  48. Alien Registration Number
  49. USCIS Processing Dates Up-date - August 16, 2007
  51. I offer $200 for rally travel
  52. Shouldn't we have Bill Gates at the rally?
  53. We should be planning the second rally right now
  54. NY Times Reports - 300,000 I-485 EB applcations
  55. Urgent Travel- please help
  56. EAD and AP Sent without RN
  57. September 2007 Visa Bulletin
  58. What are some good quesitons to ask Immigration Officer?
  59. PD is not current, are we going to get AP and EAD?
  60. Issues related to Employer Problems,WH4 form Usage,H1B laws
  61. EB3 expected to be current
  62. Sept visa bulletin: Please advice.
  63. Send your Questions to USCIS
  64. Satyagraha rally (Fight for Truth and Justice) Sept 18 - EVERYONE SHOULD ATTEND !!!
  65. All September Visa Bulletin predictions
  66. name spelling mistake --very urgent please
  67. Fact Sheet Final Version For Comments- Open to all
  68. smart questions
  69. Advice on physical presence at the time 485 and 765 filing
  70. Filing amendment I-140 EB3 to EB2 upgrade
  71. NSC vs TSC
  72. EAD/AP Deadline approaching
  73. July 2 - Fedex - 7.55 AM - Recd: R Williams
  74. NSC EAD Approval?
  75. See how many applications CIS has
  76. Aug 10 receipting update
  77. My checks got cashed...what next???
  78. Question Regarding CSPA age-out issue
  79. July 2 Filer - Received Notices
  80. Fact Sheets for DC rally-need help
  81. Statisitcs and Data on Green Card
  82. I am giving away
  83. I think we have some good info from Home land security
  84. Forbes/Oxan: U.S. Visa System Lags Behind Demand
  85. Forbes article mentions reducing processing times for immigrant background checks
  86. Is the weekly USCIS update out?
  87. Can my spouse change the job
  88. Good Article in favour of Legal Imm
  89. H-1C visa for nurses
  90. Marriage after I-485 filling
  91. IV event this Sunday(08/12) @ 4:30 p.m. Milpitas, California
  92. USCIS FAQ3 released
  93. Link to employer not giving letter for I485
  94. No pay after filing I-485
  95. How to get and LUD on approved I-140
  96. Ac21
  97. Do you think?
  98. 485 based on pending NIW, now both NIW & Eb1a approved, what to do
  99. what is LUD
  100. AC21 Complete - I140 Cancelled
  101. Any idea how many applications reached USCIS till now?
  102. What is the estimate processing time for my case?
  103. LUD on I-140 in Texas again?
  104. Changes to watch out in 485 filing after july 30th till August 17th
  106. Is it mandatory to work for the original sponsor company for 6 months
  107. Polaroid for AP or RFE?.
  108. I have a valid point but visa refused. plz check the validity
  109. Here is the statistics of Bulletins
  110. Long term effects of july fiasco
  111. Question regarding I94 and AP
  112. 485 fee info
  113. e3 visa rejected ( is dat a stong reason of recection) is there any other way
  114. Can we file lawsuit for this Receipt date 07/112007 typo?
  115. LC and I-140 for differnt locations in same metro area
  116. Can we file a new labor under EB2 and use older EB3 priority date
  117. Did you guys see this ?
  118. People from ROW, Let file a lawsuit against USCIS
  119. EAD and AP forms
  120. Compliant by August 1st?
  121. PIO Card question
  122. AP by NOV possible?
  123. I figured out...why visa bulletin is stuck
  124. October 2007 prediction NOW on MURTHY too
  125. Change I140 from EB3 to EB2
  126. October 2007 Visa prediction- BIB DAILY
  127. How long to wait?
  128. America Competes Bill
  129. LUD on already approved I140
  130. Filing EAD and AP yourself
  131. personal checks vs Employers checks for 485
  132. 485 Refiling Experiences, Questions & resources
  133. two I-140s going hand in hand
  134. Conversion from H1 to H4 When H1 xfer petetion denied
  135. Did you have all your I-485 initial evidence docs done correctly
  136. sending supporting documents for e-filed application
  137. I - 485 e- filing
  138. I 140 experience letters
  139. Ageing out Children-CSPA
  140. Slow website today
  141. FEDEX mess up
  142. With July Fiasco. Expect Faster 485 Approvals
  143. The big picture
  144. Need Help 485 refiling due to error on Check
  145. Rep. Lofgren Introduces Bill to Void Immigration Fee Increases
  146. New Filing Fees
  147. USCIS email: I-485 Receipt Notice returned as undeliverable
  148. Today, one of my Friendís I-485 got returned from Mail room due to Filing fee missing
  149. Last Port of Entry Issue - 485 form
  150. I-140 Question
  151. POLL: buying a house and GC
  152. September rally. Dress up with attitude.
  153. Are you planning to use AC21?
  154. Update on Reciept Notice between July 1st and Aug 17th filer
  155. LUD for 140 changed to 07/28/2007
  156. Source needed for LA times.
  157. missing information in I-140
  158. Consular processing
  159. Petition to unite Families
  160. Petty jobs while on EAD
  161. Can Gandhigiri and/or IV get us Exact Numbers from USCIS?
  162. Why pay taxes? No such law exist?
  163. Will USCIS work this weekend to clear Backlog
  164. Which one of these is a faster process
  165. Free EB-Advice Conf call
  166. My Checks Got Cashed - July2 485 filer
  167. India vs ROW
  168. Retrogression after the mad rush
  169. I140 revoke tracking
  170. Niw Pending,after Call, Today Just Receive A Notice
  171. Good news for the people who didnít file EAD and AP along with their I-485
  172. Freedom Of Information Act
  173. How long does it take to get a FP notice?
  174. Can attorney file without applicant signature( no authorization)
  175. Any advantages of new fees after Aug17?
  176. TSC or NSC
  177. USCIS released FAQ # 2
  178. FAQ2 from USCIS
  179. Can I get Lucky ?
  180. called neb service center today
  181. Bad Lawyer! and How to trust Lawyer....PLS HELP
  182. Are you planning to start a company?
  183. What about the rest of us who can't yet file I-485?
  184. Senate Amendments This Week
  185. Immigration Lawyer In Boston
  186. Senate resumed debate on Defense Spending Appropirations bill ?
  187. can some one be without job on a EAD?
  188. Receipt Date-Clarification
  189. GCs quota increase
  190. USCIS Office of Ombudsman
  191. USCIS Filing Fee Questions August Filing July Approval
  192. H1 Visa Extension After I-485 Filing
  193. Search engine for Immigration !!
  194. Why worry about missing/incomplete documentation for early july 485 filers?
  195. How to get Receipt notice if Employer/Lawyer not willing
  196. July EAD check cashed for June filer
  197. How to indicate Alternate Chargeability
  198. Bec Good News
  199. EAD/AP before RFE?
  200. I too got my GC, i am a free bird !!!
  201. Status after filing EAD
  202. Alarming update from Info officer @ Customer service center
  203. USCIS Service Center Receipting Update
  204. Nebraska is processing Apps received June 29th
  205. Address change after I-485 filing
  206. Dates of 485 Application - Do they really matter ?
  207. Lost SSN Card
  208. successor in interest I-140 filing
  209. how about send flower to senator clinton.
  210. Texas service center phone #
  211. Wife not in USA file I 485 or not?
  212. Documents required for EAD assuming I-485 already applied?
  213. H4/H1 and AOS question
  214. Wrong Marriage Certificate RFE or Rejection
  215. Status of H1B after EAD
  216. Plz help with I-864 and I-134 Affidavit of Support
  217. Cornyn Seeks Interim Relief For America's Technology Companies - Thursday, July 19,07
  218. I-140 online status
  219. Cancelled CP Interview?
  220. Potential I485situation - Advise needed
  221. ALIPAC reports of push of dream act tonight
  222. LUD on Approved I-140
  223. POLL: June/July filers I140 status
  224. Relocation after filing I-140/I-485
  225. POLL: October VB prediction
  226. I-140 receipt notice has Alien number (A#)?
  227. how many photos needed?
  228. Blood Drive , a form of protest!
  229. Are personal checks acceptable to USCIS ?
  230. EAD/AP address
  231. Signature on Forms
  232. How many I-485 you filed?
  233. I-140 approval notice returned as undeliverable
  234. Please take a poll How many filed in June and July?
  235. I-485 filing for minors
  236. I-485 processing calculation by USCIS.
  237. New process to adjudicate GCs (July 2007)
  238. One chinese guy's 485 got returned
  239. July Receipts for 485!
  240. I-485 backlog. Top action item for IV!
  241. More House Immigration Action on Spending Bills
  242. Direct Filing Address for I-485
  243. Need a clarification regarding salary hike
  244. Second I-485
  245. The future now?
  246. Aug 15: National Black Band/ Strike Day
  247. Status Change after 485 Filing
  248. Difference between reject and deny
  249. EAD - Need help to file myself?
  250. I-140 premium suspension to continue