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  1. IV cores family members must be congratulated..!!
  2. After Aug 17 will visa numbers be unavailable for a really long time?
  3. Order Of I-485 Processing?
  4. Early July Filers after VB fiasco
  5. Filing I-485 for wife without my i-485 receipt
  6. Namecheck/security check
  7. Off track: After I-485 filed, what to look for?
  8. Pregnancy Question
  9. July Vb Fiasco Resolved...its Time To Track The Progess
  10. Alert: Senator Durbin added "H-1B and L-1 Visa Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act"
  11. Washington post article about Government U-turn on green cards
  12. LC Substitution - Please help
  13. Expect changes in processing times
  14. Fees hike July end or Aug 17th ?
  15. Soon to be married! PLEASE HELP
  16. 485 filing questions
  17. I-485 until Aug 17th
  18. Same Questions = Low IQ
  19. Unmarried needs advise
  20. Substitution or Go to Old Employer?
  21. Reciept Notice for VB fiasco filers
  22. Could early July I-485 Filing be rejected ??
  23. Need suggestion
  24. Now It Is Official
  25. Very worried USCIS lost my fp notice!
  26. Thank You Flowers to Congresswoman Zoe
  27. Confusion Regarding Filing - Resolved
  28. USCIS - Annoncement its official
  29. How must I thank IV?
  30. update 485 before RFE
  31. USCIS Announces July Adjustment of Status Applications to be Accepted thru August 17,
  32. guys its time for us to thank the iv and its members who worked hard
  33. Greeting Cards/Flowers to USCIS and Senator Logfren
  34. Offical announcement in AILA web site
  35. More protests & more flowers
  36. USCIS release
  37. USCIS Announces Revised Processing Procedures for
  38. Eye-opener
  39. unmarried guy looking for advice on whether to apply 485?
  40. July I485 will be accepted - OFFICIAL!
  41. It is official - in Aug bullein
  42. August Bulletin is out
  43. Aug 2007 VB out - Everything"U"
  44. August 2007 Visa Bulletin
  45. August 2007 bulletin is out
  46. bulletin
  47. August visa bulletin is out
  48. Visa Bulletin For August 2007
  49. AOS processing order
  50. Flower campaign to IV Core
  51. What abt Empolyment-based CP for greencard?
  52. Big deal! Just ask for the money!
  53. Shall we go on a hunger Strike?
  54. August Consular appoinments for Chennai is out.
  55. AILF Class Action Lawsuit Ready
  56. URGENT - I 485 with part time H1b(20 hrs/week)
  57. Things are going SOUTH ??
  58. Most recent post on murthy.com
  59. Changing companies while filing 485
  60. Can IV Core provide some Update?
  61. Can IV Core provide some Update?
  62. Are you guys okay waiting years for GC
  63. news on AZ REPUBLIC
  64. I-485 using FEDEX Overnight ?
  65. Filing I-485 by 'self' Vs by 'Attorney', Pros & Cons.
  66. Good luck for the good news to all members
  67. Gandhi Protests Paysoff - BusinessWeek
  68. Getting walk-in Advance Parole in just three days?!
  69. Can we change jobs within 180 days of 485 filing
  70. Forgot to sign the I-485 filing 'Cover Letter'.
  71. New Business Week Article updated July 16,2007, 11.53PM
  72. Please advice : Can one leave the country after applying for I140/485
  73. call me pessimistic
  74. Is filing of LC a proof of immigrant intent?
  75. I-485 without I-140 receipt number
  76. What happens if I get a RFE?
  77. Guaranteed: Huge Announcement in the next 24...
  78. Announcement expected tomorrow (7/17) noon EDT.
  79. AILA/AILF Update July 16 6.00 pm Eastern Time
  80. Reply from San Jose Mercury News Columnist
  81. Receipt No. For Texas 484 Filled In July 07
  82. Legally "Neglected people"
  83. Dont be so Desperate
  84. Rallies:More harm than good?
  85. NSC doesnot have revised july 2007 visa bulletin Memo
  86. Company not with me in filing
  87. feed from my lawyer regarding big announcement
  88. Rally In Chicago LETS GO
  89. Let's not stop here...
  90. Called NSC on 07/16 morning
  91. I am not doing anything at work.....
  92. Augut bulletin is out ..
  93. Petition Chertoff for I-485
  94. I'll file lawsuit against USCIS / DOS
  95. WSJ report 07/16/07
  96. WSJ Article says USCIS to accept "some" GC applicaitons
  97. Did people still file despite the bulletin fiasco?
  98. U.S. to Reverse Some Denials Of Work Visas
  99. Big Frustration and disappointmant
  100. Hope tomorrow will be good day for all of us
  101. August Bulletin Agenda What's cooking now...
  102. AOS: Self-filing
  103. Permanent Resident Statistics in the year 2006
  104. Did any major TV networks respond to our plea?
  105. Request to IV CORE: Please co-ordinate rallies
  106. Old H1 Petition Missing
  107. South Florida - Sun Sentinel displays headline news
  108. We shall not only focus on fiasco of July's VB
  109. Over 130,000 immigrant visas lost
  110. Sign this petition to Secretary Chertoff.
  111. FYI: From NYT - A Little-Known Group Claims a Victory on Immigration
  112. Rally in DC
  113. Story to be covered in an NJ Indian Radio Station - EBC 1170 AM
  114. Rally in Boston/New England area?
  115. Protest Rally in New York - From Times to City Hall
  116. Rally in Madison, Wisconsin- PM me immediately
  117. June 05 PD EB2 Approved Yesterday????
  118. Sign our petition to DHS Secretary Chertoff
  119. RFE on AP (I-131)
  120. I-140 Approvals from Texas Service Center
  121. July 485 Receipt Notice
  122. Interesting Facts: GC Allocation for 2006
  123. Great Article in Business Week
  124. Stop buying RICE
  125. This forum and IV is my Homepage now.
  126. Consulate Confirms July 2007 Immigrant Visa Interviews!
  127. Need Volunteers to help manage the San Jose Rally
  128. Petetion Chertoff needs 5000
  129. ETA Notice on Modification of H-2B Labor Certification Application Procedures
  130. What can and cannot be the "permanent solution"
  131. GC applicants with DUI - New rules!
  132. what a waste...
  133. Secret news! Per country limit would be removed
  134. Job title in the Employment Letter
  135. What if the important rumor is abt being able to apply I-485 without PD
  136. Wear Suits in San Jose Rally
  137. NPR news coverage
  138. POLL: speculation, time-pass
  139. POLL: speculation, time-pass
  140. Confusion, please advise.
  141. Sign our petition to Secretary Chertoff.
  142. Watch for August Visa Bulletin to be Released Shortly
  143. What will happen to July filers if Aug is current?
  144. Murphy Exhorts DHS Michael Chertoff to Revise USCIS Policy
  145. IV pls tell us what's the secret news
  146. Senate and Gandhi
  147. Did IV remove the message which they posted a while ago?
  148. Hindu Prayer Shouted Down in US Senate
  149. New post on I-140 ?
  150. This is going to happen to all I-485 Applications. My View..
  151. Even this guy faced discrimation from fundamentalist Senators
  152. Article on Murthy Law website related to I-485 Fiasco
  153. July Filing and OCT visa bulletin is current
  154. I will file lawsuit against USCIS, if they approved July recieved cases
  155. Guests - Welcome! Please Join In...
  156. What happen AILA lawsuit ?, are they still need "Non-filers"?
  157. Thank Rep. Zoe Lofgren
  158. Can we get some help from Clinton
  159. Non Filers - File NOW Poll
  160. Poll for Salary
  161. USCIS in stalemate...
  162. Microsoft to set up University in Bangalore....
  163. Is holding-up petitions in Srv Center a good news?
  164. USCIS Reportedly Returning Visa Numbers to DOS
  165. VISAGATE scandal: Do we want this?
  166. oh-law: 07/12/2007: USCIS Reportedly Returning Visa Numbers to DOS
  167. interpretation
  168. Recent forum posts
  169. This has more twists than Anna Nicole Smith Case.
  170. anyone saw this yet?
  171. Immigration-law reports rumour on senators being behind this mess
  172. Now it kinda makes sense...
  173. USCIS has removed the flower related press release from their website.
  174. Could confidential personal information be compromised by the Visa Bulletin debacle?
  175. Is the July Visa Bulletin Rerogressed to June 12th ....
  176. Interesting link on congress.org...
  177. Lofgren Gives Uscis Three Days To Answer Questions
  178. August Visa Bulletin Issued.
  179. Canada Calling
  180. Peaceful Protest from each city
  181. visa number rollover and recapture.
  182. Name Check Pending
  183. Next Action - Take a DAY OFF from Work (Bandh)
  184. NDTV seeks NY members
  185. Poll: Cards
  186. Stop, Think!!
  187. Flowers to the White house
  188. Opinion-Any one filed AOS after July 2 or willing to file- any thoughts on filing.
  189. Labor substitution done?
  190. I-485 Follow to join Case
  191. Test1
  192. Is USCIS/Department of State lying ?
  193. 14th July, San Jose Peaceful Protest (with poll)
  194. Headlines in WashintonPost about the Flower Campaign
  195. Sources of Rumor of USCIS Potential Reverse of July 2007 485 Applications Rejection
  196. Actions of USINPAC
  197. IV CORE - JULY filing
  199. Flowers to lawmakers
  200. Ombudsman recommendation and USCIS reply
  201. Work Visa for Canada
  202. 218759 Greencards WASTED since 1992
  203. Protest Rally Across the Nation
  204. Any takes on the outcome of the lawsuit
  205. LA Times wants to know about IV
  206. KXAN News Austin
  207. visa numbers allocated on July 1st
  208. Update on My I-485: May 21.
  209. Oct 2002 EB3 or May 2007 EB2 (India)
  210. Did anyone come across NY Times Editorial?
  211. Personal Stories - July Bulletin Media Drive - Next Phase
  212. New Bulletin on 9th July 2007
  213. Where have all the posts gone?
  214. Senator Gregg Letter to DOS about July VB Reversal
  215. How long it will take to get EAD and AP?
  216. 12/2004 EB3 or 2007 EB2?
  217. 1$ = 39.87 Rs ! what's Next?
  218. Has anyone received rejected I-485 application?
  219. knock knock Plaintiffs ????
  220. Service Centers "Holding" Adjustment Applications
  221. Flowers delivery confirmation????
  222. I've had it, I am moving to Canada
  223. Gandhigiri to DOS round 2
  224. Isn't the august bulletin due already?
  225. AILF's Legal Action Center Seeks Plaintiffs on EB Visa Number Availability Issue
  226. CIR Immigration Restrictionist Senator-Exposed
  227. San Jose rally organization
  228. Troop build up: Canada defends soveriegnty against US
  229. Flower Campaign: What's Next
  230. What's Next:: Options
  231. Green Card Projections
  232. AILF Lawsuit Update-- from Rajiv khanna
  233. Flash...Flash..AILA needs Plaintiffs again??
  234. USCIS Plans to forward flowers
  235. Blood camp for Soldiers
  236. Any one coming to USCIS office tomorrow?
  237. Should I go to fp appointment with my husband?
  238. EB2 and EB1
  239. This doesn't help
  240. Help with content for Online petition to be submitted to a Congressmember
  241. I will be in Jounal News on Wednsday!!!
  242. Question on H4 Visa
  243. Please In Protests, Try To Intergrate Into The American Society.
  244. Is Money Behind USCIS Move To Have Department Of State Take Unprecedented Action
  245. POLL: EB2-India follow-up poll
  246. Your input for content on Banners/posters for 07/14 peaceful protest
  247. Immigration fiasco should be on front page
  248. Media Contacts - Fax Numbers Required!
  249. Any Idea Visa Bulletin on Aug 2007 for EB
  250. Chinese think we are harming their interest!