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  1. RIR LC approved with pre PERM launch date
  2. travel during labour certification stage
  3. Complicated labor question
  4. -ve view of some members
  5. Is it possible that some of the labors are missing from files from flcdatacenter.com?
  6. Which center should i apply .........
  7. How labor substitution works?
  8. DoL : Dallas, Philly Backlog Centers are done.
  9. Non RIR Labor Cert - Deadline to place advt?
  10. Promotion during labor stage from engineer
  11. TR Case - EB3 - Case closed due to lawyer non response
  12. BPEC should oursource their work to speed up the certification process!
  13. Lobbying with DOS ...Is is an option to consider
  14. labor approval in mail
  15. BPC Labor Certified Online, Hard Copy not received...
  16. BEC good news
  17. Atlanta Processing Times
  18. NOF regarding company
  19. Recent BEC approvals - File 140 by July 31?
  20. Filing a case against DOL - All affected, please join and support this
  21. Defeat- We Shockingly Lost A Great Chance Of Winning 2,40,000 Recapture Unused Visas.
  22. Future Prediction - I485 availability
  23. why the dates went back?
  24. No word from the backlog office-wait or worry?
  25. An issue with TR recruitment activities on my labor case
  26. Labor Certification DENIED from PBEC
  27. Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs
  28. My apologies to IV core members, and all who can file
  29. Labor Substitution - 485 Without 140 Receipt?
  30. Feel sad for all of us stuck here
  31. Tracking AEC application filed during 2001 - NOF related
  32. Eb2 ad please help
  33. Case closed in PBEC
  34. Protest in New England / Boston area!
  35. Stats Needed: How Many Cases Still Pending at BECs??
  36. Need advice on "statement of findings" from BEC
  37. 2003 Oct 10 485 filed
  38. Filing center question
  39. Gautam Agarwal - any news?
  40. Nothing Will Happen - Do Not Worry
  41. How much Money Lost because of this July VB?
  42. OPT Training Work Experience
  43. Where to take Photo's from? For - I-485, AP, EAD
  44. Bad Situation... please help
  45. Is Nebraska Service Center Fast!
  46. Got My P-bec Lc Approved!!!
  47. Average I-140 PP time?
  48. I485 processing times - might they speed up?
  49. pole / survey are you stuck in BEC?
  50. Urgent Philadelphia Process center - status 'CLOSED'
  51. I-485 Processing Time / Priority Date
  52. When will the July visa bulletin be issued?
  53. Original Labor is missing
  54. priority date processing time
  55. IV stand on LC application in BEC
  56. Want to talk to an indivual stuck at BEC
  57. Case Mistakenly withdrwan by BEC
  58. How long after Recruitment Periods Ends?
  59. communication from BEC
  60. LC - Intent to deny
  61. Labor Certification denied at backlog center
  62. Age out - Suggestions
  63. AJB site ad does not match ETA 750?
  64. LCA appl lost twice in Dallas BEC
  65. Status of the pending GC app
  66. Switching to part time H1?
  67. Case was shipped to the Department of State for visa processing
  68. Non RIR labor EB3 from 2001 up for recruitment
  69. I am Depressed due to immigration process.
  70. I-140 Question......
  71. Labor Certification requirements - help
  72. EB-2 Doubts
  73. H1B 6th year ext
  74. Regarding i-140 PD porting
  75. Appeal to EB3 guys
  76. Labor Case Status "DATA REVIEW"
  77. E-mail Update About Case Transfer to NE
  78. How to retain the priority date, when switching the jobs?
  79. caresoftinc Review
  80. Prevailling wage issue.
  81. clarification on switching to different employer for EB2
  82. MY case shows up as TR even though it was filed as RIR
  83. For those thinking of converting TR case to RIR -
  84. How long does it take to for premuim processing of I140
  85. approved labor but under reviewd?
  86. 2001 LC to RIR Backlog info
  87. Some Holiday Fun
  88. Labor Certification : Please Help
  89. I-140 Nebraska
  90. What is definition of progressive experience?
  91. Backlog Job Posting auto e-mail.
  92. 45 day letter not received
  93. A question about using existing Labor certification
  94. 2001 LC Analysts Review.
  95. Wrong Priority Date on Labor Certification
  96. More news from Backlog Escalation Centers
  97. Advise - Non RIR Labor case closed
  98. what happens after the case is been advertised in back log center ?
  99. Just curious
  100. Has anyone changed the casr from non rir to rir???
  101. TR to RIR Conversion BEC;s
  102. Trying to fight the Level 4 wage classification
  103. RIR rejected..Please help
  104. Can we write to as an employee (not attorney or employer) USCIS if the processing dat
  105. IL LC Cases
  106. EB2 RIR Intent to deny due to salary below prev wage
  107. Nothing heard after 45 day letter !!!!
  108. After 45day letter
  109. Notice of Findings
  110. BPC processing times
  111. BEC tracking system down?
  112. What is "Recruitment instructions" for BEC Cases?
  113. RIR conversion
  114. PD for EB# is April22 2001 what about those waiting for LC applied b4 that date.
  115. Uneven Selection
  116. Hang in there......
  117. Not fare! compare Nabraska and Texas
  118. Difference between TR & RIR....
  119. BPC case processing update
  120. Suggestion for IV
  121. Waiting since 2001 for LC
  122. Any names for the best lawyers in the US??
  123. A letter of Intent to Deny Labor Certification from Labor Department
  124. EB2 Labor in Phildelphia. Status is an Issue
  125. Job Posting by Backlog Elimination Centers
  126. I havent heard anything after the 45day letter
  127. Poll" BPC Application Status
  128. uscis today-optimistic as ever!
  129. Returning from India with 2 months H4 validity
  130. Eb3 to EB2
  131. trying to Apply EB2 RIR
  132. BEC case tracking available again!!
  133. Employer is not giving Wages
  134. Received letter from DOL
  135. Listen Clear or Pay
  136. Urgent ....Pl. help
  137. Found this petition on the web
  138. PBEC: What to expect?
  139. Important:- Lobby to capture time lost
  140. EB3 NON RIR labor from Dallas BEC
  141. How to get a copy of certified ETA750?
  142. Elimination of Backlog Labor Certification Applications: Feasible in 14 Months?
  143. DOL's Deadline for 45-Day Letters is Reached
  144. 45 day letter enough for extension???
  145. DOL to Issue all 45-Day Letters by July 21, 2006
  146. Is it a cause of concern?
  147. Filed DOL in Virginia, sent to BC in Dallas
  148. H1B to H4 and then back to H1B-URGENT
  149. 45 day Letter Response
  150. Track RiR cases with RFE at Dallas BEC
  151. IV member featured on front Page of Wall Street Journal
  152. Online case status from BEC- for real ??
  153. DOL response for BEC cases closed in error
  154. Labor filed in RIR
  155. Amendment latter to DOL
  156. Got "Confirmation of Withdrawal" by Attorney's Mistake
  157. RIR Denials from PBEC
  158. Premium processing is against American values?
  159. BEC Dallas
  160. Letter from BEC
  161. Help Required : Final determination Letter
  162. 45 Days letter received for VA.
  163. Philadelphia backlog center: help
  164. 45 day letter response time
  165. If illegals are processed at same speed as us!!
  166. EB3 backlog
  167. Intent to deny notice
  168. philadelphia backlog center
  169. Is it worth it?
  170. Light Some Fire under DBEC and PBEC
  171. Suggestions for calling a senator or congression
  172. 8th Year Extension and H1 Transfer
  173. Data Entry Error
  174. Backlog center lost my responce to 45-day letter
  175. Possible cause for delay in a few RIR cases with older PD
  176. i got a notice from my employer about teh 45 days letter
  177. Pls advise - How to get labor details from BCP
  178. Please read this article
  179. Philly processing taking about 3-4 years!
  180. Dallas Backlog Center is moving faster!
  181. Request for Changes in the Processing of RIR, TR, and 245(i) cases In BECs
  182. No Pay While Waiting for 7th year extension to be approved?!
  183. Start Sending Fax to Demand Improved Performance at BECs
  185. Last day to comment on 45 days Labor Expiry rule
  186. Labour Substitution
  187. LC Case Closure Notice by mistake
  188. Let's ask for ability to keep priority dates
  189. On 8th Year H-1B extension ..Laid Off ? What are my options
  190. DOL Update on BEC Backlogs
  191. LCA validity after company acquisition
  192. LC BEC nation wide rally of faxes/mail
  193. Congress will vote something next week?What?
  194. We require an amendment to the immigration Bill
  195. URGENT: Tennessee Members, please respond
  196. New left hand link added: IV and Labor Cert Backlogs
  197. New Research about Dept. of Labor
  198. Labor BEC/BPC applicants: IMPORTANT, please read
  199. New job - Deal or No Deal
  200. 18 months remaining
  201. Letter Writing Campaign to Demand Transparency
  202. Meet the lawmakers Drive Please sign up
  203. Specific retrogression and labor certification measures we are fighting for
  204. Labor Approvals from Dallas Backlog Centers
  205. Labor Approvals from Philadelphia Backlog Centers