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  1. GC issued in Error
  2. Another visa bulletin
  3. 1-751 status pending
  4. GC for Nonprofit organisation employee
  5. file I-485 Supplement J
  6. Naturalization Oath Ceremony in Lowell, MA
  7. Need Advice- EB@ filing with US master
  8. I-130 F2B Recapture Priority Date
  9. Arrest record and citizenship
  10. On L2 EAD, Can I file for GC?
  11. Which Wage Is Applicable After I485 Approval
  12. [Urgent] Advance Parole renewal Dec, 2016
  13. Green card for Parents
  14. Buy Authentic IELTS DL, SSN, Birth Certs, Passport, Visa, and other document (phil61
  15. Buy Original And Registered Certificates ; ielts / toefl
  16. Change of address after receiving green card
  17. GC Denied - What options do I have?
  18. Easiest way to get a new I-94
  19. Dates for filing
  20. Evaluations companies
  21. Incorrect Preference classification on I 485?
  22. Advice needed. 8/1 Filing deadline for my I-140/I-485
  23. Options to come back on H1b
  24. is PERM Process different in each state?
  25. PERM not filed in 6th year (less than 5 months left)
  26. Am I qualify for EB3 to EB2 porting with same employer?
  27. I-140 - Affidavit of experience letters from previous employers
  28. i485 while wife is abroad - Comments?
  29. Studying full time while I-1485 Pending
  30. Backdated work experience letter for I-140 application
  31. I-140 processing
  32. Need advice
  33. National interest waiver for physicians .. Confusion
  34. GC eligibility and EB3 to EB2 porting questions
  35. How to find MSA for H1B and LCA
  36. i-130 is current / I-485 pending based on I-140
  37. Rfe
  38. H1B Remote Option - GC application
  39. The EB-5 visa is a three-step process
  40. recommendation for a Divorce attorney in Bay Area
  41. Status for Deceased Family
  42. I-140 EB3 approved, EB-2 pending, PD based on EB3 I-140 current
  43. Once my 6 years on H1b are over can I switch to any other visa like F2 or F1
  44. Share tips on how to ace the consulting game with consulting companies?
  45. I-485 for F1 visa
  46. Passport data correction-Chicago consulate NOT possible..
  47. tuberclosis test --quantiferon gold test is positive but chest x ray is negative
  48. For filing I-140 can i get experience letter from colleague i worked on client locati
  49. Acceptance date move to end of 2013
  50. Delay filling due to marriage?
  51. Filing second i130 for second wife
  52. Father's middle name on my birth certificate and my passport mismatch
  53. need to change from software Engineer to product management. What happens to my I140
  54. My Experience with Murthy Law forum
  55. GC for Spouse
  56. I 140 expedite
  57. Health Insurance eligibility
  58. USCIS Household size calculation
  59. interlinking EB3 I140(both approved)/I485(both pending) with spouse
  60. will my father's illegal stay in US affect my GC application?
  61. Can you change roles after you get your EAD?
  62. Landlord threatening
  63. H4-EAD Application Supporting Documents
  64. EB2 current again after 10 months - whats the process this time
  65. EB3 to EB2 porting
  66. Request for Initial Evidence (I-485)
  67. [Job Title Change]:I-140 approved from previous employer, new offer has new Title
  68. Stuck in PERM processing for more than 15 months
  69. Independent Action
  70. I-485 when to file
  71. EB2 query
  72. Birth Certificate Query
  73. Marriage based GC while Employment based GC in progress??
  74. Chaning address to a different state while I 485 is pending
  75. Few questions abt form I-864
  76. If I get a GC, what will happen to my spouse?
  77. I485 case current since Oct 2012 but no GC
  78. Travel Document(AP) on GC for long period of stay
  79. July 2007 Priority Date
  80. Green Card revoked after 3 years......
  81. House of Cards and 7th district in VA
  82. G325A Question
  83. PERM process and getting married
  84. Form G-325a
  85. Green card received but got an RFE
  86. I140 RFE regarding Bachelors marksheets
  87. Question about re-entry on F1
  88. Green Card Availability Calculator
  89. help you boost energy and stamina!
  90. EB2 eligibility question
  91. I140 delays - Processing order
  92. Urgent! Marriage while green card pending vs. approved??
  93. help Urgent
  94. asylum for stateless Palestinian
  95. Query
  96. Have You Seen! A Haunted House 2 Movie Online
  97. travel after applying for GC based on marriage
  98. EAD renewal RFE - Nebraska Service center
  99. EB 2 eligibility: B Com + M Com + CA
  100. Work start date
  101. EB3->EB2, Priority date is current, but there is no case update
  102. Birth Certificate Affidavit I485
  103. EAD RFE - Do we get it or the lawyer
  104. change jobs while greencard name change is pending
  105. immgration and anullment issue
  106. OPT - H1B back to OPT -?
  107. PLEASE HELP !PERM online filing unsuccessfully
  108. Things to do when PD gets current - I485 already filed
  109. Administrative Fixes....
  110. Send a Petition to approve the high skill immigration reform
  111. Family Based Greencard while I-485 is pending from employment based Greencard
  112. EB2I PERM PD port to EB2 NIW
  113. Event in Bangalore: Post-Recession US information technology market
  114. Am I risking my child's and my green card?
  115. Renewal of Indian passport in India for green card holders
  116. Renewal of Indian passport in India for green card holders
  118. those who got 1 year EAD instead of 2 years
  119. GC approved but no information for spouse
  120. Can I get green card from estranged husband? ????
  121. From H1b to marriage based GC
  122. address change so that green card arrive at new address
  123. Changing jobs while on H1/EAD and dependent on H4
  124. Calcutta to Kolkata - official notification ?
  125. EB3 to EB2 porting in EAD
  126. Dependent I 485 denied what other options
  127. The Green Mile Journey towards GC
  128. Health insurance through health insurance exchanges
  129. Will it be problem to re-fill GC after comp. merged while existing PERM is in audit?
  130. Is it sage to re-fill GC after comp. merged while existing PERM is in audit?
  131. Next step when PD is current !!
  132. Does promotion / change in title impact Green Card Process.
  133. Fingerprinting for Reentry Permit
  134. Can I (wife) apply for green card on husband's behalf while he still has a J-1 visa?
  135. New GC
  136. How do know about pre-adjudication?
  137. attorney on file
  138. Next steps when PD is current
  139. EB-2 porting with same employer
  140. i-140 approved, then revoked, then re-approved
  141. Complex GC question. Career vs Immigration
  142. Port priority date on physician NIW
  143. Service request reply, can anyone shed any light?
  144. Got Decision Email from USCIS - Anybody in similar suituation
  145. IV should take up with FAFSA for clarity on eligble Non-Citizens
  146. PERM Audit rate
  147. Eb2 eligibility
  148. H1 extension based on previous I 140 approval
  149. Taking help of Congressman/Senator
  150. GC already filed in EB2, promoted to Director, can I upgrade to EB1 ???
  151. E3 to GC
  152. EB1 qualification if short of 1 year requirement
  153. Greened! PD - EB2-I Oct 2004, Upgraded
  154. RFE returned by Postoffice - Help needed
  155. Urgent:EB3-India April03 priority
  156. Unique PERM question
  157. RFE on I485 for Dependent
  158. EB2 Eligibility after MBA without any post MBA experience
  159. Indian Passport renewal based on pending I-485
  160. August Visa Bulletin
  161. Immigration lawyer
  162. PIO Validity and Endorsement
  163. 485 denial, refile?
  164. Birth Certificate Issue
  165. Card Production Ordered - EAD not received
  166. I485 & B2 Status
  167. Labor processing with PERM
  169. Life change after getting green card
  170. Request Lawyer Recommendation - Dallas TX
  171. Changing company - from L1 to Greeen Card
  172. Affidavit of Support Issue
  173. EB2 I140 Approved H1b extension beyond 6 year
  174. Changing job. What is needed from current employer?
  175. HELP - Traveling back on AP after 7 months and just received RFE on I-485!
  176. Transfer EB3 Greencard while on L-1
  177. Priority Dates Calculations based on CIR
  178. Impact of CIR on non-India/China applicants
  179. CIR 2013 suggestion - eliminate 6 year limit and 1 yr stay-out clause
  180. H1 transfer & I140
  181. Very important for me
  182. Need advice!
  183. What happens when I apply for Green Card, while my EAD expires, i have to depart?
  184. Birth Certificate from Embassy !
  185. I485 Denied, 290B denied.. what's next?
  186. Traveling on AP, Pending 485. What if GC get approved?
  187. GC as Future Employee
  188. Advance Parole - How early can I apply?
  189. GC received with misdemeanor record
  190. I-140 Approved Changing jobs
  191. How to apply for Adjustment of Status after 2 years married? first time
  192. Eb2 experience letters
  193. Experience letterfor I140 and Labor
  194. Visa Bulletin For April 2013 - out
  195. Is it worth to file under EB2 now
  196. AP pending for 80 days now - Need to travel :(
  197. PERM approval and ETA 9089 document time
  198. Changing Department in Same company
  199. I-693 rfe
  200. I-485 Interview / Reckless Driving
  201. your address was changed relating to the I485,message after -
  202. Address change while Priority date just 3 months away
  203. work on lower salary on EAD ?
  204. Green Card with Investment Banking companies
  205. Which way to Migrate?
  206. Changing jobs but would like to have my current employer file instead of future
  207. Faster green card process petition
  208. Timeline for Green card process for parents of US citizens?
  209. Green Card Process About to Start - Want to know the cost
  210. Perm Login for labor filing Issue..has anybody had it ?
  211. Illegal spouse living in USA married to GC holder.
  212. Diversity Lottery
  213. How to report immigration fraud and green card issues?
  214. Please help. Adjustment of status(AOS) through 245i/i485a supplement
  215. Student going to marry to a green card holder
  216. PLEASE HELP! Received RFE on website for i485
  217. EAD RFE to send I-140 of principal applicant
  218. Expired green card for 32 years...any chance of getting it back?
  219. Driver License renewal in Ohio using pending I-485
  220. Advance Parole and Indian Passport .Unique Experience
  221. Mom Greencard filed and I-94 expiring
  222. Orlando EPOC Abortion Pill Clinic, RU486, Mifeprex and Mifepristone
  223. Can employer take advantage of recruitment efforts prior to PERM filing?
  224. Petition to allow filing for EAD/AP after I-140 without current Priority Date
  225. Applying for Green card while family in India
  226. EB2 vs EB3 and job change
  227. Impact of promotion on existing GC application
  228. AC21 portability for EB3...I-485 Pending since July 2007
  229. Porting from EB2 to EB3
  230. the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case as undeliverable.
  231. Letter to Attroney - Stop Representing I485
  232. Am I eligible for EB2?
  233. Country of Chargeability ?
  234. Any recent experience for stamping at Vancouver BC?
  235. Any EB3 India approvals of late?
  236. what do I expect next?
  237. American Universities for immigration reforms
  238. Greencard with Big4 accounting firms
  239. Visits Abroad after green card
  240. Missed Court date
  241. No update on labor after 5 months
  242. petty theft misdemanor how takes in record
  243. Applying for green card directly from OPT
  244. Switching employers during EB3/EB2 porting
  245. Filing AC21 when not working for petitioning employer
  246. Promotion after filing I-485
  247. Layoff after porting EB3->EB2
  248. Urgent: Layoff after EB1(B)-I485 filing
  249. Can PERM and 140 be approved in next 9-10months?
  250. Some one! Please help!