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  1. Specialty Occupation titles for QA Analyst
  2. H4 visa denied due to fraud or misrepresentation (it affected husband H1 visa too)
  3. H1-B extension - I-140 approved, I-94 expiring
  4. Lost job on OPT, H1B approved but not kicking in till Oct 1st 2017
  5. Filling up W4 form
  6. i-94 validity after H1B extension
  7. Sent back to the US
  8. 6th year H-1B transfer with a previous approved I-140 of current PD
  9. Bringing person from India for senior care
  10. Question on H1B Extension
  11. H1b cap-exempt
  12. Can we get approval for H4 extension while Spouse's H1B extension in progress
  13. H4 Name Change
  14. H4->F1 COS approved, need to move from my place
  15. [Survey] How do you store your immigration documents?
  16. My employer not paying salary close to 2 months of pay
  17. Merida, Mexico US Consulate not accepting TCN applications (H1b renewals for e.g.)
  18. H1b Extension approved with less than 3years validity
  19. Gap between previous I797 & current I797 received after extension
  20. Applying for fresh H4 when H1B extension is in progress.
  21. Changing employer in 6th year of H1-B
  22. Filing H4 EAD while Spouse’s H1B amendment is in progress
  23. Travelling on H1B amendment still in process
  24. Is Passport renewal required for travel to US with expiry date in 2 month(s)
  25. Four months delay now and no SSN
  26. Additional time for driver's license verification - impact on H1 stamping?
  27. Visitor visa (B1/B2) extension
  28. Can we attend client meetings with B2 admission into US but with a Valid B1/B2 Visa?
  29. H4 visa stamp in Mexico
  30. Employer name different on Paystubs
  31. Stamping query
  32. H1B CAP EXEMPTION: H1B expired in 2008 w/o utilization
  33. URGENT HELP: F1 VISA with I-130 petition
  34. Spousal Visa Issues?
  35. Got GC thru spouse I-485, shd I worry about H1B RFE
  36. H1 holder, got arrested for DUI but not convicted. Always get 'Additional screened'
  37. L1B Extension Denied - Wife 37 weeks pregnant, cannot travel
  38. H1 -> H4 COS and H4 stamping question
  39. Can an F-1 visa holder form/own a business in CA?
  40. Employer not paying the balance as per billing rate
  41. Change of Name on h1b
  42. F1 COS and Stamping
  43. Filling taxes and F1 Visa Denial?
  44. H4 EAD I-765 Application Form Question
  45. Not joining a desi consultancy after H1 Transfer
  46. Working on H1B with multiple approved petitions
  47. L1 Visa holder with traffic violations - reckless driving in NC - will it be a issue
  48. New H1B Transfer/Petition with employer B
  49. H-1B Abuse report
  50. Question on filing H1 after 5.6 years stay in USA on L1A
  51. Fly to Puerto Rico from FL on approved H1B 797 only. No valid stamp on PP.
  52. Automatic revalidation (changed status from B2 -> F1 -> H1b)
  53. Impact of H1 rejection on EAD
  54. DS-160 Question
  55. H1B Approved. Left company before effective date. Confusion over my current visa stat
  56. CPT + On campus job total hours?
  57. Volunteer on H4 visa
  58. H4 to H1 with out cap
  59. H4 EAD question
  60. H1-B Fee payback clause in Offer letter
  61. Complicated H4 Situation
  62. Switching Employers - can I use old LCA FOR H1b?
  63. State Offering In-State to H4
  64. H1b transfer for NonIT background
  65. I-140 approved - Priority date can be ported?
  66. H-1B extension question-just got my Master's
  67. i-539 marriage certificate
  68. I-94 Extension based on new I20
  69. Changing jobs on OPT without H1B transfer
  70. 6th Year H1B ending on July 2015 - Need advice
  71. h4 to f1 COS and travel to India
  72. Will I get a new I94 when I'm back from Puerto Rico?
  73. Getting Laid off on H-1B
  74. H1B extension questions
  75. Apply for F-1 while H-4 is under process
  76. H4 extension documents
  77. H4 to F1 conversion in the middle of MS program
  78. H1 petition through two Employers for the same year & only one selected
  79. H-1B, Passport expiring, One way travel soon
  80. H1 quiting job
  81. re-entry on a H1B visa?
  82. Consultants for H1B Filing
  83. H1B Renew/Reissue
  84. DS - 160 for canada
  85. H1B consular processing urgent question
  86. Applying H1B while Green card-I-485 pending
  87. 6th year on H1-B, LC filed
  88. Visa Interview Waiver eligibility after Corporate Restructuring
  89. Changing employers in 8th year w/o immigrant visa
  90. H4 to F1 COS: F1 stamping
  91. H1B Expiring 6th year
  92. H1b extension---no client letter--Got RFE---please help
  93. H4 to F1 COS - H4 extension approved
  94. Visa for Nanny
  95. H1 Extension - Unique Issue
  96. travelling to india on h1b with divorce case pending in court
  97. Valid H1B: Cannot Issue ssn, DHS is unable to verify immigration document
  98. H1B transfer and amendment as the same time
  99. L1A to Green Card Status - Need for visa extension and GC processing category
  100. Cruising with expired visa but valid I797A
  101. How to complaint on H1B visa holder?
  102. H1B+ cancer treatment options
  103. I-9 verification for a new but small emlpoyer
  104. LLC or Independent contractor on H1B
  105. LCA for WFH
  106. H1B With Pregnant,spouse applying GC
  107. POE: Entering into US after more 15 months on valid US visa stamp in passport
  108. Resignation notice
  109. H1b transferred how to get old dues from X Employer
  110. Really confused - complicated scenario
  111. Client ,location Change RFE
  112. H1-B Stamping AP Delay
  113. Got H1 Extension after book the appointment with old I-797
  114. H1B remaining period after 2 separate L1 stay 14 months apart
  115. Employer Payments
  116. L1 and H1 visa clock reset
  117. H1b Transfer and Stamping required??
  118. Question on H1B visa stamping at Mumbai Consulate
  119. H1 transfer to new employer on I-140 after 6 years and possible out of status
  120. some H1B withdraw related questions
  121. question on insurance coverage for visitor
  122. Need suggestion on whether I should withdraw H1b application
  123. EAD Card Mentions Wrong Category Code - Please HELP! :(
  124. Wrong category in EAD card
  125. Masters on H4 , how to convert to H1B
  126. H1 Extension - Client letter with 6 months extension
  127. Can Employer force H1B resource to travel back?
  128. H4 to H1 - SSN
  129. SEVIS reactivation question for I20 issuance
  130. Multiple COS (L1a and H1) and USCIS last action rule
  131. Resigning on Friday & joining new company on Monday ?
  132. Can H1B Dependent (PT from India) apply for a H1B Visa and continue as a dependent ?
  133. H1B transfer post I-140
  134. H1B US Visa from Canada Process?
  135. H1B to F1 with I140 approved
  136. H1B Renewal after 6 yrs
  137. Legal Options
  138. H4 to F1
  139. H1B Extension question
  140. H1B expires shortly. mortgage on I-797??
  141. H1B Transfer after 6 years
  142. Getting a job with your real Social
  143. Student visa while waiting for Immigrant visa
  144. Any recent UK Trasit (DATV) experiences ??
  145. Recently changed employer - Which consulate for stamping?
  146. Travel to Puerto Rico on approved H1B 797 only. No valid stamp on passport at all?
  147. H1 B transfer query
  148. Drop Box Bangalore question
  149. L1b to h1b
  150. H1 transfer approved - travelling outside US on current employer H1
  151. OPT grace period
  152. H4 To F1..F1 stamping....Husband on H1b,140 approved.
  153. Changing Employer in middle of 8th year with approved I-140
  154. H4 visa stamping - "do u intend to immigrate"
  155. Is VisaStamping required if H4 Visa expires in 3 monthsbut have valid I797 upto 2yrs.
  156. H1 to H4 COS
  157. Can I apply for H4 visa while my H1B application is pending
  158. J1 visa implications
  159. Please suggest good US Immigration attorney in Bangalore
  160. Tax forms to fill out in my case?
  161. LCA applied in Masters category and H1B as Bachelors category
  162. H1B Renewal after 6 yrs
  163. Best way to get permanent residency thru marriage
  164. H1B petition and state medical license - urgent reply please
  165. H1B 7th yr extension with I-140 approved & H1B expired after 6 yrs, now outside USA
  166. L2 to H4 COS
  167. H1B- Education/work-experience overlap
  168. I-94 of I-797 has wrong DOB
  169. Obtaining an F1 visa, after living under F1 status for 3 years
  170. Obtaining an F1 visa, after living under F1 status for 3 years
  171. J-1 student cap-gap: Academic Training expires before Oct. 1 start of H1B
  172. Apply H4 dependant visa while primary H1B extension is pending?
  173. H1B transfer after a long gap without a latest pay stub
  174. Join the client on H1B
  175. H1B Question - Failed to submit duplicate copy I-129 at the time of filling
  176. H1B extension after 6 years and then changing employer
  177. H-1B visa interview at Toronto, admin processing and successful visa stamping
  178. L1 - L2 Dependency
  179. Company being acquired, paystubs issue.
  180. H1 Transfer and H1 extension questions
  181. how to get a temporary working visa
  182. H1 Stamping in India after Transfer.
  183. H1-B transfer
  184. Multiple H1B petition while living in India
  185. H1 ext Denied - Urgent help please
  186. Transfer H1 to Client Issue
  187. Anyone applied for L2 EAD recently?
  188. is my new h1b subject to cap after a 221g denial + i797A revocation
  189. PIO and Travel to India Urgent
  190. Can a H4 candidate file H1B when her H4 extension is in filed status?
  191. H4 Divorcee Remarried and applying for H4 again
  192. TN-1 to Permanent Residency
  193. Taking classes during OPT / Grace / Pre-H1B period
  194. H1b sponsorship help
  195. H4 Stamping:Question in DS-160 form
  196. Passport Renewal
  197. study on h4 or f1
  198. H1b Transfer Question
  199. Can I reclaim previous H1B time while being issued B1 visa and out of US for 500 days
  200. Bringing Parent to have Cancer Treatment in US - I'm on H1-B
  201. H1 B Stamping beyond Approved 797
  202. H1B visa case status
  203. J1 with the promise of a H1b…
  204. Can you visit your spouse on B1/B2 visa while his H1 B extension is pending
  205. H1 B Visa Transfer Fees
  206. URGENT : Travelling to India for stamping immediately after H1 transfer
  207. Filing H1B in advanced degree quota with bachelors degree job requirement?
  208. H1b Transfer RFE
  209. Dad given B2 visa for 1year only
  210. VERY URGENT : Query while filling 160 for H1 extension stamping
  211. Query - Married filing Jointly / ITIN / H4 visa cancellation
  212. Passport Issue
  213. Query regarding getting a non-immigrant US visa approval - Case 1
  214. U.S. Mission in India Expands Interview Waiver Program
  215. Visitor Visa renewal for parents after 10 years visa expired
  216. Re: H1/H4 Stamping in New Delhi
  217. L1 Period count On H1
  218. H-1B: Work from home occasionally?
  219. EB2 Priority Date & GC Issue
  220. DS-160 form query
  221. Second Job for indian based company
  222. Post completion OPT eligiblity with ony Master's thesis pending
  223. Should i defer i-20
  224. Can my wife enter into US before 15 days of H4 expiry??
  225. H1-b denied - appeal options
  226. L1 to H1B Change of status.
  227. h1b stamping dates in January 2012
  228. Moving from L1B to H1B
  229. Mortgage issue for H1B - FHA Vs H4
  230. H1B Tranfer Question.
  231. SSN not issued for H4 to H1 :(
  232. Any recent canada h1 stamping experience
  233. H1B Transfer Query
  234. Bank Problem.Didnt close account. In Debt.
  235. 214 (b) widely used for rejection of non-immigrant B1-B2 Visa applications!
  236. H1B visa dates at Delhi Consulate
  237. Jumping to competitive vendor
  238. Question on Visa Stamping
  239. Need information about F1 from belgium?
  240. Question on Travel to USA for work while working in Canada?
  241. My H1B employer is not giving my last pay after I resigned
  242. Does H1b transfer possible on h1b Approval stage
  243. H-1B 8th year Extension filing
  244. how to get the I-94 for H-1B
  245. Lost Passport With Valid f1-Visa and I-94
  246. H1B -> 221g -> Docs Submitted -> Passport Returned
  247. H1B -> 221g -> Docs Submitted -> Passport Returned
  248. DS-160 Help, incomplete degree
  249. COS from h1b to F1 with CPT while waiting on gc
  250. employer revoking approved H1B during transferring to new H1B?