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  1. 485 application, does work permit and advance parole come almost same time?
  2. EAD Renewal only for 1 year?
  3. Need Advice !!
  4. I-485 filed under spouse' employer petition - PD Current
  5. I-485 filed under spouse' employer petition - PD question
  6. Query regarding multiple H4EAD applications
  7. [Urgent] EAD Renewal More than 90 days
  8. EAD Expiring Sep 5th * Case Status Approved,will send Aproval Notice&CardOrderedAug31
  9. Can I file my spouse's I 485 later when my I 485 application is pending?
  10. Tracking I-485 update for March 2015 VB dates
  11. March Bulletin Out
  12. Can IV inquire why Nebraska is processing I-485 so slowly
  13. USCIS website issues
  14. Time USCIS takes to adjudicate EB3I I-693 RFE when PD current?
  15. EAD expired and renewal still not approved
  16. Case transferred to another office
  17. 140 status lookup or update
  18. Advance Parole -September/October/November 2014
  19. EAD -April 2014 applicants
  20. EAD Renewal for Initial EAD on 08/01/2013
  21. RFE on I-485
  22. EAD Renewal EFile- Mistake
  23. EAD Renewal at TSC (Texas)
  24. EAD renewal pending at Nebraska
  25. expired EAD renewal
  26. EAD renewal at Nebraska
  27. relocated from A to B and B to C, but forgot to update address change on B
  28. Thank You IV
  29. Urgent: Premium processing for Combo Card
  30. H1B stamping when PD is current - Risks??
  31. UK stopover on AP
  32. AP Processing time at TX Service Center
  33. Advance parolee stamp at Mexico border
  34. I-458 denied- 2003 PD-EB3
  35. EB3-India Priority Dec 5 2002 approved today
  36. GC Approved after Long wait !!!
  37. Tsc combo card - success story
  38. EAD renewal Phoenix Lockbox - receipt notice time
  39. Duped on EAD/AP combo
  40. EAD & AP renewal timing -for planning
  41. EAD Renewal Fee
  42. OPT Employer NOT E-verified. Thoughts Please
  43. Lost F1 OPT/EAD card (received and then lost)
  44. Best Waffle Maker
  45. I765/131 approved. Now got some questions!
  46. How to avoid taking fingerprint and photo?
  47. EAD & AP Approval Time at Texas Center - taking too long?
  48. Forgot to renew EAD. Expiring sep 03 -2012. Help
  49. EAD/AP Renewal at TSC
  50. What is the fee for EAD renewal?
  51. Advance Parole Delays
  52. Combo EAD and Advance Parole Card issues
  53. Re-entry with new employer
  54. EAD case not found
  55. Any Reason for EAD renewal only for 1 Year
  56. AP and EAD RFE - wife's last name
  57. AP I131 RFE, Pls suggest
  58. What is EAD/AP combo card
  59. EAD/AP combo card
  60. May 2012 visa bulletin is out - retrogressed
  61. how come PD will be retrogressed to 2007 if people with 2008 PD get their GC
  62. EAD Renewal/Extension Status
  63. Ead received without completing finger print
  64. Ead received without completing finger print
  65. EAD & AP Approval time at Nebraska center
  66. TSC 485 Approvals
  67. EAD for my 15 yrs old
  68. No EAD/AP approval yet
  69. Does using AP means abandoning H1B status?
  70. E-Filed AP - RFE even though documents are sent.
  71. RFE on Green Card ??
  72. EAD Application Questions
  73. Changing jobs / address while EAD renewal application pending
  74. Nonimmigrant visa number
  75. PERM approvals
  76. Time for receipt notices
  77. I-485 Filing, does the working dependent need to submit EVL?
  78. 485 decision meaning (card production ordered to decision)
  79. Status before/after receiving EAD
  80. First/Last name issue in AP document - Upcoming travel plan
  81. Anybody had this issue? Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status.
  82. Can my Spouse start working as soon as I-485 approved?
  83. Wrong Date on I-485 Receipt Notice
  84. interfiling 485 using spouse 140
  85. Rough estimate to receive an ETA
  86. What is registration for Greencard(ADIT processing )??
  87. Important documents and gauranteed delivery
  88. Can I use same EAD for 2 485 applications?
  89. Current in Dec - does it matter if lawyer files 485 on 1st Dec or 2nd or 5th Dec?
  90. How long is AP approval taking these days at Nebraska USCIS (NSC)
  91. Figer Printing and Green Card Approval estimate
  92. I-485 (EB-2) USCIS Response to my Followup. Suggestions???
  93. EAD card renewal delay and expiration of driver's license
  94. Lazy EB3 to EB2
  95. Eb3 to Eb2 porting
  96. AP expired return on parolee status
  97. Timeline for EAD/AP after fingerprinting
  98. Filing I485 - need of advice
  99. EB1 Rejection
  100. PD JAN 2007 at Texas
  101. ADIT Processing
  102. Porting dates between husband and wife
  103. Address change question
  104. NO Finger Printing notice for renewal EAD
  105. TB skin test +ve, chest -ve, clinic forcing medicines/blood test
  106. Filing 485 - Company lost 140 and PERM records
  107. 485 approved but no online update
  108. EB2 India category
  109. EAD card production dealys
  110. COngressional reply under Background check
  111. 100 Club
  112. URGENT: help regarding parents' affidavits for spouse's birth certificate
  113. Who is first class magistrate?
  114. Reason to put for incorrect birth certificate
  115. How long is AP approval taking these days at TX USCIS
  116. Good, reasonable doctor for medical test in bay area
  117. Date current, filing 485 for wife to add my already-filed 485
  118. EAD Renewal on Feb 10th ... EAD expiring Apr 10th ..New job offer ..Need help
  119. Rep. Zoe Lofgren - STEM Bill - Getting Ready?
  120. Number of people porting - EB3 to EB2 - estimates?
  121. EAD and H1b interachangeable?
  122. Concurrent filing
  123. Please Help This Indian Student
  124. EB3 Vs EB2
  125. EAD RFE. Help Wanted!!!!
  126. RFE on EAD Renewal - 2 questions in my mind.
  127. How long is receipt number taking?
  128. Why is there, all these delays to Issue EAD or AP?
  129. Can one continue to work after EAD expires??
  130. EAD renewal?
  131. IS FP needed for EAD?
  132. EAD Card/Document Ordered after Expedite request Denied
  133. Renewing expired EAD & AP
  134. Using EAD for drivers license and maintaining H4 status
  135. no receipt number so far...
  136. I485 Receipt No priority date
  137. I-797C received after AP approval
  138. EAD pending for more than 110 days
  139. Is Interim EAD Possible?
  140. AP fees confusion
  141. When will USCIS release next inventory???
  142. Biometric notice - I 485
  143. I-485 prior to I-140
  144. Travelling twice on Stamped AP
  145. TSC E-mail Address
  146. I-131(AP) what is processing time n address to post documents if we e-file?
  147. I765 Processing trend for ND May 11 - May 12
  148. EAD, AP fee waiver
  149. EAD production ordered, but not received
  150. EB Spillover visa usage based on oldest Priority date
  151. Has anyone approved in July have received the physical green card ?
  152. Physical green cards
  153. Does FP delay I 485 approval?
  154. invalid 360 case number
  155. TSC EAD processing - finger prints
  156. 2010 last quarter approvals
  157. 2010 last quarter approvals
  158. I-485 denial
  159. EB2/EB3 approvals after the July '10 bulletin
  160. Advance Parole - Multiple Entry, one copy retained by customs
  161. Timeline EAD VSC? Any known backlog at Vermont?
  162. EAD Renewal at Nebraska SC
  163. EAD-ext. card missing, awaiting status
  164. Switching to new Employer with EAD
  165. Waiting on 485 EB2, currently on H1, switching to EAD.
  166. Second RFE on I-485
  167. e-Filing I-131 - Advance payroll
  168. Got the Document Production Email,but
  169. How soon can one file for EAD renewal ?
  170. USCIS Texas Service Center seems to be very efficient these days
  171. AP receipt in Nebraska
  172. AP from Vermont service center
  173. Current EAD processing times as of Jan 2010
  174. Advance Parole and Transit Visa in London
  175. Incomplete name on EAD card...new employer issues
  176. In no event shall any participating
  177. I've just received an RFE for my I-485
  178. or reading a transcript or recording of any
  179. PM asks Indians to return home
  180. AP renewal with Nebraska office
  181. Dearth of Jan2005 approvals?
  182. H1B fraud
  183. H1-B sponsorship for MBA(Finance) students
  184. Interfiling options
  185. Applying for AP renewal
  186. 485 RFE reply status the same for almost 2 yrs
  187. Strange issue with I-485 approval
  188. Andhra CM YSR Vs Swine Flu in India
  189. Andhra CM YSR Perished in Helicopter crash
  190. h1b wife without job
  191. Reply from Texas Service Center on RD
  192. A request to IV core
  193. I485 Approved - How long for actual cards in hand?
  194. Cohen & Grigsby under supervised recruitment
  195. I485 Approved - Card Prod Ordered
  196. Did EAD renewal process change?
  197. EAD renewal
  198. what to use ? EAD or H1 extension?
  199. Change in IV core leadership
  200. Filing i131-i765-i485 this week - Can i travel next week?
  201. case has been sent to another office for processing because it has jurisdiction over
  202. Wife EAD lost - how to renew
  203. 485 Approved
  204. Cross Chargeability and ROW derivative kid.
  205. LUD on approved I-129
  206. EAD lost in the mail
  207. Another I-485 RFE on Employment Verification
  208. Hi all,
  209. New LUD on all our I-485 Cases
  210. Exploring options
  211. 485 status notice is not updated even after updating address
  212. Is the USCIS Case status search down?
  213. EAD issued with only 1 year validity pd 2006/EB3 I
  214. help needed for a query on I-485
  215. Buying House...
  216. I485-rfe
  217. EAD receipt number is not recognized on USCIS case status
  218. EAD Renewal Question
  219. I485 application rfe
  220. AOS approval query
  221. RFE on 485 EB3 India PD May 2005
  222. Soft LUD on I-485 - Is this a sign of good news on the way ?
  223. Can I work for muliple employer on EAD?
  224. Expired FP for July 2007 filer
  225. I-485 case transferred for faster processing
  226. Still Haven't recieved EAD after 240 days
  227. AP processing time at NSC
  228. H1B visa Post
  229. is two I-485 possible in different category at same time?
  230. wrong date on I-485 receipt
  231. EAD delay/issues and job loss
  232. Delay in E-filed AP processing
  233. When to expect I 485 approval ?
  234. AP Renewal E Filed In Nov 10.
  235. Hard LUD on my I-485
  236. EAD renewal Question
  237. Filing service requests
  238. AP approved but only for one year
  239. I-485 transferred from NSC to NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER
  240. I140 approved, I485/EAD/AP Pending , If I get fir ? :-(
  241. I485 maybe denied lacking co-sponsor
  242. RFE on Advance Parole,. I-131
  243. Question on receiving time of Green card
  244. RFE I485:Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed
  245. AP renewal and I-94 expiration
  246. I-94 about to be expired
  247. AP missing in mail & Rep told re-apply is the only option ?
  248. I120 and I485 Denied. H1B pending...Am I out of status?
  249. EAD case transfered
  250. EAD denied, but status show as pending!