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  1. Selling house in India and repatriate proceeds to US
  2. Mortgage for a new immigrant
  3. Find best United States Prepaid Cards to solve money issue
  4. Will 1042-s impact the GC application in the future?
  5. Social security benefits and H1B with 40 credits
  6. Funds from India
  7. H1B - Remitting money to parents in INDIA
  8. Insurance Quotes
  9. Tax in US for capital gains from property sales in another country
  10. Paying back relocation assistance to employer upon termination
  11. I-485 pending - did NOT pay Social Security/Medicare TAX for 5 years!!
  12. FBAR tax to treasury or to IRS
  13. Tax credit statement 26AS
  14. OPT Social Security tax issue and tax credits
  15. H4 Visa Tax Filing, wife in India
  16. hiring Nanny on H1B
  17. Dodd Frank and International Wire Transfer
  18. PAN card in India
  19. Alimony issue: limit on money wired to US?
  20. Indian Passport renewal
  21. Paying Tutuion of $20,000 to india nri student, do i need to pay tax
  22. Transfer $50k to India
  23. Transfer fund - India to US
  24. H1B folks - Don't Apply for Bank of America Auto Loan
  25. Exchange rates we get from banks
  26. Power of Attorney attestation in NY: quick question
  27. SSN name based on EAD
  28. Opening NRO Account
  29. Need ITIN for startup business
  30. Property Attorney in Mumbai
  31. Carry items to India
  32. Estate planning CA
  33. IndusInd Fast Remit
  34. Received Rs 111K two months ago. Do I need to declare in US tax returns?
  35. Applying ITIN
  36. Owning a Rental property while on H1B
  37. FBAR for Tax Joint Filled?
  38. Social security card
  39. ICICI intrest ...TaxAct
  40. 8843 form query(help please)
  41. AOS - EB3 - Filing tax seperatly, any impact?
  42. H1-B 1099 MISC NonEmployee Compensation
  43. Filing taxes with OPT and H1B status in the same year
  44. FBAR for an NRI account
  45. I-485 application and social security documents
  46. F-1 to OPT to H1B to F-1 tax advice
  47. H1b - Resident Alien 2011 - Not full year - tax situation
  48. Filing ITIN from India possible ???
  49. Help with W-7 form for ITIN.
  50. Power of Attorney for Propery Loan in India
  51. Social Security for H4 Dependent
  52. Default ITIN Number - Received but confused
  53. I485 current and filing OVDI
  54. 401k withdrawl
  55. i485 filing and OVDI
  56. Capital gain taxes under H1-B
  57. Transfer money to parents from US to India - Max Limit
  58. Joint Tax Return question
  59. Applying SSN in anywhere?
  60. FBAR Help
  61. Out of Country, after applying SSN
  62. Can I go out of the country for 3 weeks after applying SSN
  63. Home loan B of A EAD ( no H1) EB Category
  64. EAD and Refinancing
  65. I-485 Pending ; Process for PAN Card Application
  66. green card reimbursement tax question
  67. Itin form help.
  68. Indian PAN Card
  69. Can I Claim my sibling who is on F1 as dependent for TAX purpose
  70. Federal tax refund issue
  71. Indian Cosular Services In Los Angeles Area
  72. 2008 Recovery Rebate Credit related
  73. H1B – Bringing spouse in USA
  74. SBI remitt problem?
  75. Taxes on money transferred to India
  76. ITIN the right thing?
  77. Joint Tax filing - wife on H4 & ITIN?
  78. Taxes on F1 stipend?
  79. Income Tax Preparation & Filing in USA H1B - From India
  80. Has anyone claimed unemployment benefits in EAD in TX state?
  81. Health Insurance and Medical Bills - question
  82. Property purchase in India
  83. Tax cuts Pass house!
  84. Home mortgage from ING/Direct with H1 and/or EAD
  85. HIRE Act’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Provisions
  86. 401k good??
  87. Secondary Debt collector related to lab work (health insurance)
  88. Buying Gold
  89. Form W-11 ????
  90. Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act
  91. Job seeker - MS Graduate in wireless Tech
  92. PF rules to be tightened to squeeze US expats
  93. NON-COMPETE agreement
  94. advice to rollover 401k
  95. Home Loan on EAD
  96. Question about a social security number
  97. DL renewal with expiring I94
  98. Can i submit taxes online with ITIN
  99. FHA house loan on EAD or H1B?
  100. Health-Care Overhaul: what impacts are EB non-immigrants facing?
  101. Tax issue with divorced parents living under same roof.. Help!!!
  102. Address Moving in USA - Documents Trail and Updates
  103. Power of Attorney..Apostille’ stickers
  104. Disability benefits
  105. tax filing on opt
  106. H1-B visa and Social Security delay...
  107. How many $$s you can bring to US?
  108. US/Foreign Passport with Indian Tourist Visa
  109. What to do when someone going back to his country?
  110. H1B filling fees
  111. Need info on which IRA is better ?
  112. tax Amendment question.
  113. Immigration Lawyers in Dallas, TX on Saturdays
  114. Questions about PIO Card, Pl help
  115. Alliant Credit Union
  116. NRE Account
  117. Day trading while on H1B?
  118. NRIs treated as Not Required Indians
  119. CA drivers License and Vehicle Address change
  120. W8-BEN Form
  121. Apartment Referal check : Should I pay tax
  122. Whether F1(OPT) and H1B visa holder can open sole proprietorship in USA?
  123. Social Security Insult
  124. DEADLINE 09/23/2009: Overseas Account > 10K in 2008 Must be declared
  125. PIO through Mail from CGNY
  126. Unknown Status of Alzheimer's Patient
  127. Moving to Madison, Wisconsin..Question about DL
  128. driver license
  129. W2 form does not have all the State Taxes!!!
  130. seller points
  131. inward micr zone
  132. Question about 401K and SSN
  133. US Taxes and Overseas Income
  134. Car purchase tax
  135. Tax implications - selling a house on H1b or EAD
  136. transfering money to India
  137. My employer is not sending me my W-2, how can i file for tax refund?
  138. FDIC warns US bank deposit insurance fund could tank
  139. 1099 Question
  140. medicare and ssn taxes...
  141. Resident or Non Resident for tax year 2008
  142. Working on ITIN
  143. Online only bank
  144. EAD and parents' tax deductions
  145. save taxes 2008 - what can I do now?
  146. 2008 Tax Tips.
  147. How to get W2 from Employer
  148. Question about ITIN, Stimulus, Tax forms
  149. 1099 tax issues
  150. 2007 Stimulus Package‏
  151. More than 211,500 job cuts announced in January alone
  152. Cooper Industries doubles layoff plan to 2,200
  153. Corning slashes 3,500 jobs
  154. 401(K) allocations when is it time to move the money around
  155. Tough Economic Times. Help each other
  156. Information and discussion on IRA accounts
  157. Now Bush says 'I should have -- should have argued for immigration reform'
  158. Did anybody use SBI Express Remit to transfer funds to NRE Account
  159. Another Indian Techie Shot Dead.
  160. H4 status to H1
  161. Remit2india wants my scanned ssn copy
  162. WIPRO banned
  163. Do you know somebody who lost job?
  164. Get $600 for stimulus for ITIN
  165. Funny Video - Pakistan media
  166. ITIN number important
  167. 8840 or 8843?
  168. College plan for US born childrens of non-immigrants
  169. USCIS systems are down
  170. Remit2India is a FRAUD
  171. Urgent, personal situation- please advice (non-immigration).
  172. NY Indian Consulate: renewed passport valid for 1 yr only
  173. Short term validity passport extension at CGISF
  174. Obama wants to hear your idea
  175. question about stimulus package
  176. $600.00 Stimulus benefit
  177. activities of IV
  178. EAD & H4 extension
  179. Parent visit and Tax exemption
  180. Driver License Woes in CA
  181. Chandrayaan launch
  182. Anyone used Patriot America "visitor insurance"
  183. Relocating out of USA after GC
  184. Letter Campaign for the Lame Duck Session
  185. Plan for the worst, hope for the best
  186. How to apply for SSN for a 10year Old who has EAD?
  187. Do we need contribute to Indian EPF now?
  188. Please do not post on frivolous threads
  189. Tired of blood sucker employer
  190. Are you working in Financial or Related Industry?
  191. FYI: One Nation Under God .. Is there Liberty and Justice for all?
  192. Benefits while on bench
  193. How to get loan in US for buying property in Home country
  194. Economy in trouble
  195. US. Passport Expiration and India Travel