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07-14-2007, 06:11 PM
Sign our petition to Secretary Chertoff.

Dear Secretary Chertoff,

We request that the USCIS accept the I-485 filings that it was supposed to accept not just in July 2007, but for a sufficient time thereafter to allow for the proper preparation of those filings, including the need for medical examinations and accommodation for travel plans by I-485 applicants. This means that the USCIS must accept I-485 filings at the earlier fee and grant a minimum of an additional 46 days (time that would have been allowed from the date of the issuance of the Visa Bulletin on June 12, 2007 until July 31, 2007, the date until when the I-485s could have been filed but for the actions of the USCIS).

Doing so is the only way we can begin to restore fairness to this process.

Thank you,

Click the link below to make the petition. I hope IV core will endorse this if they think this is also one way of participating in this issue most specially those who were not able to attend to the San Jose rally.

GOD bless us all.