View Full Version : What would you have paid to submit I485?

07-18-2007, 10:29 PM
Imagine if Uncle Sam held an auction to allow you to submit I485 EAD AP, what would you have bid for the right to submit?

If Uncle Sam charged a fee to submit now rather than waiting for another year or two or three... What would you have paid to submit I485 and get EAD AP AC21?

Alternatively, how much are you going to benefit from EAD AP or AC21?

AC21 -- maybe ability to move jobs and get a few thousand $ pay rise?
AC21 -- maybe not going to the back of the queue -- really worth thousands!
EAD for you and spouse -- maybe a week of salary for someone that could not previously work?
AP -- how much is it worth not to have to waste time and money renewing H1B at an embassy. That's at least a few days of time you don't have to waste (and time is money).

How much will you save from filing under the old fee structure? At least a few hundreds.

Now use that as a guideline for what you are going to contribute to IV.

There are still problems ahead for most....
* retrogression
* BECs for unluck some
* name checks (I personally know someone that it took almost 2 years for).

IV is now the most credible organization there to help get these issues addressed. So let's hand over the $.

(me about $1K so far plus time)