View Full Version : Leaving employer after 140 approved. What am I loosing?

06-16-2006, 11:32 AM
I still have 2 years out of 6years of H1B remaining. I have LC PERM and i-140 approved, and waiting for PD currently like many of us. So now if I change employer, from what I read till now -
1. I can get 3 years of extension (not just 2 years of extension)..
2. I can carry my PD (Octo. 2005) with me.
Please let me know incase this is not correct.

In case its true.. my questions are -
1. If my new employer does not file LC / 140 immediately, once these 3 years of H1B gets over, can I again get 3 years of extension on H1B with the help of i-140 approved by old employer (3+ years back).. Assuming that old employer doesn't revoke i140?

2. I believe i140 PD is portable, only if old employer doesn't revoke i140. So is there a way for me to make sure that employer doesn't revoke i140? and after leaving employer, other than asking employer or their arrantly, is there a way to check the status of old i-140?

Its getting difficult to stay with the employer just with the hope than 485 will become current someday.. hence wanted to change the job desperately.. Please let me know what I am loosing, what I am getting...

I will really appreciate suggestions.