View Full Version : How about FBI check with I-140?

07-24-2006, 05:30 PM
I see lot of excitement about asking USCIS about filing for I-485
even when visa numbers are unavailable. I am afraid this may
not work.

The ombudsman report 2005 was very critical about temporary EADs being issued to "potential terrorists" without proper background check. Filing for I-485 and getting EAD is like a limbo state btween GC and H1B. This approach may not gain much support.

(1) How about proposing that they should do FBI name check with I-140?
This is the petition for immigrant visa.

(2) Those who have approved I-140 but haven't filed for I485 due to
retrogression can apply for FBI name check separately.

(3) These added "security measures" will boost our chances of getting them OK to file for I-485 even when PD is not current.

the argument that FBI name check is valid only for a breif period is stupid, but it may be forthcoming. The response is what if some one commits terrorism 6 months after getting GC:D