View Full Version : Question for experts - Unused visas in 3rd QTR

05-11-2010, 09:54 PM
Hi Guys,

Correction on the heading : Question for experts - Unused visas in 4rd QTR

Senario... visa numbers are issued from DOS to USCIS per individual cases. Lets say applicant ABC (EB3 I/C with a very old PD 2000 for example) gets one of these visa numbers allocated in January 2010 VB. USCIS does not approve the case and use the visa number.

1) What happens to the visa number and applicant ABC's case?

I have read that every month end if a visa numbers issued by DOS and not used during that month these numbers has to be returned/reported back to DOS. These numbers are reallocated in the 4rd QTR.

2) Did I get my facts clear here? Can someone explain how this process works if I am incorrect?

Ok, furthermore, what happens if lets say USCIS return the visa number back to DOS at the end of January per my example above? What happens ABC's case?

3) Does the case get a new visa number or the case waits for 4rd QTR for reallocation?

Do we have any official documents that explain this process that I can get my hands on?