View Full Version : Volunteer(s) required with programming skills

08-23-2006, 10:30 PM
I am posting this on behalf of the core group. We are looking for volunteers for IV who can spare some time helping us out in the following areas.
a) SQL skills : Competence level = Medium to Advanced.
Purpose: To mine data off a database to present in a variety of formats

b) HTML/PHP/Java skills: (The kind of skills required to develop additional functionality on this website): We would like to provide a feature similar to that on other attorney's websites(disabling rightclick on certain pages, et al). Depending upon your competene, this may be simple to accomplish.

Please contact us at the following email address:
Subject line: Volunteering for Tech. Skillsets
Provide your name, timezone , email address(if different from the one you contact us), and telephone number along with preferred times to contact, and a brief list of your competencies.

Please note that this is purely on a voluntary basis, and there will be no form of compensation. (In alignment with the laws of the United States; If you are unsure about whether your situation permits you to volunteer, we will determine in the best interest of everyone. )