View Full Version : July 2010VB:How to make aware USCIS to allocate Visa numbers based on PD

06-13-2010, 01:16 AM
Hi All ,
I remember last time when PD became current USCIS did not follow the correct order /sequence of PD while allocating visa numbers .
Many of the people who had PD of 2006 got Visa number allocation before people who were in queue ahead of them with 2004/2005 PD.

This time we should have some campaign may be by sending the letter or some way to USCIS/DOS and make them aware to allocate visa based on PD in a fair and transparent way.Any suggestions ????

This opportunity has come after many many years for many of us, we should make our best effort that visa number allocation are done in a fair and transparent way for coming month and month's to come.

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