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04-21-2008, 11:40 AM
Hi All,

I am sure this has been discussed in detail before but I couldn't find the related threads..So i am posting it again..Sorry for the spam..

My wife converted from H4 to H1 last year (H1 started Oct 2007). She has been working for the H1 sponsoring employer since 10/1/2007...She plans to take a break now and relax for a few months for personal reasons...Can we update the I-9 form with her EAD info and work for a few days and then take a break...I know by doing this she will lose her H1 status but we are fine with that as she will be using her EAD moving forward...I am a July 2nd filer with 140 approved, so I dont see any risk in my I-485 as it is a pretty straightforward case...Have been with only 1 employer since Jan 2001 with PD: Nov, 2003 EB-3 India.

I just wanted to check if this is ok...Any thing that we need to look into before changing the I-9 to EAD....