View Full Version : Ron Gotcher also supports letters campaign

04-22-2008, 05:39 PM
This is what, I saw on Ron's forum. We would need to continue what IV has been suggesting since long .....

Can USCIS be sued for picking files in random ( the only time they budge is when a federal judge put an order ).

Ron Gotcher: Anyone can be sued for anything. In the absence of a large, well funded group of plaintiffs, however, I don't see this kind of suit going anywhere. For now, the remedy is Congress. Organize a group to initiate a letter writing campaign to Congress. Write to your own Congressman, your two Senators, and the chairs of the Senate (Kennedy) and House (Loftgren) immigration sub-committees. Get the facts straight and offer as much emprical evidence as possible. If Congress were to receive 100,000 such letters, they would definitely do something about this problem.