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07-08-2008, 06:16 PM
Hi Gurus and Experienced guys,

I am planning to use AC21, here is my situation. PD 08/2004 EB3 India

140 Approved in 2006 and 485 filed myself no attorney. I have my LCA copy and 140 Copy with me.

Here are my Qs
1) Where Can I find the Job Title? in LCA

2) Do I need to notify to USCIS for this do I need to have Attorney? some suggested me not to notify USCIS , if you get RFE than Submit a letter

3) Salary is in my new offer 25K higher than mentioned in LCA, is this any problem ?

Please share your valuable thoughts and Experiences.

Thanks in advance.


07-08-2008, 07:00 PM
any ideas please??

07-08-2008, 07:04 PM
1) Read through your LCA well, the job title should be mentioned there. Otherwsie, try to dig through with your case number at - www.flcdatacenter.com

2) It's up to you. If you feel your employer might withdraw I140 it is better to inform otherwise don't. For more information on the docs you need to send (by yourself or by attorney) - try to browse through the AC21 section of this website

3) Don't worry about it. There are no definitive rules there.

Good luck!