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10-20-2006, 04:11 PM
IV core team, just an idea abt the contribution:

we should have a link in the IV home page for sponsors. this page consists of sponsors links. Note: only in this sponsor page not anywhere else in our IV site. no adsense or any other ad, because that will hurt our site resources and our member's experience/traffic in our site.

"IV members" and "IV marketing team" can bring these sponsors who can join us in either one of the following plan:

1. Match Double:

IV should put sponsor link with message saying, if you contribute for IV and visit the sponsor link below, the sponsor will match DOUBLE the amount you contributed (nt sure how it works--but seen in other sites).

2. Sponsor Links:

also add the sponsor links in the page from banks/insurance/realestate etc. list those people's website links and if our members visit the site by clicking these links, they have to pay like few cents (5cents for each click) and if they buy anything from them, they have to pay commission like 2% for each order. There are affiliation softwares to track these and the sponsor will help you on this.

this will fetch some contribution to us. because i have seen ads from ICICI and Citi bank NRI/NRE accounts, airlines, hotels, auto/life/health insurance ads in lot of sites and they pay them more than this 5 cents or 2%.

Everyday IV members are doing shopping online, so they can go through our IV sponsors link page to the same sites, so that we can convert those as contribution. This will work, please think.....

Important: sponsors should be a genuine company like banks, insurance, airlines, etc. to avoid spam or any wrong things you know....

Disclaimer: I'm not an immigration attroney, so please consult one for your situations as laws/procedures are changing often.

10-20-2006, 06:28 PM
thanks nycgal369 for your comments.....please correct me if i'm wrong..

they get publicity and inturn business - we have around 7000 members and it is increasing, so we can show 'hits per day or month' and request those companies to be our sponsors, i mean put their link so that members will visit their site and if they like the products they buy from their site....so for this they have to pay.... this is how other internet site gets link/banner ads from companies but we are going to use only link ad...

similar concept like search engine, eventhough if they have 100 sites for same business, people use the site which is on top of listing, (many IV new members are new to US and they never heard most of these US companies or sites, so they will see it through IV and use it).

i heard, in google/yahoo, many companies sign up for adsense and sponsored search and pay upto 15cents per ad or link click. IV can run this sponsor option for a year and can see whether it profits them otherwise IV can pull out this option.

also i dont know how anti-immigrant is showing that sponsor link like 'sponsor will match your contribution or match double your contribution' and i read in another place, one cancer site is showing, if you visit the sponsor link they will pay for 'one person free scan', the same logic we should find out and use it here. (the companies do for their publicity and inturn business, nothing else)

regd your non-profit question:

as far i know, non-profit organization means, we have to spend everything on our efforts and cant take it as profit or reinvest for profit, am i right? then even if we get money through sponsors, we have to spend that money for immigration lobbying or marketing site or organizing events inorder to increase membership drive and to create awareness to solve retrogression and other immigration problems.....

i guess the biggest question for IV is what does a sponsor like a bank/insurance agency, etc have to gain from sponsoring us? if we put in ads for them on the site, that kind of takes away from the credibility of IV being non-profit dont you think

10-20-2006, 10:04 PM
arnet and nycgal369,

this idea has been dicussed in the past and I know that it was not pursued as the effort is to keep IV as non commercial an entity as possible.

10-20-2006, 11:07 PM
IV core team, just an idea abt the contribution:
Thank you arnet for thinking out aloud and giving us ideas. We definately need to find innovative ways to raise funds. As Qualified_trash said, we had considered such options for our funding drive. Pls. keep ideas coming with the implementation plan. Thanks.