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12-03-2011, 03:50 PM
I'm starting this thread just to create awareness.
Please do not post your "Contributed $x" messages in this threadB. ump this thread so that others can get aware, and join the effort.
Question: Why should I contribute, or what does contribution w.r.t Bill 3012 really do. Firstly understand that this immigration bill, if successful, can get GCs for most of us in less than 3 years, and to some of us waiting 5+ years in as soon as 1-4 months. It has passed 1st stage and the voting was 389 Yes, and 15 No. Its now going to Senate stage for one more round of voting, in which it MUST pass. Then it will go to the president for signing. SImply put, its at a VERY CRITICAL STAGE and it can be our last chance. 389 vs 15. Where can this type of voting happen.
Can it fail in the second stage??. Doesnt seem to.. but who knows. How many days did our Dear Kalpana Chawla and team spend in the space and what happened to our luck. Just 15 seconds of the space craft to land and it crashed. How sad and unlucky, cant forget even now.
Can this happen again to 3012..
So lets not relax, or think "Others are doing, so its ok, if we dont" or any such thoughts. Unless you put your efforts, you cant expect results.
IV is leading the lobbying efforts and we have seen it in the CSPAN video (House Session, Part 2 - C-SPAN Video Library (http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/HouseSessionPart286))
How to contribute?? and is money the only form or what?Contribution can be in many forms. You can join the IV group in your local chapters, run the show from the forefront, spend your weekends and weekdays on these efforts, followup, then convince the groups that may resist.. many things and many that I cannot imagine. But all thats done and we have seen the results in 1st round. IV has the direction and needs funds now to make it more aggressive for round 2. As they say in the action items.
Ask yourself the following questions and why we must hurry up, now.Why did you pay that rent last month, wasnt it supposed to go to your monthly mortgage for your OWN house as investment.
How much did you spend so far on rents, and other.How about the H1B visa fees, and GC expenses etc.Why do you salute your employer, in cases where you felt you shouldnt.Why are you making less, if you felt you can make 20% more, or even 100% more. What happens if your current project were to be over tomorrow, and you are on no-pay bench for 10 days. Why is your wife not working. Why do you need to fly where your employer wants you to. ITS A SHAME.. The list is big.
So many questions. One other question. Why do you check IV page open all the time.
All these painful items literally translate to very very hard earned $s, pain and diversion.
Who are to benefit with this bill:Everybody who is in the US in some form of temporary Visa, work hard n smart and stay back. US Citizens, GC holders, F1, J1, H1, EADs, OPTs. All these get more freedom to choose their employers.
How will a US Citizen or GC holder benefit:Less competition from many "consulting companies" who charge more, and deploy H1Bs/L1s for less. Some will get literally wiped out who exploit the most. As their employees will be the 1st to leave.
Wont I face new competition from these new GC folks NO. What do you think the visa status of that guy from that big firm (T, W, I, C) is, who you are working with. L1 right or now H1Bs. Your projects are taken over by these who put 1 here onsite, overload him and 10 there.. You know what I mean. Do you think it will stop or get worse.
Do your part, NOWUpdate on my contribution for 3012:
I have just sent an MO for $300 (along with my friend's 100, who wanted to send by MO only). If you can afford more, do so, if you can do only $1, do so.
Action ASAP is very important here, if you understand the phase where the Bill, is, right now. So sending a $1000.00 after the senate result is just waste, for this bill. Sending before even less makes sense. As efforts are needed before and not after. You can send after too, but before makes the difference.
Definitely let me know if I were able to convince you to contribute.But please pass on the message to guys like you who are affected. Follow IV's direction on sending letters and other efforts as in the other threads.