View Full Version : Need help on I-485 RFE.

05-21-2009, 07:25 PM
One of my close friends got RFE on I-485. He is working for the Company A, but his labour and I-140 applied in June 07 from company B as substitution. Currently his I-140 got approved. But he got query as mentioned below. Can some one send sample letter .

You must submit a currently dated letter from your intended permanent employer, describing your present job duties and position in the organization, you proffered position (if different from your current date), the date you began employment and the offered salary or wage. This letter should be in the original and signed by an executive or officer of the organization who is authorized to make or confirm an offere of permanent
employment. The letter must also indicate whether the terms and conditions of your employment-based visa petition continue to exist.