View Full Version : Buying / Selling real estate while on H1B, what to do when status changes?

06-01-2009, 09:20 AM
I am wondering what happens if I buy some real estate property ( a condo unit) while I am on H1B, and if i moved out of country, (H1B - 6Yrs completed) do i need to sell the property (condo) before i leave country? Can i rent this unit while i am away from country? On a new H1B can i come and stay in that home? Anybody experienced this case before? Please give me details as much as possible. Thanks.
silly question but I guess it could be genuine ... you don't have to sell unless you can somehow get money to pay the mortgage, PT, HOA etc etc ..you can rent it but somehow pester the tenant if he does not pay you monthly (wonder how you can do that unless you hire management) ..
I am guessing that you are tempted to buy because of some deal and think of it as an investment ..and my opinion is that it is a wrong choice ..if you don't have GC don't buy real estate ..you will be happier !!!