View Full Version : From non profit to non profit

01-16-2007, 02:28 PM
Considering many limitations to move a job from non-profit to for-profit, I am considering moving my job to another non profit. With my current employer, my 6 year H-1 B will expire by the end of next year April. So if my change my employer, I will have a very short time to start the process again till I reach I -140 approval again with the new employer.

I heard that from non-profit to for-profit, you are subject to the quota and you have to apply for H-1B quota. But in this case, your previous 6 year with non profit doesn't count.

But if I move from non-profit to non-profit, do I have to reach I-140 approval before my current H-1 B with my current employer expires? Or do I just get another 3 year with new non-profit employer?

If I have to get I-140 approval with new non-profit employer before my current 6 year H-1 B expires, is it doable?

Thank you for your advice!