View Full Version : Business on H1b

04-08-2013, 03:43 PM
Hi there!

I am involved into a small business (LLC) and own 50% of it with my friend who is a US citizen. The business is about manufacturing and selling handmade goods.

Since I have H1 status, I am staying a passive while my friend is handling all day to day activities.

I want to create a list of what I am not allowed to do in my situation in order to not jeopardize my status:

1) I cannot sign any company's documents

2) I can get profit from the business as dividends... is this absolutely safe? Could it be a red flag for immigration authorities if they see my 1040 Schedule C? so maybe I better not to report any dividends but keep them in company as a deferred income or re-invest it into business extension?

what else could be a red flag for USCIS?

Thank you