View Full Version : I94 form uncollected, extension approval

08-15-2013, 05:19 PM
Trying to explain my long list :)

I had L1-B visa (Indian Citizen) valid till Mar 2013...I applied for my L1B extension in december 2012 start.
However I have to come to UK, London in Jan 2013 for project work for an year with same employer

1. While leaving USA no-one collected my I94 form. I asked at ticket counter but they said it will be collected ahead, but that didnt happen..

2. I received my L1B extension approval in Feb 13, I got the I797 extn approval couriered to me in UK by one of friend. But on the extn approval I see I94 form copy on left corner at the end. Also it is mentioned that this should be returned while leaving USA.

Now I want to know should i return these both forms. I read usembassy site that I94 form on the passport could be sent to cbp address in USA, along with supporting docs indicating when I left. After which USCIS will update my departure records.
Can I send I94 form on extn form as well along with it?

Also I will be returning to USA after an year, Can I use the extension approval and get my L1b visa stamped here in London, UK...Or I will have to apply new L1b/H1 Visa..What is the best option..

09-07-2013, 12:17 PM
Any help would be greatly appreciated...