View Full Version : H1b Revoked, Opt ended

09-27-2013, 11:31 AM

Here's my case history:
- Entered US as a F1 student and I have been working on OPT since the last 2 years (STEM).
- Submitted 2 H1-B applications in April from Employer-A and Employer-B
- Received a RFE on the first application (Employer-A) in May, but the employer's attorney didn't respond to it in time and the application was revoked for lack of response.
- Received a RFE on the second application (Employer-B) in August, responded in time for this one. But just got a notice that this has been revoked as well, not sure why. The RFE was to provide information on continued enrollment in the school and valid F1 status
- My application for OPT cap-gap (May 2013 - Sept 2013) was given based on the first H1-B application, with Employer-A.
- School's international office says my SEVIS record is in "freeze" status"

1. Will I get a 60 day grace period and starting when?
2. What are my next options and how can I get my SEVIS unfrozen/corrected?
3. What option would I have if the school denies admission? Do I have an option to contest this or the H1 denial?

Thank you for your response.