View Full Version : L1B to H1B using COS

04-23-2014, 06:41 AM
Hi All,

1. Currently I am working to a Company A in India and they are trying to Process my L1B in the month of May 2014.
2. And, I filed a H1B from a US Company B for the year 2015 in April 2014 and waiting for my status of the lottery.
3. If I am not selected in H1B Cap 2015 then I am planning to go with L1B from Company A to US.
4. I will travel to US from Company A once my L1B is approved.


1. Can I apply for L1B to H1B COS after travelling to US via Company B. what is process for this ???
2. If Yes, What is duration it takes to have the Change of Status ?
3. Should I need to come back to India after COS is approved or can I start working to Company B immediately.
4. Is there any criteria for apply L1B to HIB COS Process.

Waiting for your response.
Thanks everyone in advance.