View Full Version : URGENT: Laid off on H1B ... Seeking advice on options (h1-b2-h1)

02-11-2015, 01:36 AM

I am currently on a H1B visa ... I was informed about my termination by my company yesterday. My last day has been set to March 4th.

Can someone please advice me on what option I need to take to maintain my status. By browsing the forum, I saw 3 possible options

a. Change status from H1B to B2 ... Continue to search for a job -- get job and then ... change from B2 to H1B
b. Find a desi consultant who can sponsor your H1B transfer ... I am currently in a non IT consulting field ... I am not sure how viable this option is
c. Become a student at a univ. and change status to F1 ... I am also unsure about the viability of this option since it takes at least 2 months just to get an i-20

My question is ... How risky is it to change from h1 to b2 and back to h1 ... Has someone tried this route ... There seems to be mixed opinions on this route.. Can some experienced members/people who have taken this route pls. advice.

02-11-2015, 04:04 AM
First Change status to B1 tourist visa then you can stay maximum of 6 months. within this period you must find a job/ H1b Sponsorship companys after that change b1 to h1B. How to get H1B Visa Sponsorship companies in USA? look here:Immigration Attorneys NYC | USA Deportation Lawyers | New York Law Firm (http://www.immigrationquestion.com/)

04-06-2015, 10:15 PM

What option did you opt for to maintain status? There are layoffs in my firm as well and I have same questions. I am from non-IT field as well. Thanks.