View Full Version : H1 visa to be stamped or not?

05-03-2017, 08:03 AM
I have H1 visa with company A from Oct2014 to 01Sep2017 which is stamped in the passport. I changed the company in between and the new H1 is valid from Nov2015 to Oct2018.The new visa is not stamped yet. Now I'm planing to go India during June2017 and comeback by first week of Aug2017. My questions are

1. Do I have to really go for stamping my new H1 visa?
2. If not ( as my old visa is valid till sep2017 ), then in the port of entry wont they ask me "Why am I coming as I have another only one month of visa stamped in the passport?"
3. In the above case, can I show my petition of new H1 visa as its valid till Oct2018.