View Full Version : B2 extention expired

09-14-2017, 09:47 PM
i entered the US on Aug 20,2016 then i applied for F1 and B2 extension to stay in legal status also applied for an H1b.
after 9 months ( Sep 07,2017) i got their replays which was approval for the B2 extension until Aug 20,2017 which was already expired
denial for my F1the reason is SEVIS has expired!
RFE for my H!B!
my questions now
1-can i travel outside the US and re enter in order to obtain a fresh I-94?
2-how long can i stay without violating the law?
3-my stamped B2 expires on Dec 08 2017 can i still use it to re enter the US?
4-in case of staying and not leaving will i still be eligible for the H!B visa?
5-if my husband (out of the US) applied for any type of non immigrant visa will he be questioned for all of this?
Thank you in advance