View Full Version : CAP-GAP extension issue

10-05-2017, 03:40 PM
My OPT expired on September 30, I contacted my DSO for SEVIS transfer to other university (I got the admit for second masters) and she mentioned that my OPT was ended on June 8th and SEVIS was terminated on August 8th. Initially I have 2 H1B applications and CAP-GAP extension was done automatically by SEVIS people till September 30 but I donít know for which application I got the CAP-GAP extension for. One of the employer withdrew their application in July and CAP-GAP was automatically cancelled which I came to know on October 5th. The other H1B application is still pending.

I have an I-20 which shows the CAP-GAP extension approval till September 30. I did not realize that my CAP-GAP was cancelled after I got the updated I-20 due to withdrawal of one of my applications and no one from the School also notified me. School official has not updated me about my SEVIS termination before. Today when I contacted them then they explained the whole story now. I have my H1B still pending, can I or DSO contact SEVIS people to correct my CAP-GAP extension for my existing H1B pending application? Will they correct that after the CAP-GAP period? What is my situation now? How I need to proceed? Can someone please help me?