View Full Version : How to find old LC details

02-19-2007, 08:53 PM
I got my LC approved in 2002 and i am still with the same employer. Now i am in second thoughts with this company i want to clear things out before i make a move hence the timing for my question.

My attorney told they received approval for my labor in Nov of 2002 from IL but it was classified under wrong job category. S/W analyst application certified as Oracle DBA(I found that out by sending email to LCSTATUS05@doleta.gov with employer phone) Attorney office said they were sending it for correction and then after some time they said they got the corrected one.

I didn't pay much attention as i had no issues with the company and was not planning to move. But now as i plan to move i want to confirm that my LC was approved under S/W analyst so that i can get corresponding offer under AC21 (i am on my EAD for past 3 years).

Can somebody suggest how to go about it . I have the Labor case number as returned in one of the responses from LCSTATUS05@doleta.gov Appreciate any suggestions on how i can go forward with my clarification. Of course my company wouldn't give any information as it became very tight lipped now a days.