View Full Version : WebFax and Meet The Lawmakers Week

03-18-2006, 02:28 PM
Hello everyone,

This week because of recess all the senators will be in your home town. From March 27 things will move very fast. This is the last chance we all have to meet the senators since they are in their hometown. So no matter which bill comes to the floor, in the last week of March or the first week of April it is very important that we do following things:

1. During congressional recess contact Senators offices for meetings.
2. Call our Senators in their local office and talk to them on phone.
3. Send fax, letters and emails.

Please keep checking WWW.IMMIGRATIONVOICE.ORG regularly since new materials will be posted frequently. Whenever and wherever you get a chance, please convey your senators that Legal immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed.