View Full Version : I-140 Case update problem

03-06-2007, 07:32 PM
My I-140 was submitted to USCIS in June, 2006 and got approved in August, 2006 and my employer has received the approval notice. I am checking the case status online but it is still showing up that my case is in pending till date. One of my friends is also in the same situation, his I-140 got approved recently and he received approval notice copy from attroney but the case did not update on the USCIS web site as approved. When I called USCIS, they told me that this needs to be reported by my lawyer and not me. When I talked to my attroney on this, she told me that we don't need to worry about this as the approval notice is available with us. But if the case update showing up correctly, atleast I could show that as a proof for my priority date portability if I switch the employer. Does anyone experienced the same problem and appreciate the suggestion as to how this can be corrected. Thanks in advance.