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07-04-2007, 03:03 AM
The 260k…
God knows or who knows why the fluke in the numbers and a lot hurt but not to forget certain services made the big bucks. On an average 65k/year non-Immigrant VISAS are issued by immigration services. The Dept. of State claims that 60k immigrant VISA numbers exhausted by June 29, 07. The total number of applicants in the rat race should sum up to at least 260k as on June07.

Numbers do the math...
The June07 bulletin priority dates for India trace back to EB3-June03 & EB2-April04. At the same time about combined ~65k*4(June03-June07) = 260k were looking forward to get ahead in the rat race. Assume that 70% of 260k i.e. 182k had approved labors/substitution labor. The 182k caused to exhaust the 60k available immigrant VISAS then still about 102k are left in the air as non-immigrant alien workers.

The suck-more theory…
Since, the bulletin was issued on June 13, 07 (13 = dooms day) ~102k rushed to local stores like Sears, Walgreen, CVS for 2’’ * 2 ‘’ passport size photographs. The non-immigrant alien workers spent around 182k* ~$60 = $10.9mil for 6 passport size photographs. This explains why Walgreen (WALG) which was trailing at $43.xx on NASDAQ in May07 shot up to $45 in June07 and suddenly tumbled down to $43.xx after the revised bulletin. Certified civil surgeons to perform medical examination pocketed medical history’s best earnings in a span of 2 weeks raking revenues of about 182k* ~$275 = ~$50mil. NASDAQ touched years best @2650 in June07. Immigration lawyers charge about $1500 for I140 petition. Market rates for immigrant 485 petition is about $1400 for principal applicant and extra $750 for each dependent. Assuming that the average spending of 182k(singles, married, 2/3dependent applicants) amounted to $2000 for I140 and $2000 for I485 this totals to about 182k*$4000 = guess what!! $728mil. This means that there should be tremendous sales of Bentleys, Porsches, Lexus, Audis, BMWs this year. Projected sales of luxury cars should touch around $500mil for luxury cars alone in Q3. Till the next Oct07 bulletin keep the retro-guess-on for numbers.
Thanks and good luck!!
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07-04-2007, 03:06 AM
Good one!